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Michael McEllistrem

Marriage of Michael McEllistrem to Catherine Kennelly, 1950 (NOT 1951), St.Joseph's church, Limerick.
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From Mary McGrath. In Fitzgerald photos.
They were married by Fr. Dermot Fitzgerald. Think he is in back centre.

Michael McEllistrem,
born 2 Jan 1917.
His father died 1930.
He wit sister's mar 1937. Then living Main St, Ballylongford.
He sold the field in Ballylongford to the GAA club 1940. They re-named the club "The O'Rahilly's" after his relative.
Listed as "farmer", living Ballylongford, at mar 1950.

He mar 29 July 1950 to Catherine Kennelly [born 1923].
She was dau of Timothy Kennelly, farmer, of Coolaclarig, Listowel, Co.Kerry.
They mar at St.Joseph's church, Limerick [GROI].

They lived McEllistrem house, Main St, Ballylongford.
In 1957 the old McEllistrem house was demolished.
He wit his mother's death 1979.
Catherine died 28 Apr 2002, age 79 yrs [grave, Lislaughtin]. Date of 1 Jan 2001 must be wrong.
Michael continued to live at McEllistrem house, Main St, Ballylongford, I met him there in 2006.
He died 2009-2010, age 92-93 yrs.
Michael and Catherine had issue:

  1. Michael McEllistrim (thus spelt), mar Eileen O'Connor and had issue:
    1. Elaine McEllistrim.
    2. Conor McEllistrim.

  2. Tim McEllistrem, mar Catherine Culahane and had issue:
    1. Mary McEllistrem.
    2. Michael McEllistrem.
    3. Cáit McEllistrem.
    4. Anna McEllistrem.
    5. Tadhg McEllistrem.

  3. Helen McEllistrem, mar Maurice Lane and had issue:
    1. Catherine Lane.
    2. Margaret Lane.
    3. Daniel Lane.

  4. Richard McEllistrem, mar Mary Murphy and had issue:
    1. Brian McEllistrem.
    2. Sarah McEllistrem.

  5. Maurice McEllistrem, mar Patricia Walsh.

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