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Matt de Courcy


Matt de Courcy and Stephanie Ebrill.
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Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Matt de Courcy,
born 19 November 1911.
Descendant of Edward I.
Listed at marriage as "bank official", living "Midfield", South Circular Rd, Limerick.

He mar 1stly, 16 Apr 1941, Limerick, to Stephanie Ebrill [born 26 December 1914].
He worked for National Bank.
Living "Midfield", South Circular Rd, Limerick, in late 1950s.
1957 letters in Ebrill papers are addressed to her at "Midfield", South Circular Rd, and also to The Cottage, South Circular Rd.
Matt was manager of National Bank branch in Tulla, Co.Clare.
Stephanie died 18 [grave] or 19 [family tree] June 1968, age 53 yrs.
She was bur Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.

Matt mar 2ndly to Rose Lawlor.
He died 16 May 1974, Tulla, Co.Clare, age 62 yrs.
He was bur 20 May 1974, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Felicity de Courcy.
    She mar Johannes Kiessling.
    He researched family tree.
    They had issue:

    1. Simon Kiessling, mar Gemma Correo-Bujan.
    2. Margaret Kiessling, mar Jan Schönewolf.
    3. Claire Kiessling.

  2. John de Courcy.
    DNA match to John Lavelle and Nuala Duggan and Niall Humphreys and Ralph Powell.
    He mar Helen Doorley and had issue:

    1. Stephen de Courcy.
    2. Neil de Courcy.
    3. Kate de Courcy.

Stephanie Ebrill, 1940 (just before marriage).
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Wedding of Matt de Courcy and Stephanie Ebrill, 1941.
The married couple are front centre.
Charles Ebrill is centre row, 4th from LHS.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

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