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Annie Mangan

Annie Mangan, perhaps c.1865.
"Aunt Annie" on back.
From [P106/327].
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Annie Mangan,
bapt 17th Feb 1848.
Grew up Gourbane, Shanagolden, W Co.Limerick.
She would be "Ann Mangan" who sp bapt of her niece Catherine Mangan in 1872.

She mar 1 Dec 1888 [her age 40, him age 26] to Patrick Fitzgerald [Patt, Patrick Gerald Fitzgerald, born 1862, Co.Limerick].
He was 4th son of Michael Fitzgerald, of Loghill House, Loghill, W Co.Limerick.
He is apparently some relation of John Fitzgerald who married her 1st cousin Agnes Nolan.
They mar at St Andrew's Church, Westland Row, Dublin.
Newspaper marriage notice in [P106/318(6)].

They had one child who died young.
They lived Greenhills, Crecora, E Co.Limerick. This is across the county in E Co.Limerick.
Patrick's obituary says he was a nationalist. He was a supporter of Parnell.
[P102/44(14)] is a letter of 17 May 1891, in which Annie's brother-in-law Richard Rahilly, JP says: "Patt of course with his accustomed aberration of intellect is a rabid Parnellite". He says Fitzgerald was going to make the long trip from Greenhills to Shanagolden for a Parnellite meeting that day.
In 1892, Annie's brother John Mangan married a woman from the Greenhills / Crecora area of Co.Limerick.
"Patrick Fitzgerald of Green Hills, Kilpeacon, County Limerick, Gentleman Farmer" was party to the will of Michael Fitzgerald of "Loughill House" who died 26 June 1895. Probate of Michael's will granted 20 December 1895. See screenshot and page.
Patrick was at funeral of Richard Rahilly 1896.
P. Fitzgerald of Greenhills was at Michael Spain's funeral 1900.

See them listed at Greenhills in [Census, 1901]. He is "farmer". They have two farm servants and one domestic servant living with them.
Patrick's obituary says he was for a time a member of the Board of Guardians, for the Roxboro division.
See them listed at Greenhills in [Census, 1911]. He is "farmer". They have one farm servant living with them. They also have a domestic servant, Mary Mangan (born 1891, Co.Limerick, unknown if a relation).

Patrick dies, 1912:
He is described as of Greenhills at death.
He died St.John's Hospital, Limerick, Tue 2 Jan 1912, age 49 yrs.
See obituary in Limerick Chronicle, 2 Jan 1912.
Funeral 4 Jan 1912, bur in the Fitzgerald family grave, Loghill.
See funeral report in Limerick Chronicle, 4 Jan 1912.

Annie dies, 1925:
She was living 22 Hartstonge St, Limerick, at death.
She is described on grave as of Greenhills, Kilpeacon, Co.Limerick.
She died 22 Hartstonge St, Limerick, 10 May 1925, age 77 yrs.
Funeral Tue 12 May, bur in Fitzgerald grave in Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick. See burial record.
See death notice in Irish Independent, Wednesday, May 13, 1925.
She is NOT Anne Fitzgerald who died Kilmallock, 2nd qr 1925 [GROI].
Her niece Nell was sole executor of her estate, admin 22 June 1925, (todo) see [NAI].
She left Greenhills, Crecora, to Denis Mangan of Gourbane.
Patrick and Annie had issue:

  1. --- Fitzgerald, died young.
    Annie was age 40 at mar.
    1911 census says they had one child, who was not then living.
    No children mentioned in Annie's will.

Patrick Fitzgerald of Greenhills.
This is [P106/507(9)].
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Annie Fitzgerald grave, with the Fitzgerald graves, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Photo 2014. See full size.
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Loghill House, Co.Limerick

Loghill House (or Loughill House), Loghill (or Loughill).
The house was in Loghill townland, Loghill par, Co.Limerick.

The house was formerly called "Ouvane House".
There is a story that Mangan came from Loghill House (or Ouvane House) before Fitzgerald. No confirmation of this has been found.
Loghill in [Tithe Survey, 1832] (see p.1 and p.2) lists no Mangan or Fitzgerald.
Fitzgerald were at "Loughill House" by 1857.
Parental home of Patrick Fitzgerald (born 1862, married 1888).
Daniel Fitzgerald (born 1863) is listed at Loghill House in [Census, 1911].
House now vanished.


Loghill House is called "Ouvane House" on 1829 to 1842 map.

Loghill House on 1887 to 1913 map.

Modern satellite view shows Loghill House has vanished.

Greenhills House, Co.Limerick

Greenhills House, Greenhills townland, Knocknagaul par, Co.Limerick.
Location is NE of Crecora, SW of Limerick city, E Co.Limerick (see map).

Greenhills was home of Franklin sometime around 1840.
Greenhills House was home of Fitzgerald at least 1891 to 1912.
The 1901 census building return shows the Fitzgeralds are in an 8 room house, with 11 outbuildings, the biggest house in Greenhills townland. (This is Greenhills House.)
The 1911 census building return shows the Fitzgeralds are in an 9 room house, with 18 outbuildings, the biggest house in Greenhills townland. (This is Greenhills House.)


Greenhills House on 1887 to 1913 map.

Greenhills House today. It has been totally rebuilt.
2009 screenshot from street view.
See satellite view.

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