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12 St James's Square, London

No.12 St James's Square, Westminster, London.
Town house of the 8th Earl of Pembroke (succ 1683).

In 1685 the 8th Earl occupied No. 8 St James's Square (built by 1676). But he did not stay long.
No. 12 St James's Square (built in 1674-76) became the long-term town house of the 8th Earl.
He lived there from 1686 to his death in 1733.
The 9th Earl of Pembroke built a new London townhouse, Pembroke House, in Privy Gardens, Whitehall, in 1723-24.
8th Earl died at 12 St James's Square in 1733.
It seems the family kept 12 St James's Square.
The 10th Earl of Pembroke rebuilt Pembroke House in 1756-59, and he lived in the old family house, 12 St James's Square, while the re-building was going on.
He did not live there after 1759.

12 St James's Square was purchased around 1833 by William King-Noel, later 1st Earl of Lovelace.
In 1835 he married Ada Byron, the celebrated female mathematician and pioneer of computing.
They briefly lived in the 17th century house.
Lovelace demolished it and built a new house in 1836.
There is a plaque on no.12 to Ada Lovelace, who lived here from her marriage in 1835 possibly until her death in 1852.

The 17th century building is gone, but the 1836 building survives, still no.12.
It is now an office building. See modern street view.


The now-vanished 17th century Pembroke house, 12 St James's Square, visible in NW corner of the Square around 1720.
From a view of St James's Square, looking roughly N towards York Street and St James's Church. From British Museum.
The three doors in this row are (left to right): Combining this with the below, it looks like:


A view of St. James's Square, looking roughly N, around 1752.
For sale here. See also here.
Extensive rebuilding has already taken place:

St. James's Square on 1819 map.
The Pembroke house is 2nd from left in NW corner.

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