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Charles Ebrill

Back (Left to Right): Denis, Stephanie, Felicity, Adrian.
Front (Left to Right): Charles Ebrill, Norma, Margaret Foley.
Photo 1944, "Little Summerville", Limerick.
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See another photo of the same group without Charles.

Charles Ebrill,
born 28th July 1878.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1892-1893.
He was educ Clongowes.
His father (died 1892) left him: Charles was a solicitor. Listed as "solicitor's apprentice" in 1901 census.
Qualified as solicitor in Trinity term 1902.
Solicitor in Limerick, in partnership with a Mr. McNamara. He worked for years as solicitor in Messrs R. McNamara and Co. He eventually became sole proprietor of the firm.
Listed at Summerville Cottage in Deed of 1905.
He was at funeral of Matthew John de Courcy 1909.
He shot and killed his future wife Margaret's brother Michael Foley in a hunting accident in Jan 1911.
Valerie Coghlan says: "My grandfather's preferred method for dealing with mice was gunpowder. He misjudged the charge on one occasion and took the staircase out."
He is listed as "solicitor" in 1911 census.
See report of him in a probate case, Irish Independent, November 18, 1911.
Charles Ebrill, solicitor, Limerick, witnessed Deed of 1912.
He is listed as living Summerville Cottage (old family home), Limerick, at mar.

He mar 1913 to Margaret Foley [born 23rd Aug 1892].
He is listed as "solicitor" at children's births.
They were living 6 Old Wellington Terrace, Limerick, at son's birth and death 1913.
Oddly, although dau was born at old house, 6 Old Wellington Terrace in 1914, they are listed then as living at new house, Monaire, Ennis Rd, Limerick.
Living Monaire, Ennis Rd, Limerick, at children's births 1914-17. It is also listed as "Monaire, Lansdowne". (There is a Lansdowne Park off Ennis Rd, see map.)
He was at funeral of William de Courcy 1915.
[Thom's, 1919] lists him with offices at Limerick and at 14 Fleet St, Dublin.

In 1919 he purchased "Little Summerville", Limerick (near Ebrill family home, Summerville Cottage).
He purchased it by Deed of 1 June 1919. He is then described as of "Laurel Hill Lodge" Unclear where this is. His family's house was Laurel Hill Cottage (or Summerville Cottage).
They were living Ardeevin, Ennis Rd, Limerick, at Norma's birth, 26 June 1919.
Listed as solicitor, of 48 O'Connell St, Limerick, in deed of 1920 and deed of 1921. (Also listed as of 48 George St, the old street name, though it had changed to O'Connell St in 1913.)
Deed of 1920 shows Charles has not yet moved into "Little Summerville".
Living Little Summerville at least 1921 to 1941 (according to various BMD of family members).
He was at funeral of Matthew McCoy 1922.
He had a shooting lodge, Doorus House, near Kinvara, Co.Galway.
Listed as solicitor, of "Little Summerville", in Deed of Sept 1932.
Listed as solicitor, of 48 O'Connell St, in Deed of Dec 1932.
See report in Irish Independent, February 3, 1937, about him acting in a case involving land purchase for the construction of the new Shannon Airport.
He donated a bird skeleton to the Natural History Museum, Dublin, in 1938. He is listed as of 48 O'Connell Street, Limerick.
Still with office at 48 O'Connell St in 1944 [Ebrill papers].
Charles Ebrill, solicitor, listed in [Thom's, 1945] as of 30 South Frederick St (off Molesworth St), Dublin, and of Limerick.
They were called "Pop" and "Ganzy" by their grandchildren.

They separated. Margaret went to Dublin. Charles stayed in Limerick.
His will dated 8 Sept 1951. Copy in Ebrill papers.
A 1952 copy of Deed of 1905 has Charles Ebrill, solicitors, at 39 Mallow St, Limerick.
Letter of 30 Apr 1953 says Charles recently "became seriously ill and went off to Dublin, for treatment, and he has gone back to live with his Wife, who has been residing in Dublin for several years past."
Letter of 7 July 1953 in Ebrill papers says Charles "became seriously ill some months ago". Says he has gone to stay with his wife at a flat in Dublin.
He is described as "late of Little Summerville" at death.

Charles dies, 1954:
He died in a Dublin nursing home, Sat 20 February 1954, age 75 yrs, NOT 1952 or 1953.
See death notice in Sunday Independent, 21 Feb 1954. (todo) See original.
Remains brought to Limerick. Funeral Sun 21 Feb 1954. Buried in St.Patrick's graveyard, Garryowen.
See obituary in Limerick Leader, 22 Feb 1954.
Letter of 28 Feb 1954 in Ebrill papers gives account of death and funeral. Says his cousin Fr. Paddy O'Mara was with him at the end.
Will pr 19 Jan 1955.

Margaret lived in Dublin.
She might be "Mrs.Ebrill" who was at Agnes Cashel's funeral 1958.
She is party to Deed of 1959.
She lived in garden flat (basement) of 86 Northumberland Rd, Dublin.
Burial record lists her as of 86 Northumberland Rd.

Margaret dies, 1984:
She died 25 Mar 1984, age 91 yrs.
She was bur 28 Mar 1984 in Deansgrange Cemetery, Co.Dublin.
Charles and Margaret had issue:

  1. Louis Ebrill,
    Louis John, or John Louis,
    born 15 Dec 1913, 6 Old Wellington Terrace, Limerick [GROI],
    died 18 Dec 1913, 6 Old Wellington Terrace, age 3 days, cause "Premature with Exhaustion" [GROI].

  2. Stephanie Ebrill,
    Stephanie Margaret,
    born 26 December 1914, 6 Old Wellington Terrace, Limerick [GROI], NOT 1915, not registered until 1917.
    She was living Little Summerville, Limerick, at mar.
    She mar 16 Apr 1941 to Matt de Courcy and had issue.
    They mar at St.Joseph's church, Limerick [GROI].

  3. Denis Ebrill,
    Denis Anthony Joseph, "Densie", born 7th March 1916, Monaire, Ennis Rd, Limerick [GROI], not registered until 1917.
    Think NOT "Charles Denis".
    He was educ "Our Lady's Bower" convent school, Athlone, Co.Westmeath.
    He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1926-27.
    He was educ St.George's College, Weybridge, Surrey.
    Studied medicine in England. He was educ University of London, in King's College London and St George's medical college (studied at St George's Hospital). He won entrance scholarship.
    He was a surgeon [NOT a dentist]. Qualified 1939. MS, FRCS.
    During WW2 he was a surgical registrar at St George's Hospital, London, during The Blitz (1940-41).
    Surgeon in the Emergency Medical Service.
    Wing commander in the RAF, also listed as a Group Captain.
    He mar 1943, Brompton Oratory, to Kate Maddocks [born UK, Kathleen, NOT Kitty, NOT Maddock].
    He was posted by the RAF to the US Army 7th General Hospital in Nocton, near Lincoln, Lincolnshire, to arrange the takeover from the Americans (it became RAF Nocton Hall Hospital after the war).

    Consultant surgeon, Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln, England, 1948-1981.
    Specialist in rectal and paediatric surgery, neonatal work.
    Chairman of the main hospital committees for many years.
    They lived Lincoln.
    He and his brother Adrian inherited father's shooting Lodge, Doorus House, near Kinvara, Co.Galway, prob. 1954. They donated it to An Oige 1961.
    Denis died Lincoln, 5 Jan 1997, age 80 yrs.
    See obituary in British Medical Journal, 16 August 1997. "His chief relaxation was in the countryside: he enjoyed shooting around Lincolnshire with fine guns inherited from his father and was a keen fisherman."
    Kate died Norfolk, Sept 2005.
    They had issue:

    1. Charles Ebrill,
      mar Sue Goodwin and had issue:

      1. Stephanie Ebrill.
      2. Charlotte Ebrill.

  4. Adrian Ebrill,
    Charles Adrian Ebrill, born 14 July 1917, Monaire, Ennis Rd, Limerick [GROI].
    He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1931-36.
    He was educ Belvedere College.
    An Oige leader: He got involved in An Oige (Irish Youth Hostel Association, founded 1931).
    In 1948 he helped rescue 15th century Foulksrath Castle, Co.Kilkenny, from demolition. He developed it as a youth hostel. It is the oldest building in use as a youth hostel in Ireland.
    Listed as living 22a Burlington Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin, at mar.

    He mar 5 Sept 1953, Church of St.Anthony, Clontarf, Dublin, to Esther Kinsella [listed as of 127 The Stiles Rd, Clontarf, at mar]. No issue.
    See engagement notice in Irish Independent, August 11, 1953.

    Adrian was in turn Treasurer, National Secretary and finally President of An Oige.
    In the 1950s he established and edited the monthly An Oige Review.
    He and his brother Denis inherited father's shooting Lodge, Doorus House, near Kinvara, Co.Galway, prob. 1954. They donated it to An Oige 1961.
    In 1957 letter in Ebrill papers he is living "St.Clare", Foster Ave, Mount Merrion, Co.Dublin. Listed there in [Thom's, 1958, p.1090].
    Adrian is listed as Hon. Secretary of An Oige as at opening of youth hostel 1961.
    He is listed as Secretary of An Oige as at 1969.
    Investments Manager with AIB 1969. (He got Paddy Lavelle's job after Paddy died tragically Jan 1969.)
    President of An Oige 1980.
    At death he was living "St.Clare", Baily, Howth, Co.Dublin.
    He died 30 Apr 1987, Jervis Street Hospital, Dublin, age 69 yrs.
    See death notice in Irish Times, Fri 1 May 1987. And other notice.
    Funeral 2 May.
    See obituary (and p.2) in Irish Times, 27 May 1987.
    Esther fl 1987.

  5. Norma Ebrill,
    Norma Elizabeth, born 26 June 1919, Ardeevin, Ennis Rd, Limerick [GROI]. NOT 1918 or 1920.
    At mar 1946 she is living 1 Victoria Villas, Rathgar, Dublin.
    She mar 24 Aug 1946 to James O'Sullivan [Jimmy, born 11 Jan 1918, Donnybrook [GROI], son of Daniel O'Sullivan].
    He was living 12 Kenilworth Square, Rathgar, at mar.
    They mar at Rathgar RC church, Dublin [GROI].
    They had adopted issue:

    1. Gail O'Sullivan.
      She mar John Alvey.
      She researched family tree.
      They had issue:
      1. Simon Alvey.
      2. Karen Alvey.

    2. Sally O'Sullivan, mar Anthony O'Carroll and had issue:
      1. Stephanie O'Carroll.
      2. Jennifer O'Carroll.
      3. Daniel O'Carroll.
      4. Michelle O'Carroll.

  6. Felicity Ebrill,
    Felicity Mary, Fay, Faye,
    born 23 May 1922, Little Summerville, Limerick [GROI], NOT 1923.
    At mar 1947 she was living Victoria Terrace, Rathgar, Dublin.
    She mar 12 Aug 1947 to Daniel Coghlan [Dan, born 23 Nov 1916, son of James Coghlan, solicitor, NOT Coughlan].
    He was solicitor, living 7 Gilford Rd, Sandymount, Co.Dublin, at mar.
    They mar at Rathgar church, Dublin [GROI].
    He died June 1988 [NOT April], age 71 yrs.
    She died April 1990 [NOT June], age 67 yrs.
    They are both bur in graveyard adjoining church in Rosbercon, New Ross, Co.Wexford.
    They had issue:

    1. Ronan Coghlan, mar Mourna Cairns and had issue:
      1. Lara Coghlan.
      2. Kieran Coghlan.
      3. Ivona Coghlan.
    2. Valerie Coghlan, mar Donal Jackson and had issue:
      1. Andrew Jackson.
      2. Carl Jackson.
      3. Stephanie Jackson.
    3. Linda Coghlan.

  7. Valerie Ebrill,
    Valerie Mary Ebrill, born 20 Sept 1926, Little Summerville, Limerick [GROI].
    She died Little Summerville, Limerick, 16 July 1929, age 2 yrs, of "sarcoma of kidney" [GROI].

Charles Ebrill (born 1878) as a boy.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Back (Left to Right): Felicity, Rosaleen Ebrill, Stephanie, Denis, Gertrude Foley.
Front (Left to Right): James O'Sullivan, Norma, Margaret Foley, Matt de Courcy, Elizabeth Ebrill, Kate Maddocks.
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Wedding of Denis Ebrill and Kate Maddocks, London, 1943.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Wedding of Adrian Ebrill and Esther Kinsella, 1953.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Foulksrath Castle, Co.Kilkenny.
Photo 2005. See full size.
From here.
See more public domain images.

Valerie Ebrill (born 1926), who died as a child.
See larger and full size.
See other copy.

The Ebrill skeleton

Charles Ebrill donated a bird skeleton to the Natural History Museum, Dublin, in 1938.
See Catalogue of Screamers, Ducks, Geese and Swans in the National Museum of Ireland (2004). This is the catalogue of Anseriformes (ducks and waterfowl). Formerly at Collections-based Biology in Dublin.
It is specimen 1938.11.1.
It is a common Shoveller duck (Spatula clypeata), male, collected in Limerick in 1938.
Apparently it was incorrectly labelled as a common Pochard.
It is a collection of bones (not an assembled skeleton for display) and is not on display, but is in research storage.

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