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Philip O'Sullivan, of Meentoges, Co.Kerry

"Anna Sullivan" and her husband Michael Rahilly shown at the baptism of their son John Rahilly in Killarney on 9 July 1801.
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Philip O'Sullivan,
or Sullivan, born est c.1740,
of Meentoges, Kilcummin par, E of Killarney, Co.Kerry (see map).
He is said to have tenanted all 394 acres of Meentoges (presumably had sub-tenants).
He had issue:

  1. Ann Sullivan,
    or O'Sullivan, born est c.1770.
    Listed as "Ann Sullivan" or "Anne Sullivan" at her children's baptisms. Think "Anna" is just because it is Latin.
    Her grave said "The property of Honora Rahily".
    "Anne O'Sullivan" in [King, 1910].
    Her brother went as "O'Sullivan".
    "Johanna Sullivan" in [P102/207(4)].
    "Hanna Sullivan" in [P102/207(6)].
    [P102/207(4)] says: "Miss O'Sullivan was housekeeper to her uncle the priest" [Fr. Mark O'Sullivan] "for some time before her marriage to Michael Rahilly".
    [P102/207(6)] says: "the fortune Hanna Sullivan got when she married ... was a yearly annuity paid out of the lands of Meentogues".
    [P102/207(4)] says: "She got a yearly annuity out of a part of Meentogues, as all Meentogues belonged to the Sullivans ... at the time".
    She mar est c.1795 to Michael Rahilly [born est c.1765] and had issue.

  2. Rev. Daniel O'Sullivan,
    Fr. Dan,
    listed as "O'Sullivan" in newspaper reports, NOT "Sullivan",
    PP of Tarbert and Ballylongford, died 1832.

  3. (son) O'Sullivan, had issue:

    1. (dau) O'Sullivan,
      or Sullivan,
      mar in Newmarket, Co.Cork [P102/207(30)] to --- Hartney,
      had issue:

      1. Ellen Hartney, mar --- Leahy.
      2. John Hartney.
      3. Denis Hartney, never married.

  4. (son) O'Sullivan, had issue:

    1. Dan O'Sullivan,
      Daniel, or Donal,
      when got inheritance from his uncle Fr.Dan in 1832 he went off to London and started a family there,
      mar --- Breen and had issue:

      1. (children) O'Sullivan,
        born London.
        Mary Barrett in c.1906 [P102/207(29)] says: "there may be some of his children in London, or grandchildren".

  5. (dau) O'Sullivan,
    born est c.1790,
    mar 1stly to --- Galivan and had issue:

    1. (son) Galivan,
      "he travelled the world" [P102/207(29)].

    mar 2ndly to --- O'Connor,
    lived Tralee,
    had issue:

    1. Ellen O'Connor.
      [P102/207(29-30)] said she married in Tralee to O'Driscoll and had issue.
      So she must be identical with:

      Ellen O'Connor [or Connor],
      living Tralee at mar, mar wit by John O'Driscoll and Maurice O'Savage,
      mar 23 February 1848 [Tralee RC par records] to Timothy O'Driscoll [or Driscoll, living Tralee at mar],
      living Lisloose, Tralee par, at dau's bapt 1849,
      living Tralee at children's bapts 1855-1863,
      had issue:

      1. Joanna O'Driscoll, bapt 5 November 1849 [Tralee RC par records], sp John O'Driscoll and Margaret O'Driscoll.
      2. Julia O'Driscoll, bapt 8 March 1855 [Tralee RC par records], sp William Maher and Mary Kelly.
      3. James O'Driscoll, born 24 August 1857, bapt 29 August 1857 [Tralee RC par records], sp John O'Connor and Mary Hennessy.
      4. Honora O'Driscoll, born 15 March 1860, bapt 18 March 1860 [Tralee RC par records], sp Thomas Maher and Mary Maher.
      5. John O'Driscoll, born 14 August 1863, bapt 16 August 1863 [Tralee RC par records], sp James O'Connor and Ellen O'Connor.

        One of the daus got married in Tralee, and think died c.1904.

    2. Anne O'Connor, born 1827, Co.Kerry,
      "Anne L. O'Connor" in census.
      Presentation Sisters nun.
      She spent her life in the Presentation Sisters convent, Church St, Milltown, NE of Killorglin, Co.Kerry. Entered convent c.1845 (age c.18).
      She wrote to Richard Rahilly in Nov 1895 [P102/207(29)].
      She is listed in 1901 census in Presentation Sisters convent in Milltown.
      Mary Barrett in c.1906 [P102/207(29)] said that Anne was "in Milltown in Kerry for the last 61 years".
      She died 29 Mar 1910, Milltown, Co.Kerry, age 83 yrs.
      See death cert from here.

    The daughter who married O'Connor might look like the following, except should she not be written Ellen Galivan?

    Ellen Sullivan,
    mar James O'Connor [or James Connor],
    living Tralee at children's baptisms,
    had issue:

    1. Ellen O'Connor, bapt 24 October 1824 [Tralee RC par records], sp Daniel Divine and Margaret McCarthy.
    2. Ann O'Connor, bapt 19 December 1826 [Tralee RC par records], sp Bernard O'Sullivan and Catherine O'Sullivan.


Philip O'Sullivan is possibly also father of:

  1. Johanna O'Sullivan, of Meentoges,
    "Joanna Sullivan" at mar,
    mar 1804 to Denis O'Rahilly [or Rahilly] and had issue.
    Denis was brother of Michael Rahilly above.
    Denis's wife was O'Sullivan of Meentoges [King, 1910].
    So she is possibly sister or cousin of his brother Michael's wife.
    Note that [P102/207(4)] thought Michael's wife was "Johanna" and she was dau of Philip O'Sullivan and niece of Fr. Mark O'Sullivan.
    Perhaps this was confusion with the sister.

Where Anne O'Connor the nun lived.
Presentation Convent, Milltown, Co.Kerry, on 1887 to 1913 map.
The building marked "Presentation Convent" here is gone. See street view.
The building marked "Presentation Monastery" survives. See street view. Though NIAH calls this building "Presentation Convent".

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