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John O'Mara, of Liverpool

Proof of the John O'Mara line

Our family in Ireland knew that their relation John O'Mara went to Liverpool, but they lost contact in the 19th century.
Old family letters and other research allowed me reconstruct the family as follows: Then I discovered a family fitting all those facts on Ancestry.
And the final proof: It is DNA related to our family. This line is proved.

Marriage cert of John O'Mara, 1842.
Shows his father as Peter O'Mara, "farmer".


John O'Mara,
bapt 8 Jan 1817, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary.
His family always used spelling "O'Mara".
See entry in Farrell tree by "sheilamoss123".
See entry in tree by Pauline Burke.
He went to Liverpool.
Listed as "labourer" at mar, living Hackins Hey, Liverpool (see map).

He mar 26 Nov 1842, St Nicholas RC church, Liverpool, to Emma Houldin [bapt 22 Sept 1822, Liverpool, dau of John Houldin, joiner].
See parish records and mar cert.
He was Catholic. She was Protestant. They married in Catholic church, children bapt Catholic.
They are listed in 1861 census at 71 Litchfield St, Liverpool.
He is listed in records as a "provision dealer" and "cotton porter" and "cotton broker" and "cotton dealer" and "warehouseman".

He died 1864, age 47 yrs.
He was bur 7 Aug 1864, Ford RC cemetery, Liverpool (see street view). See burial record. Reference D.163. Think common grave.
After John died the family seems to have reverted to Emma's faith. Children married in Protestant church.
John's family lost contact with his brother James' family in Ireland. In 1870, James' family tried to make contact.
A letter of 4 June 1870 to his nephew Stephen O'Mara from a John Collins in Liverpool, says: "I ... have been making inquiries about your Uncle John's wife and children". Collins has just made contact with John's daughter Emma.
John and Emma had issue:

  1. Mary O'Mara,
    born 2 May 1847,
    bapt 23 May 1847 [St.Anthony's RC church, Liverpool].
    She must be identical with the Mary O'Mara who married James Keely in Manchester and had children born in Liverpool, for two reasons:
    1. Mary's son's baptism in 1874 is sp by "Emma Haworth" (the sister).
    2. Mary's son later marries his O'Mara 2nd cousin in Canada.

    Mary mar 1872, Manchester, to James Keely and had issue.
    (todo) See marriage of James Keely and Mary O'Mara, [GRO.UK], Manchester, 4th qr 1872, 8d 797.

  2. Emma O'Mara,
    born 29 Apr 1849,
    bapt 20 May 1849 [St.Anthony's RC church, Liverpool].
    At mar 1868 she is living Plumbe St, Liverpoool.
    She mar 1stly, 17 July 1868, to George Howarth [son of Thomas Howarth] and had issue.
    CoE marriage. See mar cert from here. He is a "mariner".
    In 1870, John Collins was trying to make contact with the family on behalf of their cousin Stephen O'Mara in Limerick. Emma met with Collins.
    She would be "Emma Haworth" who sp the bapt of John Keely 1874.
    George died in 1879-82.
    Emma and children are listed in 1881 census in Hunter St, Liverpool. Her unmarried brothers Peter and John are living with her.
    She mar 2ndly, 1882, to John Smith and had issue.

  3. Peter O'Mara,
    born 2 Oct 1852, Liverpool, see birth cert,
    bapt 19 Oct 1852 [St.Anthony's RC church, Liverpool].
    Would be after grandfather.

  4. Margaret O'Mara,
    born 24 Jan 1858,
    bapt 12 Mar 1858 [St.Anthony's RC church, Liverpool],
    "Margaret Ann" in 1861 census,
    "Margaret Hannah" at mar.
    At mar 1882 she is living Hunter St, Liverpool.
    She mar 24 July 1882 to James Barton Gleave.
    CoE marriage. See mar cert from here. He is "painter" (would be house painter).

  5. John O'Mara,
    John Andrew O'Mara, born 6 Dec 1860,
    bapt 13 Jan 1861 [Our Lady of Reconciliation de La Salette RC church, Liverpool].
    Listed as age 4 months at 7 April 1861 census.
    His father died 1864.
    He wrote a letter on 6 Aug 1876 to "Dear Cousin" Stephen O'Mara. Notes about this letter:
    • Signature not clear but seems to be "O'Mara" not "O'Meara".
    • Written from 19 Circus St, Liverpool. This street was off Byrom St, on the side of Gerard St and Christian St, and is now gone under redevelopment (see map).
    • He says he hopes "My Uncle, Aunt Mrs. O'Mara, Jack, Joe, Frank, Norah" and others are all well.
    • He says he has moved around a lot, has a hard life.
    • It is strange that the letter is 1876. He would be only age 15. Also it says Peter is married, which seems wrong. (He married 1882, unless there was an earlier marriage.) The letter does seem to clearly say 1876.

    John is listed in 1881 census as unmarried, living with sister Emma in Hunter St, Liverpool. He is a "painter" (means a house painter).
    Thomas Collins in Liverpool writes on 1 Mar 1888 to the wealthy Stephen O'Mara in Ireland. Collins says he has located John O'Mara for Stephen and given him money. John is at 33 Clayton St, Liverpool (would be in Birkenhead, see map).
    He is gone from 33 Clayton St in 1891 census. A "Mary Gilligan" and family are there.

    He might be the following:
    (todo) Try mar of John O'Mara and Ann Feeney, [GRO.UK], 2nd qr 1881, Liverpool, Volume: 8b Page: 333.
    John O'Mara and Ann Feeney were parents of John James O'Mara (born 1882) and Peter O'Mara (born 1884, see here), both baptised RC in Liverpool.


Letter of 4 June 1870 from John Collins: "I ... have been making inquiries about your Uncle John's wife and children".
Collins has just made contact with John's daughter Emma.
See full size.

One of the Liverpool branch of our family.
Think dau of John O'Mara.
Taken in Liverpool.
See larger and full size.

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