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Thomas McEllistrem

Alicia O'Donnell.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of Helen Bambury.
See also scan of the copy printed in [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011, p.180].

Thomas McEllistrem, born 1821.
The story is that he was going to be a priest in Killarney, and he was brought home to run the business after his sister Margaret eloped around 1836.
He ran the McEllistrem family business on Main St, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
It seems they had a shop in town and a farm outside it.
He mar est c.1850 to Alicia O'Donnell [bapt Alice, 11 April 1827 [Ballylongford RC par records], dau of Mark O'Donnell of Tarbert, Co.Kerry, by his wife Alice Harrold].
Mark (or Marcus) and Alice (or Alicia) became family names.
Alicia was a sister of Anne O'Donnell, companion of Margaret Rahilly.
For more on these O'Donnells see [P102/208(81)].

"Thomas McEllistrem" (written "Thomas McEllestrem" in Ballyline) is listed as renting the following property in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851]:
  • House numbered 14, Main St, Ballylongford, leasing it from St.John T. Blacker, "house, offices and garden".
  • House numbered 15, Main St, Ballylongford, leasing it from Michael O'Brien, "office".
  • Plot 11 in Lislaughtin, Aghavallen par, 36 acres. This would be the family farm. He rents out the small house (without land). He holds the even smaller "herd's house" and the land.
  • Plot 1 at Ballyline West, Aghavallen par, 2 acres, no house. This is a field close to town.

Thomas' sister Margaret ran the Rahilly business nearby in Ballylongford.
Margaret wrote to her son Richard (age 17) in 1857 on how to run the shop in her absence. She says that her brother Thomas visits the Rahilly shop every evening to make sure it is closed up properly.
Thomas is listed as "farmer", Ballylongford, at son Stephen's birth 1866 [GROI].
He died 3 Jan 1876, Ballylongford, age 55 yrs, of "lung disease" [GROI]. Listed as "farmer".
[Guy's, 1886] lists "Mrs. McEllistrum", farmer, Ballylongford.
[Guy's, 1893] lists "Mrs. McEllistrum", farmer, Ballylongford.
Alicia is listed in 1901 census at Main St, Ballylongford. She is widow. Her son Michael is living with her. 2 servants living with them.
She is listed as "farmer's widow" at death.
She died Ballylongford, 2 Aug 1910, age 83 yrs [GROI].
They are both bur in the "Mac Ellestrem" vault, Lislaughtin Abbey, no inscription.
Thomas and Alicia had issue:

  1. Richard McEllistrem,
    after grandfather,
    went to Liverpool,
    died Liverpool, bur Liverpool.

  2. Marianne McEllistrem,
    born Ballylongford,
    bapt 1 January 1857 [Ballylongford RC par records],
    listed as "Mary Ann" at bapt and mar and children's baptisms 1893 and 1894, "Marianne" at son's birth 1893,
    listed as "Marian" at son's birth 1897, "Mary" at son's bapt 1897,
    listed as "Marian" in 1901 census, "Maryanne" in 1911 census, "Marianne" on grave,
    listed as of Ballylongford at mar,
    mar 1 March 1892 [Ballylongford RC par records] to James O'Carroll and had issue.

  3. Michael McEllistrem,
    spelt "McEllistrem", NOT "McEllestrim", on grave,
    "Mikey Mac", born 1860, Co.Kerry,
    census 1901 says age 35 (born 1866),
    census 1911 says age 45 (born 1866),
    mar cert 1913 shows him as son of the late Thomas McEllistrem, "farmer".

  4. Margaret McEllistrem,
    spelt "McEllistrem" on grave,
    born 1860, Co.Kerry,
    did not marry,
    she sp bapt of Thomas O'Carroll 1893 and Francis O'Carroll 1897,
    she wit birth of Francis O'Carroll 1897, she is listed as living Ballylongford,
    living with brother and mother in 1901 census,
    living with brother Michael as at census 1911, listed as age 40,
    listed as "Margaret McEllestrum, hotel proprietor" at death [GROI],
    died Ballylongford, 8th Aug 1930, age 70 yrs [GROI],
    bur Lislaughtin Abbey, with O'Carrolls (her sister's family).

  5. Thomas McEllistrem,
    bapt 1 November 1861 [Ballylongford RC par records].
    He is said to have gone to America.
    He is NOT Thomas McEllistrum who died 1890, age 29, in Listowel district.

  6. Mark McEllistrem,
    after grandfather, normally "Mark" not "Marcus",
    born 1862 [according to census age].
    Looks like "Mark McEllistrem" of Ballylongford who registered death of father in 1876.
    "Marcus McEllistrim" sp the bapt of his 1st cousin's child Richard Henry Rahilly in Tarbert, Co.Kerry, in 1877.
    "Mark McEllestrem" is listed as postmaster and baker and grocer (but not spirit dealer) at Ballylongford in [Bassett's, 1880-1881].
    Note that the sensitive job of postmaster would have to be approved by Dublin Castle. It would only go to those considered loyal.
    However in [Slater's, 1881] his 1st cousin Richard Rahilly has become the postmaster at Ballylongford, and Mark does not appear.
    He went to America 1880 [according to US census].
    Lived Saint Paul, Minnesota (as did his brother Edward).
    Listed in St.Paul, Minnesota City Directories, 1889-1891 [Connie Mickolajak family tree].
    He mar Mary ---- [born 1861, Ireland, emig to America 1875], no issue.
    See entry in 1920 US census. They are living Virginia Ave, Saint Paul, Minnesota (see map).
    He is "Mark" in census, surname spelt "McEllistrem". He is "salesman" in the "papers" industry.
    He died 14 June 1933 in "Ramsey, Minnesota" [LDS] (would be St.Paul, Ramsey County), age 71 yrs.
    The name "Marcus" survives in his brother Edward's family.

  7. Alicia McEllistrem (after mother and grandmother),
    died young.

  8. Edward McEllistrem,
    Ned, "Wild Ned",
    born Ballylongford,
    bapt 23 October 1863 [Ballylongford RC par records],
    1900 census says born Oct 1865,
    emigrated to Saint Paul, Minnesota.

  9. Stephen McEllistrem,
    think NOT Steven,
    born Ballylongford, 1 May 1866 [GROI],
    bapt 3 May 1866 [Ballylongford RC par records],
    [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011] says he also emigrated to Saint Paul, Minnesota,
    had issue:
    1. Thomas McEllistrem, didn't marry.

The McEllistrem house, Main St, Ballylongford.

Thomas McEllistrem on Main St, Ballylongford, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
Note his sister Mrs. Margaret Rahilly.

Thomas McEllistrem shown at Ballylongford in Tralee Chronicle, 14 July 1857.

Margaret McEllistrem.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of Helen Bambury.


The sons


Back: Edward (left) and Stephen (right).
Front: Mark.
From [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011, p.180].
See full size.

One of Michael McEllistrem's brothers.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of Helen Bambury.

"Mark McEllestrem" listed as postmaster at Ballylongford in [Bassett's, 1880-81].
See larger.

His 1st cousin Richard Rahilly has become the postmaster in [Slater's, 1881].
See larger.


Plot 11, Lislaughtin


Thomas McEllistrem in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] holds plot 11 of Lislaughtin (36 acres), near the town.
This would be the family farm.
The dotted line is a new road being built.
Note the map above may not use same numbering as Griffiths Valuation: The plots in Lislaughtin on this map seem to match Griffiths for plots 1 to 11. For plots 12 on, the plot sizes seem different to Griffiths. So not totally sure the McEllistrem farm is plot 11 here.

Plot 11 on 1829 to 1842 map.

Plot 11 on 1887 to 1913 map.
A road has been built through it. This is now the main road from Ballylongford to Tarbert.

Plot 11 on modern map.
Both sides of the road.
See street view where the red cross is.


Plot 1, Ballyline West


Thomas McEllistrem in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] holds plot 1 of Ballyline West (2 acres), which is the field a bit to the W of Main St, Ballylongford, here.
The plot numbers in this map clearly match Griffiths Valuation for plot 1 and others in Ballyline West, at least.
It is the plot 1 in between plot 9 and plot 2 here.
It is a finger of Ballyline West townland coming up from the south.

Plot 1, Ballyline West (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.

Plot 1 on modern map.

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