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Map of Mungret St, Limerick, in 1897, with street numbers.
William Wilkinson's house and business was listed in 1867 at 4 Mungret St.
The question is whether there was any re-numbering between 1867 and 1897. If not, then see no.4 near corner with John's Street to the N.
From Insurance plan of Limerick, 1897, by Charles E. Goad, Leonard Collection at UL library.
The location is completely cleared today. See street view.

James Wilkinson,
of Denmark St, Limerick.
He mar Jane Dickson.
Listed as "tradesman" at son's mar.
"James T. Wilkinson" and "Jane Wilkinson" are listed on Mungret St in Griffith's Valuation, 1850.
They are holding and leasing out a large number of properties.
Andrew Lynch is leasing his property from James T. Wilkinson.
James and Jane had issue:

  1. William Wilkinson,
    William Dickson Wilkinson, born 1826,
    Protestant merchant, working in the dyeing business in Limerick city.
    Listed as Tradesman, Church of Ireland, living Mungret St, Limerick, at mar.
    He mar 5 Apr 1853, St.John's (CoI), Limerick, to Mary Anne Gould [born 1832].
    See mar cert from [GROI].
    She inherited Gould family wool business in Mungret Street, Limerick.
    They lived Mungret St, Limerick, at least 1853 to 1869.
    William is listed as "Dyer", Mungret St, at children's bapts 1854-60.
    Probate of Mary Anne's father's will granted 8th May 1854.
    William is listed as "Blackdyer", Mungret St, at son's bapt 1863.
    Even though he was Protestant, he witnessed the Catholic marriage of what must be his wife's 1st cousin William Ebrill in 1864.
    William Wilkinson, 4 Mungret St, listed under "Dyers" in [Henry & Coghlan's directory, 1867].
    Listed as "Dyer", Mungret St, at son's death 1867.

    William dies, 1869:
    He died at his home, Mungret St, Feb 9, 1869, aged 43 years, of heart disease.
    See death in [GROI]. He is listed as "proprietor of dyeing establishment".
    He was bur Wilkinson grave, St.John's (CoI), Limerick.
    See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 9 Feb 1869.

    Mary Anne dies, 1897:
    She later lived with her son James, apparently at "Strand, Circular Road", Limerick (this must be Ivy Bank, close to North Circular Road).
    She died July 9, 1897, age 65 yrs, at her son James' house, Ivy Bank, Ennis Rd, Limerick.
    See entry in [GROI].
    See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 10 July 1897.
    Funeral Sun 11 July 1897, bur Wilkinson grave, St.John's (CoI), Limerick, see burial record.
    William and Mary Anne had issue:

    1. James Wilkinson,
      James Gould Wilkinson, born 16 Mar 1854, Limerick city,
      bapt 28 Mar 1854 [St.John's CoI, Limerick].

    2. Anne Wilkinson, born 18 Oct 1855,
      bapt 12 Nov 1855 [St.John's CoI, Limerick],
      died 12 Jan 1858, Mungret St, Limerick, aged 2 years, of croup,
      see death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 13 Jan 1858,
      bur Wilkinson grave, St.John's (CoI), Limerick.

    3. Jane Wilkinson, born 3 May 1858,
      bapt 9 May 1858 [St.John's CoI, Limerick],
      died 29 May 1860 [burial record] (NOT 19 May 1870), age 2 yrs,
      bur Wilkinson grave, St.John's (CoI), Limerick.

    4. Mary Jane Wilkinson, born 24 May 1860,
      bapt 10 June 1860 [St.John's CoI, Limerick],
      died 3 June 1861, aged 1 year,
      bur Wilkinson grave, St.John's (CoI), Limerick.

    5. William Wilkinson, born 8 Apr 1863,
      bapt 19 Apr 1863 [St.John's CoI, Limerick],
      died Mungret St, 26 Jan 1867, aged 3 years, of "disease of spine and general debility",
      see death cert from [GROI],
      see death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 26 Jan 1867,
      bur Wilkinson grave, St.John's (CoI), Limerick.

St.John's CoI church (location of Wilkinson grave) on Map of Limerick, 1752, by William Eyres, at [BL]. S is to the left.
The medieval St.John's church was at the S end of the medieval walled city of Limerick.
See 1829 to 1842 map.
St.John's church was re-built 1843.
It is now disused. See street view.

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