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Arthur Gibbon, of Echt and Aberdeen

Problem with dates:
The dates in the standard narrative below make no sense, given the dates for Arthur Gibbon's children and grandchildren.
How could a man born in 1614 have a grandchild born in 1752?
How could a man who died c.1686 have a daughter who gave birth in 1752?
Assuming the children below really are all siblings, their father being born about 1670 makes more sense than born 1614.
So either the dates are wrong or there is a missing generation (or two).

Arthur Gibbon, born 1614.
The standard narrative is as follows:
He was born in 1614 in Echt, Aberdeenshire (W of Aberdeen).
Lived part of his life in Echt.
Moved into Aberdeen.
He settled in 1640 in Torry village, just outside Aberdeen, at mouth of River Dee, as a shipbuilder.
See extract from [Barbara Yates Gibbon family tree]
He mar Elizabeth Gartley.
He died c.1686. See copy of [Alexander Gibbon family tree].
He was bur St.Fittick's church, Nigg Bay (just outside Torry), Aberdeen.
In the standard narrative, Arthur and Elizabeth are parents of the following, but maybe it should be grandparents:

  1. William Gibbon,
    eldest son.
    He got married in 1729 (the first definite date in the family tree).

  2. Alexander Gibbon.
    Children born in 1734 to 1748.

  3. Margaret Gibbon,
    mar --- James and had issue:

    1. Robert James,
      died in Lisbon.

    2. Betty James, mar John Cormick.

  4. Ann Gibbon,
    mar George Duncan and had issue.
    Child born in 1752.

  5. James Gibbon.

  6. Arthur Gibbon.

    He might be the same as:

    Arthur Gibbon,
    of Torry,
    had issue:

    1. George Gibbon,
      must be twin,
      bapt with his brother, 25 June 1721 [St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay]. See bapt entry.

    2. Peter Gibbon,
      must be twin,
      bapt with his brother, 25 June 1721 [St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay].

  7. Robert Gibbon.
    Children bapt 1748 to 1752.

  8. (other children), Gibbon.
    One Gibbon family tree says 5 other sons, no other daus.
    Other Gibbon family tree says 10 other children.

View of "New Aberdeen". From Theatrum Scotiae (1693) by John Slezer.
[Ogilvie, 1901] says this is a view of the Torry Bulwark. This was a long pier or bulwark that was erected in 1607 and stood until it was removed in about 1810.
See full size. From NLS.
See images from the book.

Torry on 1862 map of Aberdeen.
Extract from [Barbara Yates Gibbon family tree] said the Gibbon family home in Torry village was still standing in 1871.
But most of old Torry (between Sinclair Rd and the River Dee) has since been cleared for oil installations. See modern map.
Apparently no house before 1800 survives in Torry today.

Gibbon sea-faring

Ships built in Aberdeen. A combination of the online list with the list on display at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum gives the following ships:

Ship name Type Date built Notes
Venus brigantine 1781 Owned and mastered by Captain A. Gibbon (or here).
1784 route Arkangel to London.
Lost circa. 1784.
Fortune   1795 Owner: R. Gibbon
Master: A. Martin
Sailing: Leith - Aberdeen
Dolphin sloop 1798 Date of Build/Launch: 17 Sept 1798
Re-registered: 30 December 1825 (Aberdeen Register of Shipping 1825, No. 169)
Owners included: Alexander Gibbon, Merchant, and James Gibbon, Merchant.
Totally lost 10 March 1837.
Tyne sloop 1808 Owners included Alexander Gibbon, James Gibbon
No. 47 in Register of Shipping at Aberdeen City Archives 1824.
Aboyne brigantine 1814 Built by Brebner ship-builders.
Ocean brigantine 1814 Built by Gibbon ship-builders.
Timandra   1814 Built by Gibbon ship-builders.
Bromby smack 1815 Registered: 25 Oct 1815 (No. 51 in 1815 Aberdeen Register of Shipping)
Owners included: John Gibbon, Merchant, Trustee of the Aberdeen and Hull Shipping Company.
(Information from 1825 Aberdeen Register of Shipping Vol. 141)
Cancelled in 1836.
Waterloo brigantine 1815 Launched 28th July 1815
Owners included: Alexander Gibbon (merchant)
Atlas brigantine 1817 Built by Gibbon ship-builders.
Castle Forbes   1818 Built by Gibbon ship-builders.
1819 Licenced East India Company to T.L. Reid, Fort William, Calcutta Trading Station, India. Owner R. Gibbon, Captain J. Frazier, route London to Bombay.
1821 Master T. Reed, owner R. Gibbon, route Cork.
1831 Master J. Ord, owner R. Gibbon, route London to Calcutta.
Fox smack 1819 Date of Build/Launch: 1 July 1819 (No. 45 in Aberdeen Register of Shipping)
Re-registered: 1825 (No. 143 in Aberdeen Register of Shipping)
Owners included: John Gibbon, Merchant, Trustee of the Aberdeen and Hull Shipping Company.
Sold to David Buchan, Blacksmith, in Aberdeen on 4 May 1832.
Fly schooner 1820 Built by Gibbon ship-builders.


Note on Gibbon on pp.175-176 of [Johnson, 1894].

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