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William Ebrill

"The Ebrill family".
We can see 7 sons, 3 daus and Elizabeth Bowler (on RHS).
The daus are (in order of age): Mary (born 1866), Elizabeth, Eileen (born 1874). The daus make photo look around 1890.
There should though be 8 sons alive at that time. But that could be explained by John being away in Dublin. Not sure then who are the 7 sons here, but youngest would definitely be Daniel (born 1880).
The father should be in the photo though, if he was alive. He died 1892.
Estimated photo date: just after William Ebrill's death in 1892.
Presumably at Summerville Cottage.
See larger and larger and full size.
See another copy without damage to the RHS.

William Ebrill, born 1818.
His father John Ebrill was a prosperous feather, skin and wool merchant on Mungret Street, Limerick.
See his father listed on Mungret St in Griffith's Valuation, 1850.
His father died 1854.
William and his brother John ran their father's business on Mungret St after his death.
[Slater's Directory, 1856] lists "William & John Ebrill", Wool Combers & Clothiers, and "John Abrill", Feather & Skin Merchants, both at Mungret Street, Limerick.
Freemans Journal, April 10, 1858, has a tribute to James O'Brien, MP for Limerick 1854-58, signed by the citizens and electors of Limerick, including "William Ebrill".
His mother died 1861 "at the residence of her son" in Mungret St.
His brother John died in 1863. William is in 1863 listed as running "William and John Ebrill", wool merchants, Mungret St, with John.
William continued running the business on Mungret St. He kept John's name on the business for decades after 1863.
He is listed as bachelor, merchant, living Limerick, at time of marriage.

William married 12 Jan 1864 [him age 46, her age 19], [St.Andrew's RC church, Westland Row, Dublin]
to Elizabeth Bowler [Eliza, see here, bapt 11 Apr 1844].
Elizabeth was born Limerick, dau of Thomas Bowler, sea captain, by his wife Ellen Gleeson, hotel owner.
She was said to be born 11 Jan 1844, but this is a long way from baptism date, and also why then age 19 on mar cert and not age 20? Correct birth date probably closer to bapt date.
Yvonne Elsworth notes that Elizabeth's father Thomas Bowler was on a voyage to Canada 8 Apr 1843 to 17 June 1843, according to documents at [NA.UK].
Elizabeth was bapt 11 Apr 1844 [St.Michael's, Limerick]. See image from here.
See mar cert from [GROI]. See record in [LDS IGI].
She is listed as living Limerick at time of mar.
She is probably "Lissie Ebrill" who wit the mar of her niece Ellen Pigott (who was the same age as her) in 1867.

Ebrill residence:
William is listed as living "Summerville", Limerick, at son's birth and death 1864.
Listed as living Mungret St, Limerick, at dau's birth 1866.

Leaves Mungret St, 1866-68:
William kept his business on Mungret St, but moved his residence elsewhere.
Listed as living 5 Catherine Place, Limerick (near Hartstonge House, see map) at children's births 1868-69.
Listed as living Thomas St, Limerick, at children's births 1871-73.
Settled at "Summerville Cottage", Summerville Avenue, off South Circular Rd, Limerick. There by dau's birth 1874. Would be family home until at least 1955.
Listed as living "Laurel Hill Cottage", (same place), Summerville Avenue, in [Bassett's, 1877] to [Bassett's, 1884].

William imported and exported wool. Owned lots of property in Limerick.
Listed as "wool merchant" at children's births 1864-78.
Listed in [Directory of Cork and Munster, 1867, pp.393-394]. William and John Ebrill, 25 Mungret St and 18 Upper William St, Limerick, are listed under Wool Merchants and Brokers and Worsted Manufacturers.
William and John Ebrill, Wool Merchants and Brokers, 18 Upper William St, Limerick, listed in [Slater's, 1870], and [Bassett's, 1875] to [Bassett's, 1884], and [Guy's, 1886].
[Bassett's directory, 1875] also lists William Ebrill, Wool Merchants & Brokers, Garryowen.
[PAT/1, p.10] says the O'Mara's did a thriving business in wool with the Ebrills during the slack bacon period. Old James O'Mara had started out in wool before getting into bacon.

William Ebrill, of St.Michael's par, Limerick, is among those writing an open letter, 4 May 1877, to the Bishop of Limerick, expressing their wish to organise celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of Pope Pius IX. (50th anniv of him becoming a bishop.) See letter in Freemans Journal, 9 May 1877.
Member of Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland. Obituary says: "Mr. Ebrill, who was a widely-read man, took a great interest in antiquarian matters, and as an authority on local historical subjects the greatest weight was always attached to his opinion."

William dies, 1892:
William's will dated 29th Dec 1887 [NAI, ref. 1A-7-128, p.405].
[Ashe's directory, 1891] lists "W. Ebrill", Wool Merchants, 18 Upper William Street.
Listed as "wool merchant" at death.
He died 16th June 1892, at his home, Summerville Cottage, Limerick, age 74 yrs [GROI], [NAI], [grave, Garryowen].
See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 16 June 1892.
See obituary in Limerick Chronicle, 16 June 1892.
Funeral Sat 18 June 1892, bur Garryowen.
Left estate of £8607 [NAI]. This is about £3m in today's money.
[Guy's, 1893] lists W. and J. Ebrill, 19 Upper William St (must be error for 18), under "Woollen Merchants".

Elizabeth and her family are listed in [Census, 1901] at Summerville Cottage, Summerville Ave ("house 2" in "Short Avenue"), they have one servant living with them.
Elizabeth is listed as living Summerville Cottage when she registered her mother's death 1904 [GROI].

Elizabeth and her family are listed in [Census, 1911] at Summerville Cottage, South Circular Road, they have one servant living with them.

Elizabeth dies, 1924:
Elizabeth died Summerville Cottage, 27 Sept 1924, age 80 yrs [GROI].
See obituary in Limerick Chronicle, 27 Sept 1924. This says she had a long history of charity work.
Their daus were educ Laurel Hill, Limerick.
Their sons were educ Crescent College, Limerick, and Clongowes.
William and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. John Ebrill,
    born 6th Nov 1864, "Summerville", Limerick [GROI],
    bapt 13th Nov [St.Michael's, Limerick],
    died Summerville, 21 Nov 1864, age 15 days [GROI],
    bur Garryowen,
    there is another John.

  2. Mary Ebrill,
    born 5 Sept 1866, Mungret St, Limerick [GROI],
    apparently bapt [St.John's, Limerick], possibly 5 Sept 1866, also here.
    She is probably Mary Ebrill, from Madame de Prin's College, Limerick, whose exam results are listed in the Cork Examiner, September 27, 1884.
    She didn't marry.
    Her father's will 1887 left his 2 houses in Victoria Terrace, South Circular Road, Limerick, to "my dau Mary" [NAI].
    She lived with her sister Elizabeth and brother Frank in family home, Summerville Cottage, Limerick.
    She died Summerville Cottage, 3 Dec 1952, age 86 yrs [GROI].

  3. Ellen Ebrill,
    born 27th Jan 1868, Catherine Place, Limerick [GROI],
    bapt 8th Feb 1868 [St.Michael's, Limerick],
    died in infancy, bur Garryowen
    (there is another Ellen).

  4. William Ebrill,
    born 9th Apr 1869, Catherine Place, Limerick [GROI],
    bapt 10th Apr [St.Michael's, Limerick].

  5. Elizabeth Ebrill, Lizzie, born Limerick,
    bapt 9th July 1870 [St.Michael's, Limerick].

  6. John Ebrill (second John),
    John Francis Ebrill, born 17th Aug 1871, Thomas St, Limerick [GROI],
    bapt 20th Aug [St.Michael's, Limerick].
    He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1877-87.
    He was educ Clongowes.
    His father William's will 1887 [NAI] left the following to "my son John":
    • "the ground rent of Capt. Walsh's house and Courtbrack Villa", Ballinacurra, Limerick.
    • The father's houses, "1 and 2 Bellevue Terrace", Limerick. This is Bellview Terrace, South Circular Rd, Limerick. See entry for Bellview Terrace in the "Cancelled Notebooks" for Dock Ward, Limerick, in [VO]. This shows William Ebrill (must be John's brother) owning the properties in 1901. Then in 1907 ownership changes to Eliza Ebrill (probably John's sister).
    John was educ UCD. He got a BA.
    See letter from him at UCD, 5 Nov 1889. He notes the novelty of writing it on a typewriter.
    Letter is to "My Dear de Courcy". This is John Stephen de Courcy (born 1872).
    Much later, in 1917, John de Courcy's cousin Billie de Courcy married one of the O'Maras.
    Even later, in 1941, John de Courcy's son Matt de Courcy married John Ebrill's niece.
    His father died 1892.
    O'Mara family letter of 11 Oct 1893 says: "John Ebrill is so well that he is going to Dublin to study." But sadly his health did not last.
    John died Thur 3 May 1894, Summerville Cottage, unmarried, age 22 yrs, of bronchitis [GROI].
    See item in Limerick Chronicle, 3 May 1894.
    Funeral Sat 5 May 1894.

  7. Thomas Ebrill,
    Tom, born 20 Feb 1873, Thomas St, Limerick [GROI].

  8. Eileen Ebrill,
    born Ellen Mary Ebrill (second Ellen),
    called "Eileen", "Eily", though "Ellen" in her father's will,
    born Summerville Cottage, Limerick [GROI],
    prob. born 28 Apr 1874,
    [GROI] says born 28 May 1874, but that is impossible given bapt,
    birth not registered until June, must have meant to say the month before last, not last month,
    bapt 1 May 1874 [St.Michael's, Limerick], see baptism image from here,
    her father's will 1887 left his houses 3 and 4 Summerville Terrace (see her sister Elizabeth) to "my dau Ellen" [NAI],
    living with her brother George in Dublin in 1901 census, not married,
    mar late 1901, London, to Tom McKern and had issue.

  9. Frank Ebrill,
    Stephen Francis, Stephen Frank, Francis,
    born 2nd Aug 1875, Summerville Cottage, Limerick [GROI],
    bapt "Stephen", 9th Aug [St.Michael's, Limerick].

  10. George Ebrill,
    born Limerick,
    bapt 20th Oct 1876 [St.Michael's, Limerick].

  11. Charles Ebrill,
    Charles Edward,
    born 28th July 1878, Summerville Cottage, Limerick [GROI],
    bapt 2nd Aug 1878 [St.Michael's, Limerick].

  12. Neil Ebrill,
    "Neal Ebrill" of South Circular Road was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1892-97,
    there was a suggestion of a child who died young in 1887,
    this might be him dying in 1897.

  13. Daniel Ebrill, born Limerick,
    bapt 24th June 1880 [St.Michael's, Limerick],
    educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1893-95,
    listed as "Daniel J." in 1911 census,
    listed as "butter merchant's apprentice" in 1901 census, unmarried,
    he is listed in [Census, 1911] in lodgings with a family on Newenham Street, Limerick, he is listed as a "butter merchant", single.

William and John Ebrill business listed in [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867].
John has died but the business still has the name of the brothers.

"The Ebrills".
Photo must be 1872.
And must be (Left to Right): William, Elizabeth Bowler with the second baby John (born Aug 1871), Mary, Elizabeth.
The other 2 children having died in infancy.
See larger and full size.

Ebrill group.
Looks like same window as above.
The two boys at the front are Bowler relations.
Photo estimated c.1890.
If the others are Ebrills, that leaves 2 daus and 5 sons.
Unclear who the adults are. The woman could be Elizabeth Bowler. The man cannot really be William Ebrill since he would look a lot older.
Courtesy of Yvonne Elsworth.

Looks like same man as above.
See full size. Courtesy of Yvonne Elsworth.

Unknown Ebrill group.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Unknown Ebrill group.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.


Later group photos


Back (Left to Right): George Ebrill, William Ebrill.
Front (Left to Right): Susan James, Brian Ebrill (born 1911), Elizabeth Bowler, Sarah Nestor.
Must be c.1916.
See full size and original.
See alternative scan.

Back (Left to Right): William Ebrill, George Ebrill (died 1921).
Centre (Left to Right): Sarah Nestor (holding one of her children, born post-1907), Elizabeth Bowler, Elizabeth Ebrill.
Front (Left to Right): Unknown person X (see below), (another son, perhaps Charles Ebrill), (unknown child), (possibly Frank Ebrill).
See larger and original.
Photo must be 1907-1921.

18 Upper William St, Limerick

William Ebrill's wool business is listed at 18 Upper William St, Limerick, from [Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867] to [Guy's, 1893].
This warehouse building survives. The ground floor is now "The Mill Studio" hair salon.
See map.
See entry at NIAH.

The Ebrill warehouse building at 18 Upper William St, Limerick.
2014 screenshot from street view.

18 Upper William St, Limerick.
From photos at
See terms of use.

Location of the Ebrill wool business ("Wool warehouse"), 18 Upper William St, Limerick.
From Insurance plan of Limerick, 1897, by Charles E. Goad, Leonard Collection at UL library.

Unidentified Ebrill

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