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John Lee.
Listed as British merchant at mar 1797.
Lived at Boudjah, near Smyrna, Turkey.
He mar 4 Sept 1797, Smyrna, to Mary Maltass [Maria].
"John Lee" witnessed the marriage of his niece Catherine Marguerite de Cramer at Smyrna, 2 Sept 1811.
"Jo. Lee" witnessed the marriage of his niece Helen Maltass at Smyrna, 1825.
John and Mary had issue:

  1. John Lee,
    born 12 February 1800 [British Chapel, Smyrna],
    bapt 24 Feb 1800 [Ms 29744-1].
    He married.
    "John Lee junior" wit the mar of his cousin William Maltass 1836.

  2. Susan Lee,
    born 5 or 6 July 1801 [British Chapel, Smyrna],
    bapt 10 July 1801 [Ms 29744-1].

  3. George Lee,
    born 30 August 1803 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  4. Mary Lee.

  5. Sophia Lee.

  6. Emilie Lee.
    Amelia Lee, born 3 January 1806 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  7. Emma Lee.
    Emma Lee, born 20 February 1811 [British Chapel, Smyrna].

Marriage of John Lee and Maria Maltass, 4 Sept 1797.
From Smyrna Anglican Chaplaincy register.



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