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Cecile O'Rahilly

Cecile O'Rahilly, the Celtic scholar (see here and search),
born 17th Dec 1894, Listowel, Co.Kerry.
She was educ Listowel convent.
She was educ Dominican Convent, Dublin.
She was educ UCD. BA 1915 with double 1st class hons in Celtic Studies and French.
She was educ University College of North Wales, Bangor (she won a Travelling Studentship in Celtic Studies to study there).
MA 1919. [Beathaisneis] says "Masters in Dublin and Bangor".
She was fluent in Irish, French and Welsh.
French teacher at Beaumaris Grammar School (secondary school), Anglesea, NE Wales, 1919 to 1928.
Edited Tóruigheacht Gruaidhe Griansholus : The Pursuit of Gruaidh Ghriansholus (part of the Ulster Cycle), 1922.
Author of Ireland and Wales, their historical and literary relations, 1924.
In 1925 she applied for job at UCG but didn't get it. Remained a teacher for many years.
French teacher at Cardiff High School for Girls (secondary school), Wales, 1928 to 1946. "Modern Languages Mistress".

School of Celtic Studies, 1946 to 1964:
Returned to Dublin 1946.
Assistant Professor (possibly later full Professor) at School of Celtic Studies at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (initially under her brother T.F.) from 1946 until she retired 1964.
D.Litt. Celt.
Edited Eachtra Uilliam / An Irish Version of William of Palerne, DIAS, 1949 (medieval Irish version of the Werewolf legend).
Edited Five Seventeenth Century Political Poems, DIAS, 1952, repub 1977.
Edited Trompa na bhFlaitheas, DIAS, 1955.
Listed as Assistant Professor at DIAS 1956.
Her life's work was a translation of the Tain Bo Cuailgne, the central story in the Ulster Cycle, in 4 vols, 1961, 1967, 1976, and another posthumously.
Retired from DIAS 1964. Continued to publish into her 80s.
Never married. Lived with her companion Miss Myfanwy Williams.

Death, 1980:
She died 2nd May 1980, age 85 yrs.
See obituary in Irish Times 14th May 1980.
See obituary by Brian O Cuiv in Celtica journal vol.13, 1980, pp. 201-203.
Celtica journal produced a memorial volume for her, vol.15, 1983.

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