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Jim Humphrys, of Moore St, Dublin

Jim Humphrys.
On "R.H.C." hurling team (unidentified).
Courtesy of Nora Humphreys.
See larger and full size. He is 3rd from LHS in back.
His brother Jack is in front.

Jim Humphrys,
James, born Co.Limerick, bapt 30th Jan 1879.
In 1901 census he is staying with his uncle Mick Humphrys at his pub in Dublin, listed as "assistant" (apprentice in the pub business), unmarried.
He did pub apprenticeship with Tim Lloyd.

Pub on Moore St, Dublin:
He ran pub, 1 and 2 Moore St, Dublin (corner of Henry St, on the E side of Moore St).
Listed as "tea and wine merchant" there in [Thom's] 1910 to 1954, spelt "Humphrys".
He is listed at Moore St in [Census, 2 April 1911], he is listed as "grocer and vintner".

Fought in 1916 Rising:
He took part in 1916 Rising.
Jailed in England.
Irish Times, May 16, 1916, lists "James Humphreys, Moore St, Dublin" among the prisoners removed from Richmond Barracks, Dublin, on 8 May, and lodged in Wandsworth Detention Barracks, London, on 9 May.

A leaflet says "James Humphrys, whiskey bonder, tea and wine importer".
He wit his 1st cousin Edward Lloyd's mar 1925.
He wit his brother Dan's mar 1937.
He didn't marry.
He died at Jervis Street Nursing Home, 29th June 1954 [grave, death notice], age 75 yrs.
See death notice in Irish Independent, June 30, 1954.
Funeral 30 June, bur Glasnevin Cemetery, spelt "HUMPHRYS" on grave.

"James Humphreys, Moore St, Dublin" being deported to jail in England after 1916 Rising.
From Irish Times, May 16, 1916.


Humphrys' pub on Moore St, Dublin

The pub on Moore St, Dublin, was formerly Butler's pub, 1 and 2 Moore St.
"Michael Humphrys" (probably Jim's uncle Mick) sp the baptism of the son of Patrick Butler of 2 Moore St in 1894.
See Patrick Butler and family listed there in 1901 census.
Still listed as Butler's pub in [Thom's, 1905].

Jim Humphrys is listed there in [Thom's] 1910 to 1954.
He died 1954.

The pub was sold at auction, September 16, 1954.
See ad in Irish Independent, Thursday, September 16, 1954.
It was no longer "Humphrys" pub in [Thom's, 1955].
It became Madigans pub, listed at 1 and 2 Moore St in [Thom's, 1973].
Now no longer a pub.

Butler's pub, Moore St, is mentioned in the story "Grace" in Joyce's Dubliners.
This was published 1914 (by which time the pub had already become Humphrys' pub).
From p.204 in online copy of Dubliners.

Humphrys' pub in [Thom's, 1910].

Moore St, c.1930, looking N, showing Humphrys' pub on the RHS.
See full size.
From here. From Rare Irish Stuff.

Flyer for James Humphrys' pub.
See larger and full size.

Moore St, 1972, looking N, showing edge of Madigan's pub on the RHS.
From here in 1972 visit to Ireland by "ColleenM". Used with permission.

The Humphrys pub (1-2 Moore St) is the four windows here of "Ellystar Bazar".
2009 image from Google street view.
The Paddy Power bookmaker is 3 Moore St.

Jim Humphrys grave, Glasnevin

Jim Humphrys grave, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
Location: aD 73. Go in gate, turn right, follow path parallel to wall, grave is on the path, on LHS. See street view.

Location of Jim Humphrys grave, Glasnevin.
Screenshot 2011. From street view. Click through to rotate.

Grave of Jim Humphrys, Glasnevin.
Photo 2006. See full size. Photo courtesy of Richard Humphreys.
See 2013 photo (and wider shot).

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