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Vincent Corbett

Mary Humphrys and Vincent Corbett.
Courtesy of Nora Humphreys.
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Vincent Corbett,
born Dublin, May 1879.
Taken to US with parents 1884.
In 1889 he was sent back to Ireland to live with uncle Tom Corbett on farm in Co.Clare. Parents stayed in US.
In 1897 his mother returned only to go to England and enter a convent. He would visit her there.
See him listed in 1901 census with uncle in Ballagh, Quin par, Co.Clare. He is farmer.
See him listed in 1911 census with uncle in Ballagh. He is farmer, unmarried. It incorrectly says he is born Co.Clare.
He mar must be 1913 to Mary Humphrys [bapt 5 Feb 1882].
They lived Ballagh, Co.Clare. He was farmer.
He died 24 Dec 1940, age 61 yrs.
She died 12 June 1947, age 65 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Kitty Corbett,
    Kathleen Mary Corbett, "Catherine Mary" in death cert,
    born 14 June 1914, Ballagh, Co.Clare.
    See birth cert from here.
    Father died 1940.
    At mar 1942 she and sister are listed as living at Ballagh, but both married near Dublin.
    She mar 8 April 1942, Greystones, Co.Wicklow, to William Sheridan and had issue.
    Double wedding with sister. See mar cert from here.
    Kitty and William were married by Kitty's 1st cousin Fr. Tim English (later Canon).

  2. Mabel Corbett,
    Margaret Mary, born 20 August 1915, Ballagh, Co.Clare.
    See birth cert from here.
    Living Ballagh at mar.
    She mar 8 April 1942, Greystones, Co.Wicklow, to Jim Loughnane and had issue.
    Double wedding with sister. See mar cert from here.
    Mabel and Jim were married by a Fr. Thomas Loughnane (would be relation of Jim).

  3. Fr. Jack Corbett,
    John Joseph Corbett, born 29 May 1919, Ballagh, Co.Clare.
    See transcript of birth cert.
    C.Ss.R (Redemptorist) priest. Ordained c.1947.
    Served in India.
    Priest at Mount St. Alphonsus Redemptorists church, Limerick city.
    He carried out wedding of his 1st cousin Cora Humphrys c.1965.
    Went to America. Served as priest in Boston and New York.
    Living in Springfield, MA, as at 1992.
    He was later in nursing home in Co.Clare.
    He died Apr 2007, age 87 yrs,
    bur Limerick.

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