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Pat Hourigan, of The Hill

Patrick Hourigan listed at Knocknagorteeny (The Hill) in [Tithe Survey, 1826].
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Pat Hourigan,
"Pat Hourigan" sp the bapt of his niece Honora Ryan 1816.
He mar pre-1818 to Mary Hickey.
He inherited The Hill, near Murroe, Co.Limerick, from his uncle Wiggy Hourigan before 1818.
"Patrick Hourigan" wit the mar of Catherine Hourigan March 1818.
Listed as of Knocknagorteeny (The Hill) at child's bapt in Apr 1818.
Patrick Hourigan is listed at Knocknagorteeny (The Hill) in [Tithe Survey, 1826]. He holds 53 acres. The largest holding in the townland.

John Hourigan says the family supported the rebels of the Young Ireland rebellion in July 1848. He says the story is they sheltered the rebel leader Thomas Francis Meagher after the rising: "the Young Ireland Uprising took place. Thomas Francis Meagher went on the run in the Murroe area. He regularly got his bed and food at the Hill."
The Hill is rather inaccessible, entry down a long road on the Hourigan land. So might be a good safe house.

Pat died before 1851.
In [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] Mary Hourigan holds 90 acres (largest plot in the townland of Knocknagorteeny) and a large house (largest house in the townland).
Pat and Mary had issue:

  1. John Hourigan,
    bapt 27 Apr 1818 [Murroe and Boher RC par records], sp James Cormack and Margaret Kelly. NOT 24 Apr 1818.
    Must have died young. There is another John.

  2. Patrick Hourigan,
    bapt 17 Jan 1820 [Murroe and Boher RC par records], sp John Hourigan and Mary Hickey.

  3. Michael Hourigan,
    bapt 9 Sept 1821 [Murroe and Boher RC par records], sp Mary O'Brien.
    Emigrated to America in 1849.

  4. John Hourigan,
    bapt 26 Apr 1825 [Murroe and Boher RC par records], sp John Hourigan and Biddy Humphreys.
    "Big Johnny", or "Big John".
    He inherited The Hill, Co.Limerick.
    He is listed as of "Abington" at mar 1854.
    He mar 25 Feb 1854 to Mrs. Bridget Heelan [a widow with children].
    They mar at [Bulgaden RC church, Co.Limerick]. Mar wit by Catherine Foley and Michael Walsh.
    John had no children of his own.
    Listed as farmer, married, at death 1874.
    He died 15 June 1874, age 49 yrs, at Knocknagorteeny (The Hill).
    See death cert from here.

    John left The Hill to Patrick Hourigan of Annagh (bapt 1849, died 1888).
    Mrs. Heelan had to leave The Hill, and she was angry about it.
    She had hoped that Patrick would marry her daughter, but he was interested in Mary Ryan, who he married in Aug 1875.
    It was said that when Mrs. Heelan was leaving, she cursed The Hill and the Hourigans for four generations.

    John Hourigan thought this John (bapt 1825) and "Big Johnny" (married 1854 to Mrs. Heelan) were two different people, living in turn at The Hill.
    He thought "Big Johnny" was some unidentified cousin who lived there after John, and before Patrick Hourigan.
    But there is no room in the timeline for two Johns, and we have no other candidate for "Big Johnny".
    It seems clear that [Hourigan tree, p.32] is right to say they are the same person.

  5. Edmond Hourigan,
    bapt 17 Sept 1827 [Murroe and Boher RC par records], sp Patrick Brien and Margaret Ryan.

Baptism of the first John Hourigan, 27 Apr 1818, Murroe.
Says the parents are of Knocknagorteeny (The Hill).
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Extract from Knocknagorteeny (The Hill) in Abington par, p.12, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
Mary Hourigan holds 90 acres (largest plot in the townland) and a large house (largest house in the townland).

Marriage of the second John Hourigan and the widow Mrs. Bridget Heelan, 25 Feb 1854, Bulgaden.
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