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Thomas O'Carroll

Thomas O'Carroll,
born Feb 1893, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
His parents separated, apparently around 1897.
He is listed as living with grandmother and uncle in Ballylongford as at census 1901, age 8, though mother not there.
He is listed as living with uncle Michael McEllistrem in Ballylongford as at census 1911.
He took his mother's surname McEllistrem, but went back to O'Carroll when he got married.
At mar he is farmer of Ballylongford.

He mar 27 January 1920 to Sarah O'Connor [think NOT Sara].
She was dau of Martin O'Connor, farmer, and Sarah Lynch. She was said to be of Kilcolgan, Tarbert, Co.Kerry. At mar she is of Pulleen, Tarbert.
They mar at Tarbert RC church. See mar cert from here.

They lived Ballylongford. He had a farm there.
He is farmer, Ballylongford, at son's birth 1920.
He must be "Thomas O'Carroll", shopkeeper, married, who died at Bridge St, Ballylongford, 11 Nov 1964, age 71 (born 1893), and is bur Lislaughtin Abbey.
See death cert from here.

Thomas and Sarah had issue:

  1. Jimmy O'Carroll,
    James, born 29 November 1920, Ballylongford.
    See birth cert from here.

  2. Tommy O'Carroll, mar and had issue.

  3. Martin O'Carroll, had issue:
    1. Sheila O'Carroll.

  4. Alicia O'Carroll, mar Patrick White and had issue:
    1. Patrick White.
    2. Des White.
    3. Karl White, mar Jennifer Allen and had issue:
      1. Molly White.
      2. Harry White.

  5. Marie O'Carroll, mar Derick Lyder and had issue:
    1. Deirdre Lyder.
    2. Andre Lyder.

  6. Sheila O'Carroll.
  7. Michael O'Carroll.

Thomas O'Carroll, c.1900.
From [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011, p.181].
See full size.

Sarah O'Connor (wife of Thomas O'Carroll).
Picture courtesy of Jennifer Allen.
See larger and full size.


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