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Our common ancestors - Herbert - Contents

Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke

8th Earl, as a young man, c.1676.
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Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke (see here and here),
5th Earl of Montgomery, K.G.,
born 1656.
He succ 1683.
He mar 1stly, July 1684, to Margaret Sawyer.
President of the Royal Society 1689-90.
He founded the Wilton Royal Carpet Factory (royal charter 1699).
Margaret died 17th Nov 1706.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Catherine Herbert,
    mar Sir Nicholas Morice, 2nd Baronet,
    had issue:

    1. Catherine Morice.

    2. Barbara Morice,
      mar 1728 to Sir John Molesworth, 4th Baronet [of Pencarrow, Cornwall] and had issue.

  2. Henry Herbert, 9th Earl of Pembroke,
    born 29 Jan 1693.

  3. Robert Sawyer Herbert,
    said to be born 28 Jan 1693, but younger than 9th Earl, some error here,
    mar before 1723 to Mary Smith, no issue,
    he died 1769.

  4. William Herbert,
    had issue:

    1. Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnarvon, born 1741.

    2. Georgiana Herbert.
      Her 1st cousin's natural son, Augustus Reebkomp, in his will 1796, left her his watch.

8th Earl was Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland 1707-08.
He mar 2ndly, 21st Sept 1708, to Barbara Slingsby [dau of Sir Thomas Slingsby, 2nd Baronet]. The 8th Earl was her 3rd husband.
He was Lord High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland 1708-09.
Barbara died 1st Aug 1722.

He mar 3rdly, 14th June 1725, to Mary Howe [dau of Scrope Howe, 1st Viscount Howe].
His will dated 22 Dec 1732.
He died 22 Jan 1733 [using [NJ] date format, note that at the time this was regarded as the end of 1732], age 76 yrs.
He was bur Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire.
His will pr 5 February 1733, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Mary re-married, 9 Oct 1735 (or possibly Nov) to John Mordaunt.
Settlement about this marriage dated 17 Sept 1735.
There is a private act related to this settlement, and the inheritance of the 9th Earl, in Private Acts of Great Britain, London, 1735, Ch.7.
Mary was Maid of Honour to Queen Caroline (died 1737). Not to be confused with the other Lady Pembroke who attended Queen Caroline, Mary Fitzwilliam.
She is listed at death as of Parsons Green, London.
She died 1749.
Her will pr 19 September 1749, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

8th Earl, 1708.
Engraving by John Smith, after portrait by William Wissing.
From NPG. See terms of use.

John Locke (founding father of democracy) dedicated An Essay Concerning Human Understanding to the 8th Earl of Pembroke in 1690.
This is the dedication page of the 1735 edn.

Augustus Reebkomp's will leaves to Georgiana Herbert "my repeating watch with the picture of Lady Pembroke and Lord Herbert" [would be 11th Earl and his mother] "on the back of it".


Mary Howe

Mary Howe, 3rd wife and widow of the 8th Earl, appears in a ribald poem and play, both of 1736, in Memoirs by Lord John Hervey, vol.2.

Extract from censored version of the poem "Poetical Epistle to the Queen" on pp.147-158.
The above is from pp.156-157.

Notes to the above.

Extract from censored version of the play "The Death of Lord Hervey" on pp.159-173.
The above is from p.165.

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