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Henry Sheridan's business at 232 North Circular Rd and 84 Grangegorman in [Thoms, 1921].
Left: From p.1535.
Right: From p.1613.

Henry Patrick Sheridan,
born 1870, Co.Carlow.
He mar 1899 to Mary Campion [born 1871, Co.Laois].
At son's birth 1904 he is shopkeeper, living Spink hamlet, Garrintaggart townland, Dysartgallen par, Co.Laois. See street view.
They are listed in 1911 census at Garrintaggart. This would be Spink. He is farmer, shop keeper.
He became a grocer in Dublin. Ran business at "Phoenix House", 232 North Circular Rd, Dublin (on corner of Grangegorman) and 84 Grangegorman, Dublin (at the corner).
See modern satellite view of this corner, with house numbers. And street view.
Henry is listed at 232 North Circular Rd and 84 Grangegorman in [Thoms] at least 1921 to 1945. He is family grocer, purveyor, wine and spirit merchant.
Listed as "businessman" at son's mar 1942.
Henry and Mary had issue:
William Sheridan,
Willie, born 10 Oct 1904, Spink, Co.Laois.
See birth cert from here.
At mar 1942 he is "businessman", living 232 North Circular Rd, Dublin.
He mar 1942 to Kitty Corbett [born 14 June 1914].
They lived 232 North Circular Rd, Dublin. Kitty living there at death 1949.
Kitty dies, 1949: She died of tuberculous meningitis, 14 July 1949, 36 Eccles St, Dublin, age 35 yrs. See death cert from here.
She was bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
"W. Creegan" is running the grocery business at 232 North Circular Rd and 84 Grangegorman in [Thoms] at least 1951 to 1958.
Sheridan returns to 232 North Circular Rd: Later William Sheridan is shown running the old family business.
[Thoms, 1962-63, p.105, p.800] lists William Sheridan, grocer, and petrol station, 232 and 232a North Circular Rd. The address at 84 Grangegorman (on p.230) is vacant.
William ran a large garage at 232a North Circular Rd, called Phoenix Garage. One of the largest garages in Dublin at the time. He was always interested in the latest motor technology. One of the first in Ireland to install a radio in a car.
William died 13 July 1970, age 65 yrs.
He was bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
William and Kitty had issue:

  1. Harry Sheridan,
    mar Mary Clare Kearney
    and had issue:

    1. William Sheridan, mar Una McCullough and had issue:
      1. Conor Sheridan.
      2. Daniel Sheridan.
      3. Katie Sheridan.

    2. John Sheridan, mar Julianne Hatton and had issue:
      1. Harry Sheridan.
      2. Nicholas Sheridan.
      3. Allanah Sheridan.
      4. Naomi Sheridan.

    3. Paul Sheridan, mar Judith Murphy and had issue:
      1. Jessica Sheridan.
      2. Ethan Sheridan.
      3. Toby Sheridan.

    4. Veronica Sheridan, mar Adrian Loomes and had issue:
      1. Lily Loomes.
      2. Hugo Loomes.
      3. Theo Loomes.
    5. Henry C. Sheridan.

  2. Mary Sheridan,
    mar Cathal Higgins and had issue:

    1. Suzanne Higgins, mar Pascal Sansade and had issue:
      1. Julian Sansade.
      2. Clara Sansade.
      3. Emma Sansade.
    2. Jane Higgins.

  3. Vincent Sheridan.
    DNA match to me.
    He mar Aileen Bingham and had issue:

    1. Risteard Sheridan.
    2. Hugh Sheridan.
    3. Eoin Sheridan.
    4. Helen Sheridan.

Sheridan grave, Glasnevin

Grave of William Sheridan and Kitty Corbett. Glasnevin Cemetery.
Opposite Jim Humphrys grave (Kitty's uncle).
See street view.

Sheridan grave, Glasnevin.
Photo 2013. See full size and wider shot.

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