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Hourigan of Co.Limerick

Pronounced "How-rigan".

The Hill and Annagh

John Hourigan says our Hourigans acquired tenancy of these two properties in NE Co.Limerick around the late 17th century: John Hourigan says our Hourigans acquired tenancy of the above properties from "Sir Thomas Hackett".
This is Sir Thomas Hackett, Mayor of Dublin 1687-1688, died 1706, who had property in the Murroe area.


Hourigan Tree

If we read the [Hourigan Tree] correctly: But the tree is somewhat unclear. We need to confirm we are reading it correctly.

Unnamed Hourigan.
He would be born in early 18th century.
The Hourigan family had tenancy of The Hill and Annagh, both near Murroe, Co.Limerick.
John Hourigan says Wiggy Hourigan was born at The Hill. Though he does not know if Annagh was the older home.
This unnamed Hourigan had issue:

  1. Wiggy Hourigan,
    Patrick Hourigan, Paddy,
    known as "Wiggy",
    of The Hill, near Murroe, Co.Limerick,
    born maybe 1760s.
    He fought in the 1798 Rebellion.

  2. Jack Hourigan,
    John, of Annagh, Abington par, Co.Limerick,
    born maybe 1760s.
    He had a dau who married before 1814.

Family of Sir Thomas Hackett (the Hourigan landlord, died 1706).
From HACKETT on pp.536-540 of [Burkes Irish, 1976].




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