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The Hill, Abington parish, Co.Limerick

The Hill, Knocknagorteeny townland, Abington par, NE Co.Limerick.
W of Murroe. Near border with Co.Tipperary.

Hourigan apparently acquired tenancy of The Hill around the late 17th century from Sir Thomas Hackett (died 1706).
Home of Wiggy Hourigan (fought in 1798, died before 1818).

Wiggy left it to his nephew Pat Hourigan before 1818.
Pat Hourigan is listed at Knocknagorteeny (The Hill) in [Tithe Survey, 1826]. He holds 53 acres. The largest holding in the townland.
Pat died before 1851.
In [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] his widow Mary Hourigan holds 90 acres (largest plot in the townland of Knocknagorteeny) and a large house (largest house in the townland).
The Hill was inherited by Pat and Mary's son John Hourigan (bapt 1825, died 1874).

Then home of his cousin Patrick Hourigan (bapt 1849, died 1888).
Home of his son John Hourigan (bapt 1876, died 1959).
Home of his son Patrick Hourigan (born 1916, died 1985).
Hourigan still at The Hill today.


Patrick Hourigan listed at Knocknagorteeny (The Hill) in [Tithe Survey, 1826].
From here.

The Hill, Knocknagorteeny, on 1829 to 1842 map.

Extract from Knocknagorteeny (The Hill) in Abington par, p.12, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
Mary Hourigan holds 90 acres (largest plot in the townland) and a large house (largest house in the townland), and leases out a small plot.

The Hill on the [Griffiths Valuation] map at
The plot numbers do not match the numbers in the text.
It can be seen that plot 13 here is plot 14 in the text, The Hill.

The Hill, Knocknagorteeny, on 1887 to 1913 map.

The Hill, Knocknagorteeny, W of Moroe.
From Google Maps.

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