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Denis Mangan

Dunmoylan (the two areas above and below the red cross) on 1829 to 1842 map.
Shanagolden town visible to the NW.

Denis Mangan,
born 1807.
Farmer in area of Shanagolden, Shanagolden par, NW Co.Limerick (see map).
He is listed as of Shanagolden at mar.
He mar 14 Jan 1828 [her 2nd mar] to Ellen Nolan [born 1802 or 1803].
She was widow of O'Brien, probably Kennedy O'Brien, of Dunmoylan, Dunmoylan par, some distance SE of Shanagolden, Co.Limerick (see 1887 to 1913 map and modern map). Denis probably came to Dunmoylan through this marriage.

Farmer at Dunmoylan:
Children are bapt 1828 to 1845 at Kilcolman church, some distance S of Shanagolden (see map). He is probably living at this time at Dunmoylan.
He must be "Danny Mangan" listed in Dunmoylan, Dunmoylan par, in [Tithe Survey, 1833] as holding three plots (of 11 acres, 3 acres and 3 acres), total 18 acres.
"Ellen Mangan" sp the bapt of Maria McCoy 1838.
"Denis Mangan" sp the bapt of Margaret McCoy 1840.
At dau's bapt 1845 he is listed as of Dunmoylan.

Farmer at Gourbane:
After 1845 (and apparently before 1848) he became farmer at Gourbane, Shanid Lower townland, Kilmoylan par, SW of Shanagolden (closer to Shanagolden than Dunmoylan is). Must have moved there by 1848 since church used for child's baptism changes to Shanagolden in 1848.
"Ellen Mangan" sp the bapt of Ellen McCoy 1849 and Thomas McCoy 1852.
"Denis Mangan" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] as occupying plot 3, of 33 acres (with a good-sized house) in Shanid Lower (Gourbane), leasing from Thomas Spring Rice, 1st Baron Monteagle.
They are probably "Denis Mangan" and "Ellen Mangan" who sp bapt of their grand-dau Ellen Mangan 1868.
Denis dies, 1882:
He is described as of Gourbane on grave.
He died 10th July 1882, Gourbane, age 75 yrs [grave], [mass card], [GROI], listed as "farmer".
Mass card in [P106/39].
He is bur Kilbradran graveyard, SE of Shanagolden.

Ellen continued to live at Gourbane.
[P106/49] is a letter of 1890 from her grand-dau Anna Rahilly who says: "I wrote to Grandmama today. I hope she is better and able to be about. I am sure she hates to be obliged to be in bed."
[P102/44(14)] is a Rahilly letter of 17 May 1891 which says Anna and Nell Rahilly have gone on a visit to Gourbane.
Anna Rahilly describes the same visit to Gourbane in letter of May 1891. She met the Nolans, and says: "Grandmama is splendid, as strong as ever and loved to see us".
Ellen dies, 1893:
She died 23rd Mar 1893, "Shanid Lower" (Gourbane), age 90 yrs [grave] or 91 yrs [GROI].
Mass card in [P106/38].
She is bur Kilbradran graveyard.
3 more years and she would have lived to see great-grandchild.
Denis and Ellen had issue:

  1. Daniel Nolan Mangan,
    sometimes just "Daniel Mangan",
    of Tarbert, Co.Kerry (near Co.Limerick border),
    bapt 13 Nov 1828 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records, Co.Limerick], sp Thomas Nolan and Ellen Mangan.

  2. Thomas Mangan, of Tarbert,
    godfather of his nephew The O'Rahilly at his bapt 1875 [Bourke, 1967].

  3. Denis Mangan, shopkeeper in Tarbert,
    he is prob "Denis Mangan" who wit Ellen's mar 1868,
    mar and had issue.

  4. James Mangan,
    would be after grandfather,
    bapt 24 Apr 1833 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records, Co.Limerick], sp John Mangan and Margaret Nolan.

  5. Ellen Mangan,
    NOT Helen,
    bapt 24 Nov 1835 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records, Co.Limerick], sp "Thaddeus MacCoy" and Catherine Nolan,
    born in Shanagolden area, Co.Limerick,
    but was NOT born Gourbane, SW of Shanagolden (family moved there when she was a child),
    probably born Dunmoylan, SE of Shanagolden.

  6. John Mangan,
    youngest son, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 17 Jan 1842 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records, Co.Limerick], sp Joseph O'Donovan and Catherine Nolan,
    inherited Gourbane.

  7. Bridget Mangan,
    born 1845, Co.Limerick,
    bapt 15 Feb 1845 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records, Co.Limerick], sp Patrick McCoy and Catherine O'Brien.

  8. Annie Mangan, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt "Anna", 17th Feb 1848 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp James Nolan and Catherine McDonnell.

Baptism of Ellen Mangan, 24 Nov 1835 [Kilcolman par records].

Extract of letter of 1891.
Anno visits Gourbane and meets her grandmother Ellen Nolan and the other Nolans.
"Grandmama is splendid, as strong as ever and loved to see us".

Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.
Photo probably 1896 or 1897.
See details.

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