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My wife's ancestors - Maltass - Contents

Edward Maltass


Louisa Maltass.
Photo from Philippe Vincent. Used with permission.

Edward Maltass,
born c.1817 or 1818.
He mar 26 Apr 1845, at Boudjah, near Smyrna,
to Esther Johanna Wilkin [born 14 Aug 1821, British Chaplaincy, Smyrna, bapt 6 Nov 1821].
Her brother Robert Wilkin is probably the Robert Wilkin who was involved in setting up Izmir railway from 1855.
Edward and Esther had issue:

  1. Esther Maltass,
    mar Albert Frederick William Werry and had issue.

  2. Edward Frederick Maltass.

  3. Mary Louisa Maltass,
    mar Thomas Jackson Maltass.

  4. Agnes Maltass, mar Peter James Pellegrini-Tibaldi.
  5. Robert Edward Maltass.
  6. Arthur Frielander Maltass.

  7. Louisa Maltass,
    Louisa Jane Maltass,
    mar Herbert Whittall [born 1858] and had issue.

  8. Elfrida Zoe Maltass.

  9. Wilfrid Maltass,
    or "Wilfred", born 4th May 1865, Turkey [LDS IGI].

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