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Moore of Co.Kerry


The marriage of Thomas Stack and Catherine Moore, Listowel, 17 Jan 1860.
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Greenville, W of Listowel, Co.Kerry

Greenville, W side of Listowel, Co.Kerry.
Greenville was not a townland but a house, Greenville House, a large house in Gortcurreen townland, Listowel par.
Greenville House belonged to the Sandes family.
See [Houses of Kerry].

Kilcreen, Finuge par, is just to the E side of it.
There is a large house, Kilcreen Cottage, in Kilcreen townland.
See [Houses of Kerry].


Greenville on 1829 to 1842 map.
Kilcreen is to the E side.

Entrance (from S) to Greenville House.
2011 screenshot from street view.


Probably related


Possibly our family

This might be our Catherine Moore bapt 1824 (she called one of her sons William).
But perhaps not since she would be so much older than her husband, and quite old having 4 children (age 36 to 46).

Thomas Moore, the poet

Thomas Moore the poet could be some kind of relation.
Though there is no evidence. This is just a speculation.

Thomas Moore, the poet.
In a pioneering 1844 photograph.
From here.

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