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Patrick Heffernan holds almost all of Cuckoohill townland in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852].

Patrick Heffernan,
born 1810,
of Cuckoohill (or Cuckoo Hill), Derrygrath par (between Cahir and Clonmel), Co.Tipperary.
He mar pre-1836 to Catherine Kickham [born 1808].
[Kickham family tree] says Catherine was "a 'big plain woman' with a great work ethic and sharp business mind. It has been said that she personally sat aloft the grain sacks on route to the mills in Cahir from her home at Cuckoo Hill and drove a very hard bargain, this around the time of the famine ... She enlarged the farm, it was one of the finest farms of over 400 acres of well tilled land in the Golden Vale".
Patrick holds almost all of Cuckoohill townland in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] and lives in the big house, Cuckoohill House.
Catherine's brothers Michael and Tom Kickham lived in Knockelly Castle, but got into financial difficulty. She took over Knockelly Castle from them. She paid off debts and installed her son Edmond in Knockelly.
He might be Patrick Heffernan, farmer, married, who died at Derrygrath, 10th (or maybe 4th) July 1866 [GROI], age 70 (born 1796). Death registered by John Heffernan of Derrygrath.
Patrick is supposed to have died 1880, age 70 yrs.
Catherine died 1882, age 74 yrs.
They had issue:

  1. Edmond Heffernan,
    Ned, born 1836, Co.Tipperary.
    He mar Mary Brett [of Knocknakitt (unidentified)].
    No issue.
    He lived Knockelly Castle.
    Listed at Knockelly Castle in [Bassett's Directory, 1889].
    Mary died pre-1901.
    See Edmond listed in 1901 census at Knockelly Castle. He is retired farmer, widower. His nephew John Heffernan is with him.
    He left Knockelly Castle to his nephew John.
    He possibly died 1903, since this is when John inherited Knockelly. However we cannot find death.

  2. James Heffernan,
    born 1837.
    He was said to be a J.P., but unlikely since he died too young. This is probably confusion with his brother.
    He died 1856, age 19 yrs.

  3. John Kickham Heffernan,
    born Co.Tipperary, 1840 [by 1901 census] or 1839 [by 1911 census] or 1838 [death cert].

  4. Fr. Thomas Heffernan,
    born Cuckoo Hill,
    born 1849 [by death cert] or 1850 [obituary] or 1847.
    He was educ St.John's College.
    He became a priest in 1875.
    There is apparently (though it is a bit unclear) a listing for a Fr. Thomas Heffernan in [Catholic Directory, 1876] as a Curate at Upperchurch RC parish, Co.Tipperary. See p.359 and p.171. Living at Ballycahill, near Thurles.
    He was said to be PP of Youghal, but that seems to be false. At death he is a Curate.
    He is Thomas Heffernan who is listed as curate in RC parish of Dungarvan, Co.Waterford, in [Thom's, 1884].
    At death he is a Curate at Waterford cathedral.
    Death, 1892: He died 1 July 1892, the Presbytery, Waterford.
    See death cert from here.
    See obituary in The Nationalist (Tipperary), July 2, 1892, p.2. This confirms that the curate of Waterford is the priest who was born at Cuckoo Hill.
    Funeral 3 July 1892 at Grange church (SE of Cuckoo Hill), Co.Tipperary.

  5. Michael Heffernan,
    born 1848,
    he was a J.P.,
    died 1880, age 32 yrs.


The Heffernan house, Cuckoohill House, on 1887 to 1913 map.
This is the only large farm in Cuckoohill townland.
See modern satellite view and street view of entrance.

Edmond Heffernan listed at Knockelly Castle in [Bassett's Directory, 1889, p.125].
See also listing on p.129.


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