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Jack Lloyd

Jack Lloyd,
John Gerard Lloyd, born 18th Jan 1912, Caherline, Co.Limerick.
His father moved family to Dublin by 1922.
Jack went to US 1936. As at 1937 he was living 15 Sylvester St, Cranford, NJ.
He returned to Ireland early 1939.
He mar 21st June 1939, Ireland (NOT in US) [GROI] to Dorothy Doyle [Dorothy E., Dot, Doris, born 23rd Feb 1916, she is Doris on mar cert].

Jack ran a pub, Lloyd's pub, Donnybrook.
His father bought it for him at his marriage in 1939. He and his family lived over the pub.
Dot said: "he was the first to have a lounge bar where females could drink with the men. That was in 1939 ... His Dad bought what is now Kielys in Donnybrook for him. It was in a terrible mess. ... He completely modernized the bar & made a lounge bar so that women could also come in and socialize with the men. His Father thought he was mad and told him so. Well as you know it turned out to be the coming thing, just Jack was a bit too early."
Jack is still listed as running the pub in [Thom's, 1945].
The pub was bought by Gerry Kiely in 1945. It became Kiely's pub, Donnybrook.

Jack then bought 3 acres on the Naas Road outside Dublin. He built a petrol station and roadside restaurant with parking. Dot said: "Every one again said he was mad. He was the first in Ireland to have one pull in off the road to fill up their vehicles. We did not do any repairs".
Later he lived 8 Mayfield Rd, Terenure, Co.Dublin. He was living there when he registered his aunt Mary Walters' death 1957.
Then lived Highfield Rd, Rathgar.
In 1961 he relocated permanently to the USA, and in 1962 the family followed.
They lived Westfield, NJ, there as at 1962.
He died 7th Sept 1983, age 71 yrs.
Jack and Dot had issue:

  1. Mary Lloyd, mar Robert Gest and had issue:
    1. Patrick Gest, mar Constance de Cools.
    2. Bettina Gest.
  2. Louise Lloyd, mar Ludwig Franz and had issue:
    1. Heather Franz.
    2. Sabrina Franz.
    3. Eric Franz.
    4. Michelle Franz.
  3. Clifford Lloyd, mar Diana Gullette and had issue:
    1. Alexsandra Lloyd.
    2. Margaret Lloyd.
    3. Charles Lloyd.
  4. David Lloyd, mar Susan Andrew and had issue:
    1. Elizabeth Lloyd.
    2. Margaret Lloyd.
  5. Henry Lloyd.

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