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John McCoy

"Margaret M'Coy" listed as grocer and spirit dealer at Glin in [Bassett's, 1880-81].

John McCoy,
born 1838 or 1840,
of Glin, Co.Limerick.
He mar 1859 to Margaret Patt [born 1840].
He ran a pub and shop, Main St, Glin, Co.Limerick.
Listed as "shopkeeper" and "grocer" at children's births.
Listed as "grocer" at death.

John dies early, 1874:
He died 10 Dec 1874, Glin, of dysentery, age 34 yrs [GROI] or age 36 yrs [grave]. Death reported by wife.
He was bur Kilfergus Cemetery, near Glin (written on parents' gravestone).

Margaret carried on running the business in Glin for decades.
"Margaret M'Coy" is listed as grocer and spirit dealer at Glin in [Bassett's, 1880-81]. There is also a "John M'Coy", grocer and spirit dealer.
Margaret is mentioned as living Glin in 1881 letter and 1886 letter.
"Margaret McCoy" listed as "grocer" and "vintner" at Glin in [Ashe's Directory, 1891-92]. There is also a "John McCoy" listed as "grocer" and "vintner" and "baker".
Margaret McCoy listed as grocer and vintner at Glin in [Guy's, 1893].
"Mrs. McCoy" is listed as one of the chief mourners at Thomas Francis Rahilly's funeral 1899.
Margaret is listed in 1901 census in Glin village. She is widow, "shopkeeper (spirits)". Her children referred to as "vintner's son" and "vintner's daughter".
John is listed as grocer, deceased, at his dau Margaret's mar 1903.
Margaret apparently fl 1921, when her widowed sister Mary Barrett came to live with her after her house was burnt.
John and Margaret had issue:

  1. Mary McCoy,
    bapt 2 Mar 1861 [Glin RC par records], sp Patrick McCoy and Bridget Patt,
    must have died young (there is another Mary).

  2. Patrick McCoy,
    bapt 3 Feb 1862 [Glin RC par records], sp Patrick McCoy and Sarah McCoy,
    must have died young (there is another Patrick).

  3. Elizabeth McCoy,
    Eliza, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 10 Oct 1863 [Glin RC par records], sp Patrick Culhane and Catherine McCoy,
    mar 19 Jan 1889 [St.Mary's RC church, Limerick] to Michael Fitzgerald and had issue.

  4. Mary McCoy,
    born 27 Nov 1865, Glin [LDS IGI],
    must have died in infancy (there is another Mary).

  5. Catherine McCoy.
    She would be born shortly before 7 Dec 1867, Glin. See birth cert from here. Birth cert says born 12 Dec but this cannot be true because of baptism. Baptised 7 Dec (noted at the time). Birth cert registered later, on 8 Jan 1868.
    She was bapt 7 Dec 1867, Glin RC church. See entry from here. Also here. Bapt sp by Timothy McCoy and Elizabeth Mulvihill.
    She became a nun. "Sister Mary Ursula".
    It was thought she was in Presentation Order or Mercy Order but not found in Irish records of either.
    It was thought she maybe was a nun in America. However she is in Ireland at a baptism in 1894.
    She must be "Catherine McCoy" who sp bapt of her niece Catherine Fitzgerald 1894.
    She died 6 Feb 1896, age 28 yrs [mass card].
    Death not found in [GROI].

  6. Mary McCoy,
    born 17 June 1870, Glin.
    She would be "Maria McCoy" who sp bapt of her nephew John Fitzgerald 1895.
    She would be Mary McCoy who wit mar of her sister 1903.
    At marriage 1905 she is listed as shopkeeper, living Castleconnell, Co.Limerick.
    She mar 7 Jan 1905, Castleconnell RC church, to Patrick Scanlan and had issue.
    See mar entry in [GROI]. Mar wit by Patrick Smith and Kathleen McCoy.

  7. Patrick McCoy,
    Patrick Joseph, Pat, Paddy,
    born 23 Mar 1872, Glin [LDS IGI].

  8. Michael McCoy,
    bapt 28 Sept 1873 [Glin RC par records], sp Edward Dore and Catherine Culhane.

  9. Margaret McCoy,
    after mother,
    born 13 Dec 1874, Glin [GROI],
    born at the McCoy house, Main St, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    born 3 days after her father's death,
    though listed as bapt 12 Dec 1874 [Glin RC par records], sp Edward Dore and Bridget Dore.
    She sp bapt of her niece Margaret Fitzgerald 1890.
    She sp bapt of her nephew Maurice Fitzgerald 1892.
    Listed as living Castleconnell, Co.Limerick, at mar.
    She mar 17 Nov 1903 to Eugene O'Sullivan [born 19 Oct 1872] and had issue.
    They mar at Castleconnell, Co.Limerick [GROI].


Margaret McCoy listed as grocer and vintner at Glin in [Guy's, 1893].

Mary McCoy (born 1870) in back row.
Margaret McCoy (born 1874) in front row.
Others unknown.
See full size.

Mass card of Catherine McCoy ("Sister Mary Ursula") and her sister Elizabeth McCoy, who both died young in 1896.
See full size. Courtesy of Mary McCoy.
See other version. From Robert Fogden.

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