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Alexander Murray

Alexander Murray, born 21 Mar 1830.
He is at home in 1841 census at Mid Mill, near Alford, Aberdeenshire.
At home in 1851 census.
He mar 25 Feb 1854 to Jean Reid [or Jane, born 30 Dec 1830, Alford].
They are listed in 1881 census at Mid Mill. He has taken over the farm from his father. He is farmer of 120 acres.
He registered death of his uncle Farquharson Murray 1893. He is living Mid Mill.
In [Valuation Roll, Breda Estate, 1909/1910] he is listed at Culfork, W of Alford (see map).
Jean died 25 Jan 1911, Culfork, age 80 yrs [grave, Alford].
Alexander died 11 Jan 1917, Whiteley, Pitcaple (some distance NE of Alford, see map and close-up), age 86 yrs [grave, Alford].
They are bur at Alford near his father's grave.
Alexander and Jean had issue:

  1. Peter Murray,
    born 22 Dec 1855, Alford,
    at home in Mid Mill in 1881 census,
    mar Jane Watson [born 19 May 1862, Alford],
    grave lists him as of "Muir of Breda, Alford",
    described as "of Muir Farm, Alford" in sons' CWGC entries,
    he is Peter Murray who is listed at "Muir and Newton" in [Valuation Roll, Breda Estate, 1909/1910], also listed as "Muir Farm",
    their two older sons were killed in WWI in Mar-Apr 1915,
    she died 18 July 1918, Alford, age 56 yrs,
    bur at Alford near his parents,
    he died 20 Dec 1921, Alford, age 65 yrs,
    bur at Alford,
    had issue:

    1. Alexander Murray, born 1885, Alford,
      must have emigrated to Canada,
      fought as Private in Canadian Infantry in WWI, Service No: 20513,
      he was in the 10th Battalion of the Alberta Regiment of the 1st Canadian Division of the Canadian Expeditionary Force,
      killed in the Battle of St. Julien, near Ypres, Belgium, part of the Second Battle of Ypres,
      he died 22 [CWGC] or 23 [grave] Apr 1915, age 30 yrs,
      in this battle the 10th Battalion went to counterattack a strong German advance, they suffered appalling losses, 76 percent of the 10th Battalion were killed, however they did succeed in stopping the German advance,
      he has no known grave, the 10th Battalion dead were buried on the battlefield, his name is written on Alford grave,
      he is listed on Panel 24 - 28 - 30 of the Menin Gate Memorial (for missing soldiers), Ypres, Belgium,
      see CWGC entry.

    2. John W. Murray,
      John Watson Murray, born 1887, Alford,
      fought as Private in 6th Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders in WWI, Service No: 767,
      killed in Battle of Neuve Chapelle, France, 13 Mar 1915, age 28 yrs,
      he has no known grave, name written on Alford grave,
      he is listed on Panel 39 to 41 of the Le Touret Memorial (for missing soldiers), Richebourg-l'Avoue, France,
      see CWGC entry.

    3. James Murray, born c.1889, Alford.
    4. Henry Murray.

  2. James Murray,
    born 2 Oct 1857, Alford,
    1881 census lists him as "storeman", living Tarves, Aberdeenshire.

  3. Alexander Murray,
    born 26 May 1859, Alford.

  4. Elsie Murray,
    born 6 Aug 1860, Alford,
    at home in Mid Mill in 1881 census,
    mar Charles Michie [born 1856, Alford, only son of Charles Michie, Mains of Asloun, Alford, by his wife Catherine Begg],
    she died 10 Jan 1884, age 23 yrs, "Wittiefontein" [grave], South Africa (perhaps this is Witfontein in George Municipality),
    he died July 1885, age 29 yrs, "Taungs" [grave], South Africa (think this is Taung, North West Province),
    their names are written on Michie grave in Alford,
    had issue:

    1. Elsie Helen Michie, born c.1884, South Africa,
      orphaned as an infant,
      mar Jim Duncan.

  5. William Murray,
    born 30 Aug 1862, Alford,
    at home in Mid Mill in 1881 census,
    died c.1881, age c.19 yrs.

  6. John Murray,
    born 9 Dec 1864, Alford,
    at home in Mid Mill in 1881 census,
    died 29 Sept 1936, Aberdeen, age 71 yrs,
    bur with parents at Alford.

  7. Helen Murray,
    born 30 Apr 1867, Mid Mill,
    living Muir, Alford, in 1881 census,
    mar 6 Sept 1893, Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, to Donald Grant Fairley [born Glasgow],
    he died 20 Jan 1917, Glasgow,
    she died 4 Jan 1942, Glasgow, age 74 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Ruth Fairley, born 30 June 1893 [before parents' marriage], West Ham, London,
      died Glasgow.

    2. Robert Alexander Fairley, born 14 Sept 1894, Aberdeen,
      mar 3 June 1926, Glasgow, to Helen Mitchell Crichton [born 1 Nov 1895, Glasgow],
      she died Mar 1978, Cambridge, age 82 yrs,
      he died 25 Dec 1978, Cambridge, age 84 yrs,
      had issue:

      1. Aileen Margaret Crichton Fairley, mar William John Macpherson and had issue:
        1. Donald Fairley Macpherson.

        2. Catriona Macpherson, researched family tree,
          mar Stuart Leslie Cyril Organ and had issue:
          1. Andrew Macpherson Organ.

    3. James Reid Fairley, born c.1894, Aberdeen,
      mar Dorothy Farleigh,
      he died Bideford, Devon,
      had issue:

      1. Alison Fairley.
      2. Donald Grant Fairley.

    4. Donald Grant Fairley, born 14 May 1904, Glasgow,
      died 1 Jan 1925, Glasgow, age 20 yrs.

  8. Jane Murray,
    born 28 May 1869, Alford,
    at home in Mid Mill in 1881 census,
    mar Alexander Martin and had issue:

    1. Harold Martin.
    2. Alexander Martin.

    3. Rosemary Martin, born c.1908,
      mar Harry Emslie,
      died Aug 1996, Aberdeen, age c.88 yrs,
      had issue:
      1. Martin Emslie.
      2. Rosaline Emslie.
      3. Harry Emslie.
      4. Ian Emslie.
      5. Bruce Emslie.
      6. Adeline Emslie.

  9. Henry Murray,
    born 9 Dec 1871, Alford,
    at home in Mid Mill in 1881 census,
    died Africa.

  10. Alexander Murray,
    born 25 Oct 1874, Alford,
    not in 1881 census, maybe died young.

Alexander Murray was killed fighting with the 10th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, in WWI in Apr 1915.
The 10th Battalion is depicted in WWI in the movie Legends of the Fall (1994).
Here, the brothers are in the 10th Battalion. Samuel is killed. His brother Tristan (Brad Pitt) takes revenge by scalping German soldiers.

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