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John Kickham

The site of John Kickham's house, Fethard St, Mullinahone.
Though this is apparently a new building built in 1902.

John Kickham,
said to be born pre-1791, but more likely born c.1805.
He is described as of Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary, at mar.
He mar 1827 to Anne Mahony [Nancy, of near Cashel, Co.Tipperary].
Anne is apparently described in her son's novel Sally Cavanagh.
Their son Charles was born 1828 at the Mahony house near Cashel. They are listed as of "Cashel" at bapt.
Settled back in Mullinahone.
He had a shop in Fethard St, Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary.
His main business was a drapery. He was very successful in business.
He was active in struggle for Catholic Emancipation (achieved 1829) and for Repeal.
He addressed a number of anti-tithe gatherings in 1830s.
There is an unidentified John Kickham listed in [Tithe Survey, 1834] as holding 3 acres at Bawnavrona, Kilvemnon par.
Listed at Mullinahone at son's bapt 1836.
John was a supporter of Young Irelanders in 1840s.
"John Kickham" is listed in [House Book for Mullinahone, 1846] at plot 14, Callan St (now Kickham St), Mullinahone.

Anne dies, 1848:
She died 1848, bur Kickham grave, Mullinahone.
"John Kickham" listed in [House Book for Mullinahone, 1848] running a clothing shop at plot 2, Fethard St, Mullinahone. The lease is held by his brother James Kickham.
John is also listed in [House Book for Mullinahone, 1848] at plot 14, Callan St (now Kickham St), Mullinahone. Think he is renting it out.
He became a member of Mullinahone branch, Tenant Protection Society, at inaugral meeting, early Nov 1849.
He is listed in [Field Book for Kilvemnon, 1850] at plot 2, Fethard St.
"John Kickham" listed in [Griffiths Valuation, Nov 1850] as occupying a house at plot 14, Callan St (now Kickham St), Mullinahone, small house, no land, leasing it from Anastasia Dunne.

Death report says Kickham "repeatedly served on our county Grand Juries at Quarter Sessions".
[Deed, 1855] relates to the property currently in possession of John Kickham, bounded on E by Fethard St, i.e. plot 2, Fethard St. He is described as John Kickham, of Mullinahone, shopkeeper.
[Deed, 1860] refers to [Deed, 1855], and also relates to various other people's properties in and around Mullinahone, including the property just N of "James Kickham's house and premises" on Killaghy St.
Death report says still running drapery business at death 1861.

John dies by suicide or accident, 1861:
He died in his house in Mullinahone, evening of Fri 2 Aug 1861, by a gunshot wound when alone in his room. Death report says he was age over 70 yrs.
The inquest considers suicide but decides it was maybe an accident.
He had been depressed and often got his gun out. But he was also suffering from delusions and imagined the house was infested with rats. It was suggested he may have been shooting at these imaginary rats and shot himself by accident. Another suggestion is it was the way he placed his gun in his room, that it went off when he opened the door.
He was bur Sun 4 Aug 1861, Kickham grave, Mullinahone.
See report in Nenagh Guardian, August 7, 1861.
See Kilkenny Journal, Wed 7 Aug 1861 [NLI].
See report in Freemans Journal, August 8, 1861. This gets the name of his (not yet famous) son wrong.
See report in Kerry Star, August 10, 1861. This is actually old, undated news. Also gets his name wrong.
See report in Munster Express, August 17, 1861.
John and Anne had issue:

  1. Charles Joseph Kickham, the Fenian,
    eldest child, born May 1828.
    Grave says born 9 May 1828, but this cannot be true (see baptism date).
    [Maher, 1955] and [Ms 8138] and [Comerford, 1979] all say he was born at his Mahony grandparents' house, near Cashel, Co.Tipperary. And this must be true, that he was born at his mother's house, since he was bapt at Cashel, not at Mullinahone.
    His Mahony grandparents' house was traditionally thought to be at Mocklershill, some way E of Cashel, but this is not certain.
    Charles was bapt 5 May 1828 [Cashel RC par records], sp Patrick Mahony and Anne Mahony.
    Named after grandfather Charles Kickham.
    He grew up at Fethard St, Mullinahone.

  2. Maria Kickham.
    "Mary" in marriage entry.
    "Mary J. Kickham" at children's births 1860-61. "Maria J. Kickham" at dau's bapt 1860.
    "Maria M. Kickham" at dau's bapt 1861.
    She was born 1831 (by age in 1880 census).
    She mar 12 Feb 1859 [Mullinahone RC par records] to James Mansfield Cleary and had issue.
    See entry LHS and RHS from here. Also here.
    Mar wit by John Kickham (must be father) and James Kickham (maybe uncle) and Anne Kickham (maybe sister).

  3. Bridget Kickham,
    bapt 15 Feb 1832 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp James Kickham and Mrs. Thomas Kickham,
    died Mullinahone, unmarried, pre-1895,
    bur Kickham grave, Mullinahone.

  4. Alexander Kickham,
    Alexander Francis Kickham,
    bapt 6 Mar 1834 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Thomas Kickham and Anne Mullally,
    see image from here.

  5. Thomas Kickham,
    Thomas P. Kickham,
    bapt 22 Apr 1836 [Mullinahone RC par records], see image from here, NOT 1838,
    bapt sp by Edward Kickham and Catherine Kickham.

    Lost one of his legs, 1852: His obituary says: "At the age of 16, owing to an accident in carrying a gun, Thomas injured his left leg, which had to be amputated and this occurence impeded his active energy through life." He was said to have "shot off his leg while fowling".
    He took over his father's drapery business in Fethard St in late 1850s.
    He lived Mullinahone.
    He sp bapt of his niece Bridget Frances Cleary 1862.
    Thomas Kickham, shopkeeper, of Mullinahone, is party to a deed with his brother-in-law James Mansfield Cleary in 1863.
    When his poor-of-hearing Fenian brother was on trial in Jan 1866, Thomas communicated the proceedings of the trial to him.
    He went over to England to visit his brother in prison, early Oct 1866.
    Developed a drink problem early 1870s.
    He (rather than his uncle Thomas) may be "Thomas Kickham" of Mullinahone who is listed as owning 3 acres 2 roods 15 perches in [Owners of Land, 1876].

    Obituary in 1895 says: "Owing to the resulting infirmity he used to ride about a good deal on his famous pony "Little Wonder" to which he was greatly attached having owned it for twenty years. It died only last year and had been known all around Slievnamon almost as familiarly as himself."
    "T.P. Kickham" registered his aunt's death 1882, living Clonagoose.
    "T.P. Kickham" of Fethard St is listed in [Bassett's, 1889].
    He died Mullinahone, c.Mar 1895, age 58 yrs.
    See [obituary, 1895].
    He was bur Kickham grave, Mullinahone.

  6. James Kickham,
    bapt 12 Oct 1838 [Mullinahone RC par records], see image from here, NOT 1836,
    bapt sp by James McDonnel and Bridget Mahony,
    died in infancy.

  7. Anne Kickham,
    bapt Ann, 24 Dec 1840 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Michael Slattery and Ellen Flanagan,
    Ann on grave,
    "Anna" in the Fenian's prison letters,
    Patricia Lavelle had her as "Annie",
    died Mullinahone, of "consumption" (TB), early May 1866, unmarried,
    bur Kickham grave, Mullinahone.

  8. Elizabeth Kickham,
    bapt 24 Nov 1843 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp William Kickham (could be her 1st cousin) and Honora Purcel,
    Patricia Lavelle had her as "Bessie",
    died Mullinahone, unmarried, pre-1895,
    bur Kickham grave, Mullinahone.

    One dau (must be either Bridget or Elizabeth) died soon after 1848 [Comerford, 1979].

Baptism of Charles Joseph Kickham, the Fenian, 5 May 1828 [Cashel RC par records].
Entry is hard to find because there are multiple lists.


Plot 14, Callan St, Mullinahone

Location of Plot 14, Callan St on [Griffiths Valuation] map.
Small house, no land.

This house is numbered 14 Callan St (now Kickham St), Mullinahone.
It is at approximately the same position as plot 14 in [Griffiths Valuation], and probably is the same site.
Photo 2008. See full size.
See street view.

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