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My wife's ancestors - Maltass - Contents

Herbert Whittall

(Left) Herbert Whittall.
(Right) Louisa Maltass.
Photos courtesy of Philippe Vincent.

Herbert Whittall, born 1858, Smyrna,
of C. Whittall and Co., Smyrna,
lived "The Big House", Bornova,
mar Louisa Maltass,

Gertrude Bell visited them at Bornova 1902, see diary 11 Mar 1902: "Charming house with a big garden and most splendid cypresses. Old Mrs Whittall, the grandmother of them all lives here too. Mrs H. Whittall a delightful woman.", "We walked in the big garden after lunch; magnificent cypresses planted in a cross, part of the old monastery garden." (i.e. this is The Big House),
and see letter 11 Mar 1902: "The house is a great big place, with high enormous rooms, set in a garden 200 years old across which a line of splendid cypresses runs. The old mother of the tribe, Mr Whittall's mother, lives here, a very old woman who kissed me when I came in.", "The old Sultan, uncle of 'Abd ul Hamed stayed in this house; it is the only private house which has received a Sultan." (i.e. Herbert's house is definitely The Big House),

supported the Greeks during the Greek occupation of Smyrna 1919-22,
Whittall of the Big House entertained Prince Andrew of Greece in 1921 (father-in-law of Elizabeth II),
they were forced to flee Smyrna when the Turks took it 1922,
they went to Tunis, Tunisia, N Africa, where he had a property which may originally have been a holiday home,
"The Big House" was sold to the Giraud family,
he died 1929, Tunis, age 71 yrs,
Louisa died 1942, Tunis,
had issue:

  1. Kathleen Whittall, born 1881,
    mar 1904 to Frederick Keun [Frederick George, born 1880],
    they inherited the property in Tunis after Herbert died 1929,
    he died 1941, Tunis, age 61 yrs,
    she died London, 1960, age 79 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Norah Keun,
      Norah Louise Keun, born 1906,
      mar Norman Giraud [born 1904] and had issue.

    2. Frederick Keun,
      Frederick Herbert Keun, born 1907, lived Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

  2. Helen Whittall, born 1883, died Sept 1906, age 23 yrs.

  3. Herbert Whittall [Herbert James], born 1884, had issue:

    1. Douglas Whittall [Douglas George], owned the house referred to as the Douglas Whittall House, Bornova, in [Kalcas, 1983], formerly his father's house, formerly No.4 Uzun Sokak.

    2. Victor Whittall, purchased in 1949 the house referred to as the Victor Whittall House, Bornova, in [Kalcas, 1983].

  4. Mabel Whittall, born 1886, mar Ulric Marraccini and had issue:

    1. Livia Luisa Marraccini, mar Willem Frank Whittall.

  5. Louisa Whittall, born 1890,
    died 1892, age 2 yrs,
    bur Anglican Cemetery in Bornova.

Herbert Whittall and Louisa Maltass and their 6 children, on the steps of The Big House in Bornova, around 1910.
Back (left to right): Mabel, George.
Front (left to right): Herbert, Herbert Whittall, Kathleen, Louisa Maltass, Helen, Henry.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.
From Philippe Vincent.

Kathleen Whittall.
Photo courtesy of Philippe Vincent.

Frederick Keun.
Photo courtesy of Philippe Vincent.

Helen Whittall.
Photo courtesy of Philippe Vincent.

Herbert Whittall with his daughter Mabel (back LHS) and various grandchildren.
On holiday in Nice, France, in 1925.
Photo courtesy of Philippe Vincent.

Grave of Louisa Whittall.
Anglican Cemetery in Bornova.

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