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Mungret St, Limerick

James O'Mara and many other family members in different branches lived in Mungret St, Irishtown, Limerick city, in the mid 19th century.

Part of Mungret St in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850].
See full size TIF.
Plot numbers do not always correspond to postal house numbers.
And in any case, streets got re-numbered. See Roches St renumbering. Relationships:


Part of Mungret St in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850].
See full size TIF.


Fr. Paddy O'Mara thinks the James O'Mara house was 28 Mungret St.
Is this evidence that the Griffith's numbering does match the postal numbering? Or is he just going from Griffith's?
Note he is confused about his grandmother's name.
See full size. From J/552/58.

Map of Mungret St, Limerick, in 1897, with street numbers.
Not exactly aligned with N. Should rotate this R a bit.
The street numbers could be entirely different to the plot numbers in Griffith's Valuation.
From Insurance plan of Limerick, 1897, by Charles E. Goad, Leonard Collection at UL library.

Modern street view looking NE up Mungret St.
The street is almost completely cleared.
The Milk Market survives, and almost nothing else.
Click to rotate. From Google street view.

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