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Walters pub and restaurant, Dun Laoghaire.
Photo 2013. See full size and other shot.
See street view.

John Walters,
of Knockatanna (or "Knockatana Castle"), N side of Caherconlish, E Co.Limerick (see map and map, same area as Lloyd family home),
Walters and Humphreys knew each other from Limerick days,
had issue:

  1. Will Walters,
    William, Willie,
    farmer, of Cloghnadromin (between Boher and Caherconlish), Abington par, Co.Limerick,
    mar Annie McGrath,
    he was at Mick's funeral 1934,
    had issue:

    1. (think 3 children) Walters.
      (According to [Ryan family tree], although there is some confusion here.)

  2. Jack Walters,
    said to be of Ballysimon, Kilmurry par (just E of Limerick city), Co.Limerick,
    John, born 1877, Co.Limerick.
    He mar 1stly, 1902, to Margaret Lloyd [born 15 Apr 1874], no issue.
    He took over Lloyd's pub, 68 Upper Georges St, Dun Laoghaire, that was apparently owned by Margaret's father John Lloyd.
    He is already listed as merchant, living 68 Upper Georges St, at mar 1902. Possibly he ran the pub for John Lloyd before he married his dau.
    After mar, his name appears on pub. "John Walters" listed at 68 Upper Georges St in [Thoms] 1904 edn on.
    He and his wife were at her uncle Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    He must be "J.Walters" of Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), listed as "cousin" of Dr.David at funeral 1903.
    Margaret's widowed mother and unmarried sister lived with them. See census entry 1911. He is listed as "grocer and wine merchant".
    Margaret died 4 Sept 1917, 68 Upper Georges St, age 43 yrs, of pneumonia [GROI]. See death cert.
    He is described as "merchant", living 68 Upper Georges St, at mar 1923.

    He mar 2ndly, 1923, to his wife's younger sister Mary Lloyd [born 30 Mar 1881], no issue.
    He was at Mick's funeral 1934.
    They are both at Nell's funeral 1939.
    He is described as "merchant" at death.
    He died 24 Mar 1940, 32 Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire, age 63 yrs [GROI] See death cert.
    Mary registered the death of her uncle Mick's widow Angela in Sept 1940. She is living 32 Clarinda Park East.
    Walters pub, 68 Upper Georges St, Dun Laoghaire was sold to a nephew on Walters side 1940. He had lost ownership of it by c.1950.
    Mary died 1 July 1957, St.Joseph's convent, Tivoli Rd, Dun Laoghaire, age 76 yrs [GROI]. See death cert.

  3. Dr. Mortimer Walters,
    Mort, born Knockatanna, Caherconlish, Co.Limerick,
    qualified as doctor 1906,
    mar Geraldine Hackett and had issue,
    appointed 1912 as dispensary officer to Ballsbridge Dispensary, Co.Dublin,
    working in Baggot St Hospital at time of 1916 Rising, attended to the wounded,
    went in to Sighle Humphreys in jail 1923 to try and get her off hunger strike,
    became Coroner for North Co.Dublin 1926,
    was at Mick's funeral 1934,
    lived 36 Elgin Rd, Ballsbridge, Co.Dublin,
    died 25 Oct 1937,
    see obituary in Irish Times, 26 Oct.

  4. Dickie Walters,
    "Richard Walters" wit Jack Walters' mar 1923,
    "Richard Walters" was at Mick's funeral 1934.

Dr. Mortimer Walters (white coat, on RHS) attended the wounded in 1916 Rising.
See full size.
From the Daily Sketch, 6 May 1916.

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