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James Mansfield Cleary

Photo of Charles Joseph Kickham with his nieces Annie and Josie Cleary, c.1869.
Image courtesy of Cork Multitext Project, UCC (formerly here). Used with permission.
Originally from Tipperary Annual 1912.

James Mansfield Cleary.
James Cleary.
He was bapt Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary, 7 Aug 1823.
See entry in family tree by Courtney Hoover Cummings.
He became a businessman in Clonmel, Co.Tipperary.

He mar 1stly, 8 Feb 1854 [Gambonsfield and Kilcash RC par records] to Margaret White [born 1833].
See entry from here.
Margaret must be from area of Kilcash, Kilcash par, NE of Clonmel.
James is listed at Clonmel at birth notice of dau 1856.
Town Councillor: He was a member of Clonmel city council for several terms.
Listed as "James Cleary T.C." (Town Councillor) in item in Freemans Journal, July 28, 1858.
Listed as "James Cleary T.C." at wife's death 1858.

Margaret died 1858, age 25 yrs, at Graigue, "after a protracted illness" [death notice in some newspaper].
This would be Graigue in Temple-etney par, some way NE of Clonmel, close to Kilcash.
Not likely to be Graigue in Newchapel par, NW of Clonmel (nowhere near Kilcash).
Margaret was bur at Kilcash.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Michael Cleary,
    bapt Michael Timothy, 28 Feb 1855 [SS Peter & Paul Parish, Clonmel], see image from here.
    Emigrated to US.

  2. Mary Cleary,
    would be after grandmother Mary Mansfield,
    born 9 May 1856 [birth notice in some newspaper],
    bapt 10 May 1856 [SS Peter & Paul Parish, Clonmel], see image from here.
    Must have died young.

  3. Mary Cleary,
    second Mary, again after grandmother Mary Mansfield,
    born 9 Aug 1857 [birth notice in some newspaper],
    bapt "Maria Catherina", 16 Aug 1857 [SS Peter & Paul Parish, Clonmel], see image from here.
    Emigrated to US.
    Listed at home in Chicago in 1880 census.

James is listed as "James Cleary, T.C. Clonmel" at 2nd mar 1859.
He mar 2ndly, 12 Feb 1859, to Maria Kickham [born 1831].

They emigrate to US, 1863:
James got into financial difficulties. He had to emigrate to US.
Maria was said to be pregnant with Frances, and unable to travel with him, and had to come later.
But this story seems to be false. It was formerly thought Frances was born Aug 1863, but in fact she was born Aug 1862. But James was still in Ireland after that. He is party to a deed of Apr 1863.

There is a deed dated 28 Apr 1863 between James Cleary, merchant, of Clonmel, and his brother-in-law Thomas Kickham, shopkeeper, of Mullinahone. In consideration of £200, James Cleary grants to Thomas Kickham lands at Grevine, Outrath par, Co.Kilkenny (a bit S of Kilkenny city), in possession of James Pearson, 60 acres.
James must have gone to US in April-Sept 1863.
In Sept 1863, Maria went to America to join him. She took baby Frances, leaving her children Annie and Josie in Ireland. The children of the 1st marriage, Michael and Mary, had possibly gone earlier to US with their father.
Maria's brother Charles Kickham, the Fenian went across to America with her, sailing from Queenstown 16 Sept 1863 [Comerford, 1979]. Charles then came back to Ireland.

Annie and Josie ended up staying in Mullinahone for almost their entire childhood, living in the house in Fethard St, with a cousin as governess.
Annie and Josie finally left to join their family in US, Sept 1876.
James ran a business, "Weadley, Dennehy and Cleary", 39 South Water St, Chicago. Listed there in [Chicago Directory, 1878].
"James M. Cleary" listed with residence at 939 W Monroe St, Chicago, in [Chicago Directory, 1878].
James and Maria are listed in 1880 US census at 939 Monroe St, Chicago. NOT Madison St. He is working in "Wholesale Liquor". She is described as sick with "consumption". See image.
Maria died Chicago, 27 June 1881, age 50 yrs.
James died 30 Dec 1894, age 71 yrs.
He was bur Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, near Chicago, Illinois.
See findagrave. This transcribes death notice from The Chicago Citizen, Jan 5, 1895.
James and Maria had issue:

  1. Annie Cleary,
    Annie Kickham Cleary (later in life called herself Annie Kickham White),
    Ann Mary, after grandmother,
    born 6 Apr 1860, at the Quay, Clonmel,
    bapt Anna Maria Cleary, 8 Apr 1860 [SS Peter & Paul Parish, Clonmel], sp Michael Cahill and Gertrude T. Kickham.
    See image from here.
    At her birth, her uncle Charles Joseph Kickham, the Fenian composed for her a lullaby "My Annie".
    Annie and Josie spent their childhoods in Mullinahone. Their uncle, "Uncle Cha", was attached to them as if they were his own daughters.
    They went to local school in Clonagoose, near Mullinahone.
    Their uncle was jailed 1865-69.
    [Sigerson, 1933] says Annie said about him: "When he came home in '69 we just clung to him and, I might say, never let go until we were forced to leave him when I was 15".
    Their uncle dedicated Knocknagow (1873) to "my little nieces, Annie and Josie".
    He was heartbroken when they finally left to join their family in US, Sept 1876.
    After Josie's early death, Annie devoted herself (unmarried) to bringing up Josie's children.

    She mar, late in life, to Florence D. White [of St.Louis, Missouri].
    He was Circulation Manager of the New York World.
    [Maher, 1954] says he waited patiently for Annie's nieces to grow up until she would marry him.
    They lived Carriglea, Riverside, Greenwich, Connecticut (basically part of outer NE suburbs of New York, see map).
    She wrote Kickham genealogy, apparently written 1940, pub 1954.
    She fl 1942.
    Think he fl 1954.

  2. Josie Cleary,
    Johanna Mary, born 2 Apr 1861, at the Quay, Clonmel,
    Josephine, called herself "Joe",
    bapt Joanna Maria, 28 Apr 1861 [SS Peter & Paul Parish, Clonmel], sp Charles Joseph Kickham and Joanna Purcell.
    See image from here.
    She and Annie grew up with their uncle Charles Joseph Kickham, the Fenian in Mullinahone.
    She and Annie eventually went to join her family in the US in Sept 1876.

    She mar 12 July 1880 [her age 19] at St. Jarlath's church, Chicago (now vanished),
    to John Templeton [of Chicago, brother of William Templeton].
    He was in business in Lincoln, Nebraska.
    She died early, leaving him with small children.
    He died Superior, Nebraska.
    Josie and John had issue:

    1. William James Templeton.
    2. Charles Kickham Templeton.
    3. Annie Cleary Templeton.
    4. Aileen Josephine Templeton.

  3. Frances Cleary,
    "Fannie", Brigid Frances, born 6 Aug 1862 [newspaper], NOT 9 Aug 1863,
    said to be born Mullinahone (after father went to US) but was bapt Clonmel,
    bapt Bridget Frances Cleary, 10 Aug 1862 [SS Peter & Paul Parish, Clonmel], sp Thomas P. Kickham and Hanora Cleary,
    see image from here,
    taken by her mother to US, 16 Sept 1863,
    mar William Templeton [of Chicago, brother of John Templeton].

  4. John Cleary,
    John Joseph Cleary, after grandfather,
    born 8 Apr 1865, Chicago.
    He mar 6 Oct 1886, Chicago, to Lillian McAllister [born 1866, Chicago, "Lillie McAlister" on mar cert].
    See entry in [Cook County, Illinois, Marriages Index, 1871-1920].
    They are listed in 1910 census at 216 Scoville Avenue, Oak Park, Chicago (see map). He is manager of a "glue house". See image.
    He became Vice President of "Delany Co."
    Lived Deerfield township, Highland Park, Lake Co., Illinois (some distance from Chicago).
    Lillian died pre-1944.
    He died 7 Nov 1944, Highland Park, Lake Co, Illinois, age 79 yrs.
    He was bur 9 Nov 1944, All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, Cook Co., Illinois (suburb of Chicago).
    See entry in [Illinois Deaths Index, 1916-1947]. This confirms identity of his parents and wife.
    John and Lillian had issue:

    1. Lorraine Cleary,
      Lorraine Marie Cleary, born 7 Jan 1890, Chicago,
      see entry in [Cook County, Illinois, Birth Certificates Index, 1871-1922],
      see entry in Kickham tree by "1_jfor",
      listed in 1910 census at family home, Oak Park, Chicago,
      mar 28 Aug 1917, Oak Park, Chicago, to Edward A. Roach [born 1891, Edward Andrew Roach],
      see entry in [Cook County, Illinois, Marriages Index, 1871-1920],
      had issue:

      1. Beverly Roach,
        mar Frederick Kent Blatchford,
        had issue:

        1. Edward Blatchford,
          DNA match to Frank McGrath and Derval McGrath and Frank McGrath.

  5. Elizabeth Cleary,
    born 1869, Illinois,
    "Bessie" in 1880 census.
    mar Dr. J.E. Keeffe [of Chicago].

  6. Kathleen Cleary,
    Kathleen C. Cleary,
    born 1870, Illinois,
    listed at home in 1880 census,
    died Chicago.

Graigue (bottom left) and Kilcash (top right), NE of Clonmel, on 1829 to 1842 map.
James Cleary's 1st wife died at Graigue and she was bur at Kilcash.

Charles Joseph Kickham dedicates Knocknagow (1873) to his nieces Annie and Josie Cleary.
From 1887 edn.

James Cleary's business and residence in Chicago.
From [Chicago Directory, 1878, p.267].
From here.

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