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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents

John Kickham Heffernan

John Kickham Heffernan,
born 1840 or 1839 or 1838,
of Cuckoo Hill, Derrygrath par (between Cahir and Clonmel), Co.Tipperary.
At mar 1877 he is listed as farmer at Derrygrath (this would be Cuckoo Hill).
He mar 16 August 1877 to Margaret McGrath [Margaret Ellen McGrath, born 1853, Co.Waterford, dau of John McGrath, farmer].
She was said to be of Mountrivers, Affane par, near Cappoquin, Co. Waterford.
Though at mar she is of Garrycloyne, Lismore & Mocollop par, Co. Waterford.
They mar at Tallow RC church, Co.Waterford. See mar cert from here.

Listed at Cuckoo Hill at children's births 1878 to 1885.
John became a J.P.
See them listed in 1901 census at Cuckoo Hill. He is J.P., farmer. They have 2 servants.
Margaret died 23 Mar 1910, Cuckoo Hill, age 57 yrs.
See death cert from here.

See John listed in 1911 census at Cuckoo Hill. He is farmer, widower. He has his son James and one house servant and 7 farm servants with him.
He died 12 Dec 1919, Cuckoo Hill. He is "gentleman farmer".
See death cert from here.
John and Margaret had issue:

  1. Patrick Heffernan,
    Dr. Paddy Heffernan,
    born 13 May 1878, Cuckoo Hill.
    Served in Indian Medical Service between about 1905 and 1917. He became a Major.
    He mar Winnifred Wakefield [think NOT Winifred].
    Lived in 1920s in Buxton, Derbyshire.
    He was an authority on lung diseases and an early adopter of X-ray technology.
    He was a researcher of local and family history.
    Author of [Heffernan, 1940].
    Author of [Heffernan, 1958] and other works.
    Patrick and Winnifred had issue:

    1. Mortimer Heffernan, born 1921,
      had issue:

      1. Bill Heffernan.

    2. Miles Heffernan [think NOT Myles].

      There was said to be another child John but think this is wrong.

  2. John Heffernan,
    John F. Heffernan, Jack,
    born 18 Nov 1879, Cuckoo Hill.
    See birth cert from here.
    He inherited Knockelly Castle.

  3. Michael Heffernan, T.D.,
    Michael Richard Heffernan,
    born 3 Apr 1885, Cuckoo Hill.
    See birth cert from here.
    Leader of the Farmers' Party.
    Junior Minister in Free State coalition government.

  4. Dr. Edward Heffernan, O.B.E.,
    Eddie, Edward B. Heffernan,
    born 7 July 1889, Co.Tipperary.
    At home in 1901 census.
    In WWI he enlisted in the Royal Navy as a naval doctor.
    He served in China and the West Indies and Malta.
    He mar 1916 to Gladys Thrift.
    He served again in WW2, now in his 50s.
    He was awarded the O.B.E. for his services and bravery as PMO (principal medical officer) of Malta Dockyard during the long Siege of Malta (1940-43).
    After World War 2 he retired from the navy.
    Took up private practice in Ophthalmology in Croydon, London.
    He died 16 April 1980, age 90 yrs.
    Dr. Edward and Gladys had issue:

    1. Ann Heffernan,
      Elizabeth Ann Heffernan, born 1918, Cobh, Co.Cork.
      She mar Jean-Paul de Dadelsen [Belgian].
      She was an actress, mostly in TV series. See filmography.
      She appeared in the comedy The Captain's Paradise (1953).
      She was in a 1961 episode of Maigret (BBC TV series).
      She was in a 1981 episode of Sons and Lovers (BBC TV series).
      She was in a 1993 episode of Maigret (ITV TV series).
      She died on January 14, 2011 in Putney, London.
      Ann and Jean-Paul had issue:

      1. Michel de Dadelsen.

  5. Kathy Heffernan,
    She must be "Kathleen Heffernan" who is listed in 1901 census with brother John Heffernan and uncle Edmond Heffernan at Knockelly Castle. She is age 19 (born 1892, Co.Tipperary).
    Registered mother's death 1910. She is living Cuckoo Hill, unmarried.
    She mar Dr. John Hirst
    and had issue:

    1. Desiree Hirst [dau].
    2. Michael Hirst, of Paris.

  6. James Heffernan,
    Jim, of Cuckoo Hill,
    born 1892 or 1893, Co.Tipperary.
    He is at home in Cuckoo Hill with widowed father in 1911 census. He is "farmer".
    Registered father's death 1919. He is living Cuckoo Hill.
    He wit his brother Michael's mar 1927.
    He mar Eileen Kilvey, no issue.
    He was a bloodstock breeder at Cuckoo Hill.
    He bred many winners on the track and in the show ring.
    He bred Nicolaus Silver, the winner of the Grand National in 1961.
    He bred other Gold Cup contestants.

  7. Nora A. Heffernan,
    born 1895, Co.Tipperary,
    at home in 1901 census.

  8. Angela Heffernan,
    did not marry.

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