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Torry, Aberdeen

Torry village, just outside Aberdeen.
At mouth of River Dee.
The Gibbon family operated a ship building business at Torry in the 18th century. They lived at Torry.
Arthur Gibbon (or Gibbons) and his sons are living at Torry from 1731, and probably long before.

It would be interesting to locate their house.
Extract from [Barbara Yates Gibbon family tree] said the Gibbon family home in Torry village was still standing in 1871.
But most of old Torry has since been destroyed, first in the diversion of the River Dee in 1869 to 1873, and second when much of remaining Torry was cleared in the 1970s for oil installations.
Apparently no house before 1800 survives in Torry today.

William Gibbon (or Gibbons) living in Torry as at the marriage of his sister Margaret, 7 Sept 1731.

"Upper Torry" and "Neither Torry" outside Aberdeen on 1661 map.

Close-up of 1661 map.
[Clark, 1921] says the Gibbon shipyard was apparently "in Torry opposite Pocra".
This would be "Neither Torry" here, opposite "Pockraw".
"Neither Torry" was also called Lower Torry or Old Torry.

View of "New Aberdeen". From Theatrum Scotiae (1693) by John Slezer.
[Ogilvie, 1901] says this is a view of the Torry Bulwark. This was a long pier or bulwark that was erected in 1607 and stood until it was removed in about 1810.
This view is some distance E of Torry village, which is not visible (would be off screen to the left).
See full size. From NLS.
See images from the book.

Aberdeen on Roy Military Survey of Scotland, 1747-1755.
Torry is visible but not named.

Torry and Aberdeen in 1756.
By William Mosman, the Aberdeen painter.
Used with the kind permission of Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums collections.
See larger and full size.

Close-up of Old Torry on the near (S) side of the harbour.
The Gibbon house would be among these houses.

Torry on 1789 map of Aberdeen.
The old Gibbon house was probably at the E end of Torry village, near the pier.

Torry on 1862 map of Aberdeen.
The old Gibbon house was probably at the E end, near the leading lights.

Torry on OS map. Survey date: 1865. Publication date: 1868.
The old Gibbon house was probably at the E end, near the small Torry "HARBOUR".

Torry on 1871 map of Aberdeen.
The W side of the village has been wiped out by the diversion of the River Dee (work carried out in 1869 to 1873).
The E side is still fairly intact.
The old Gibbon house was probably at the E end, to the NW side of the Iron Works here.
Note "Pocra Quay" opposite.

Most of remaining old Torry was cleared in the 1970s for oil installations.
3D view from Google Maps.

Close-up of the small Torry harbour (to E side of Torry village) on the above 1868 map.
The old Gibbon house was probably in this cluster of houses near the "HARBOUR".

The modern location.
Road pattern is the same, but buildings have been cleared.
From Google Maps.

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