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Group portrait of 4th Earl and family

Wilton House is famous for the Double Cube Room with its massive group portrait.
The portrait is of the 4th Earl of Pembroke and his family.
Painted by Anthony Van Dyck about 1634-1635.
The heir apparent Charles Herbert married Mary Villiers in 1634. She is in the portrait. Charles died in 1635.

One of the most striking rooms in England, the Double Cube Room and its group portrait have featured in much film and television drama.

Photograph in 1898 of the Double Cube Room, showing the group portrait.
See full size.
From The Royal Collection Trust.

The 4th Earl and his family, by Van Dyck, about 1634-1635.
Double Cube Room, Wilton House.
See full size. From Wikimedia Commons.

Left to Right: Above, as cherubs: The children who died in infancy.


The 4th Earl.
From Factum Foundation high-resolution scan.

The 5th Earl.
From Factum Foundation high-resolution scan.

Some fine shots of the Double Cube Room with the group portrait in The Bounty (1984).

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