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Hugh Noltie

Hugh Noltie and Hilda Davis, 1938.
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Hugh Noltie,
born 16th Feb 1907, Seven Kings, Essex.
At mar 1932 he is listed as "carpenter and joiner", living with parents at 46 Osborne Rd, Hornchurch, Essex.

He mar 1stly, 17 Sept 1932 [him age 25, her age 34] to Winifred Dixon [born July-Sept 1898, dau of William John Dixon, shipping agent].
She was half-sister of Leonard Grigg, who was married to Hugh's sister. (The mother of Leonard Grigg and Winifred Dixon had married twice.)
At mar Winifred is listed as "shorthand typist", living 480 Brentwood Rd, Romford (see map).
They mar at Gidea Park Methodist church, Manor Avenue, Hornchurch (see map) [GRO.UK].

At David's birth and Winifred's death 1933, Hugh and Winifred were listed as living 40 Woodfield Drive, Romford (see map).
Hugh is listed as "carpenter and joiner, builder's" at David's birth and Winifred's death.
Winifred died 12 July 1933, St.David's Nursing Home, Hornchurch, Essex, age 34 yrs, of complications after childbirth.
She died of pelvic peritonitis after caesarean section [GRO.UK].
Hugh and Winifred had issue:

  1. David Noltie (later Grigg).
    He mar 1stly to ---- and had issue:

    1. Peter Grigg, mar ---- and had issue:
      1. Ian Grigg.
    2. Robert Grigg, mar ---- and had issue:
      1. Michael Grigg.
      2. Nicola Grigg.

At his 2nd marriage in 1937, Hugh is listed as a "carpenter", living 65 Minster Way, Hornchurch, Essex (see map).

He mar 2ndly, 28 Aug 1937, to Hilda Davis [born 7 June 1905].
They mar at Gidea Park Methodist church, Hornchurch (same place as 1st marriage) [GRO.UK].

They lived 17 Fanshawe Crescent, Hornchurch, Essex. He purchased it (just before marriage) on 16th June 1937.
He is listed as "carpenter and joiner, general builders", living 17 Fanshawe Crescent, as at 1938.

Service in WW2:
Hugh was in artillery in British Army in WW2.
He was in Middle East, away for years.
He was at El Alamein, Egypt, in 1942, in the aftermath. Got there after the main battle. (There were two battles, but think this refers to the second one, the Allied victory.)
He was a Bombardier, then Corporal.

He was a carpenter/joiner after the war.
His company had a standing contract to do the carpentry for Barclays Bank head office.
He died 25th Dec 1989, age 82 yrs.
He was cremated, no grave.
Hilda sold 17 Fanshawe Crescent in June 1990.
She died early hours of 13th Sept 1996, age 91 yrs.
She was cremated, no grave.
Hugh and Hilda had issue:

  1. Janet Noltie.
    DNA match to many people. See below.
    She mar John Gibbon and had issue.

Wedding of Hugh Noltie and Hilda Davis, 1937.
Gidea Park Methodist church, Hornchurch.
Back (Left to Right): (friend of Hilda), Hugh, Hilda, Hugh's brother Henry Noltie.
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Hilda and baby Janet, c.Feb 1939.
17 Fanshawe Crescent, Hornchurch.
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Hugh Noltie in army in WW2.
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Hilda and Janet.
17 Fanshawe Crescent, Hornchurch.
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DNA matches

Janet Noltie is a DNA match to the following:

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