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Wiggy Hourigan

Wiggy Hourigan,
Patrick Hourigan, Paddy,
known as "Wiggy",
of The Hill, near Murroe, Co.Limerick,
born maybe 1760s.

He fought in the 1798 Rebellion.
He rode from Co.Limerick across southern Ireland to Co.Wexford in early June 1798, to take part in the Wexford Rebellion there.
He fought in the Battle of Vinegar Hill at Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford, on 21 June 1798 (major rebel defeat).
John Hourigan says: "During the Battle of Vinegar Hill his horse got killed. He managed to slay a Hessian Officer and took his horse."
He escaped back to Co.Limerick.

He died without issue before 1818.
He left The Hill to his nephew Pat Hourigan of Annagh.

The Battle of Vinegar Hill on 21 June 1798.
From Maxwell's History of the Irish rebellion in 1798 (1845), a book extremely hostile to the rebels.
See full size. From here.

Stories about the life of Wiggy Hourigan.
From John Hourigan.



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