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Ivy Bank (later New Strand House), Ennis Rd, Limerick

Ivy Bank, Ennis Road, Limerick.
Just outside the walls of (to the W of) the older Strand House.
Later called New Strand House.

Ivy Bank (New Strand House).
From Google street view.
See also street view of entrance.



James Wilkinson lived at Ivy Bank. He was there by 1897 and probably earlier.
A 1956 document in Ebrill papers about Elizabeth Ebrill's ownership of Ivy Bank refers to a deed of 10 Feb 1894.
James Wilkinson's mother Mary Anne Gould died at Ivy Bank in 1897.
Stephen O'Mara moved to the big house, Strand House, next door, c.1909. There by 1910.
O'Mara family lived in Strand House for many years.
Stephen O'Mara's wife Ellen Pigott was apparently 2nd cousin of the next door neighbour James Wilkinson. She must have known this.
James Wilkinson's wife Lydia Swain died at Ivy Bank in 1935.
James Wilkinson died at Ivy Bank in 1938. He had no issue. His siblings had all died young.



Elizabeth Ebrill owned Ivy Bank at the time of her death in 1955.
She was apparently 2nd cousin of James Wilkinson. Maybe he left it to her?
Elizabeth's estate still owned it in 1958. Tenant in 1955-58 was Mrs. Maureen M. Dillon.



In 1959, Stephen O'Mara the younger (of Strand House next door) bought Ivy Bank. His mother was 1st cousin of Elizabeth Ebrill.
Stephen died in Nov 1959 before moving in, though.
His son Peter O'Mara moved out of Strand House and lived at Ivy Bank.
The O'Maras renamed it "New Strand House".
Peter O'Mara died 1977.
His widow Mary sold New Strand House 1994.
New Strand House (Ivy Bank) is now a HSE facility.

Ivy Bank (New Strand House).
From Limerick Civic Trust.

Ivy Bank (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.
It is just outside of (to the W of) the walls of Strand House.

Ivy Bank (red cross) on modern map.

Death of Mary Anne Gould at Ivy Bank, 1897.


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