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Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke

(Left) The 8th Earl, as a young man, c.1676.
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(Right) Margaret Sawyer, in the late 1690s.
See full size. See wider shot. From National Trust. From collection at Petworth House, West Sussex.

Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke,
and 5th Earl of Montgomery, K.G.,
born 1656.
See thepeerage and and wikipedia and wikitree.
His father died 1669.
He was educ Christ Church, Oxford. Matric 18 Mar 1673 [new style year].
He collected antiquities. Before he became Earl, he bought some of the Arundel marbles (collection of Ancient Greek sculptures and inscriptions) from 6th Duke of Norfolk, and brought them to Wilton.
He succ as Earl when his brother died 1683.
Seat at Wilton House.

He mar 1stly, 1684, to Margaret Sawyer [born 1665-67].
Fellow of the Royal Society 1685.
From 1686 to his death in 1733, his London town house was 12 St James's Square, London.
Ambassador to the United Provinces (the Netherlands) 1689.
President of the Royal Society 1689-90.
First Lord of the Admiralty 1690-1692.
He founded the Wilton Royal Carpet Factory (royal charter 1699).
First Lord of the Admiralty again in 1701-1702.
Ambassador to the United Provinces again in 1705.
Margaret died 17 Nov 1706, age 39-41 yrs, at her dau Catherine's house, Werrington, Devon.
She was bur 9 Dec 1706 in Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire. See findagrave.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Catherine Herbert.
    She mar by licence 1704 to Sir Nicholas Morice, 2nd Baronet [born 1681, succ 1690].
    They lived Werrington, Devon (now in Cornwall).
    They had issue:

    1. Catherine Morice.

    2. Barbara Morice.
      She mar 1728 to Sir John Molesworth, 4th Baronet.
      They lived Pencarrow, Cornwall.

  2. Henry Herbert, 9th Earl of Pembroke,
    born 1688.
    Grave says he was age 61 at death on 9 Jan 1750 (new style year). So we will take him as born 1688 unless a more accurate date emerges.
    He was said (see below) to be age about 4 in 1692 or 1693 (born about 1688-1689).
    Many genealogies say he was born 29 Jan 1693, but that is clearly wrong. As [Complete Peerage] points out, this is confusion with his brother.
    His grandfather Sir Robert Sawyer died in July 1692.
    [Funeral Certificate of Sir Robert Sawyer] dated 6 May 1693 says that Henry Herbert was age "about four years old" (either at date of Certificate or date when Sir Robert died, it is unclear which).
    When he matric at Oxford on 4 May 1705 he is described as age 16 (born 1688-1689).

  3. Robert Sawyer Herbert.
    [Funeral Certificate of Sir Robert Sawyer, 6 May 1693] says he was born 28 Jan 1693 (regarded at the time as the end of 1692).
    He mar before 1723 to Mary Smith, no issue.
    She is probably "Aunt Herbert" in letters of the future 10th Earl from school, Aug-Nov 1743. See [PP, vol.1, pp.18-19].
    She died 1757.
    He died 1769.

  4. William Herbert.
    He mar pre-1741 to Catherine Elizabeth Tewes.
    He died 1757.
    They had issue:

    1. Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnarvon, born 1741.

    2. Georgiana Herbert, born 1747.
      Her 1st cousin's natural son, Augustus Reebkomp (born 1762), in his will of June 1796, left her his watch.
      The will is clear that she is the sister of the 1st Earl of Carnarvon.
      Georgiana died unmarried, post-1796.

8th Earl was Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland 1707-08.
He mar 2ndly, 21 Sept 1708 [him age 52, her age c.40] to Barbara Slingsby [born c.1668] and had issue.
She was dau of Sir Thomas Slingsby, 2nd Baronet. The 8th Earl was her 3rd husband.
He was Lord High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland 1708-09.
She was a Lady of the Bedchamber 1718 until death 1722 to Caroline, Princess of Wales (later Queen Caroline, wife of George II).
She died 1 Aug 1722.
His son, the future 9th Earl, built Pembroke House in London in 1723-24. This would become the family's London town house.

8th Earl mar 3rdly, 14 June 1725 [him age 69, her under 27] to Mary Howe [born post-1698].
They had no issue.
His will dated 22 Dec 1732.

8th Earl dies, 1733:
He died 22 Jan 1733 [new style year], age 76 yrs, at his town house, 12 St James's Square, London.
He was bur 31 Jan 1733 in Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire. See findagrave.
His will pr 5 February 1733, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
Mary re-married in 1735.

8th Earl, 1708.
Engraving by John Smith, after portrait by William Wissing.
From NPG. See terms of use.

John Locke (founding father of democracy) dedicated An Essay Concerning Human Understanding to the 8th Earl of Pembroke in 1690.
This is the dedication page of the 1735 edn.

The 8th Earl and his wife Margaret Sawyer contribute to a charity collection at her family church of Highclere in Sept 1692.
The collection is for the redemption of captives in Algiers.
From [Nichols, 1858].

8th Earl's 2nd wife Barbara Slingsby.
Portrait c.1710. From here.

Wilton House.
From a 1725 view (in the time of the 8th Earl).
See full size.


Georgiana Herbert


Augustus Reebkomp's will of June 1796 leaves his watch to "Georgiana Herbert" who he is clear is the sister of Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnarvon.
He describes it as: "my repeating watch with the picture of Lady Pembroke and Lord Herbert" [would be 11th Earl and his mother] "on the back of it".
See full page.

The Complete Peerage


8th Earl in [Complete Peerage].



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