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Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry.
From Desmond FitzGerald Photographs at UCD Digital Library. Creative Commons.
See also version from Glasnevin Museum.
See also version in [P106/3896(9)].

Kevin Barry, the patriot,
born 20 Jan 1902, Dublin.
See wikipedia.
He was educ Belvedere College.
Medical student, UCD (NOT Trinity).
He joined the IRA in War of Independence.

Ambush, 1920:
On 20 Sept 1920 he took part in an IRA attack on British Army soldiers in Dublin that killed 3 British soldiers.
The British Army party was collecting bread from the bakery of "Patrick Monks and Co." [Thom's, 1919] at the junction of Church St and N King St, Dublin (see map). The intention was to steal their rifles, but shooting broke out. The IRA men killed 3 British soldiers (Harold Washington, Marshall Whitehead and Thomas Humphries).
These were the first British military deaths of the War of Independence.
Kevin Barry's gun jammed and he hid under a truck during the firefight. His comrades withdrew and he was captured hiding under the truck. He was abused in custody but refused to reveal the names of the others.

Execution, 1920:
Kevin Barry was hanged at Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, 1st Nov 1920, age 18 yrs.
It was the first execution of the War of Independence. He became a symbol of Irish martyrdom.
Patricia Lavelle, age 22 at the time, says: "With the rest of the Cumann na mBan, I stood outside the prison walls in the cold dawn of that frosty fog-laden morning. We said the rosary aloud that his soul might pass in peace".
He was buried in grounds of Mountjoy.
He was re-buried with a state funeral in the Republican plot in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, in 2001.

Mass card for Kevin Barry.
See full size.
For sale in 2021 here.

Plaque to Kevin Barry at the door of The Tap pub, at the junction of Church St and N King St, Dublin (see street view).
Photo 2012. See full size and wider shot.

Grave of Kevin Barry

New grave of Kevin Barry, Glasnevin. Kevin Barry is the first on the left.
Photo 2007. From here.
See street view.

New grave of Kevin Barry, Glasnevin.
From here.

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