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Michael Rahilly, of Killarney

O'Rahilly grave, Muckross Abbey, Killarney.
Photo 2000. See larger and full size.
Michael Rahilly and his wife are buried here or close by.

Michael Rahilly, of Killarney,
born est c.1765, Upper Lisbaby, Co.Kerry.
Always listed as "Rahilly" in records, not "O'Rahilly".
He mar est c.1795 to Ann Sullivan [or O'Sullivan].
He was said to have farmed at Upper Lisbaby, and moved to Killarney after the eviction from Lisbaby.
[P102/207(4)] says that after the eviction he "came into Killarney and set up business there".
But he may have moved earlier. He is living at Killarney from at least 1801 (children's baptisms).
Living Killarney at least 1801 to 1810.
They are "Michael Rahilly" and "Ann Sullivan" in Killarney parish records.

Theory: Michael possibly died 1810:
[P102/207(4)] says that Michael moved from Killarney to Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, before death, and set up the original shop in Ballylongford: "He did not remain long in Killarney when he removed to Ballylongford."
However we see from baptisms that he did in fact remain for years in Killarney, and was still there in 1810, the year he was meant to have died.
He is still in Killarney in 1810.
[King, 1910] says he died 1810, would be age est c.45 yrs.
Said to have died in Ballylongford, but maybe not since he was buried in Killarney.
He was bur Muckross Abbey, Killarney, with his O'Rahilly ancestors.

Other theory: Michael possibly died 1826-1832:
An alternative theory is that Michael lived, went to Ballylongford after 1810, set up the shop there, and died 1826-1832.
Another alternative theory is that Michael lived, but stayed in Killarney, never went to Ballylongford, and died 1826-1832.
Note there is no Rahilly listed in [Tithe Survey, 1824] in Ballymacasy townland (Ballylongford), Aghavallen par. They might still be in Killarney.
[P102/207(6)] says that Julia Sheehan "well remembers her father going to his brother Michael's funeral to Killarney". But Julia was not born until 1826. So if this is correct, Michael died after 1826 (probably after 1830).
Interestingly, a tree in the possession of Ronan O'Rahilly says Michael died 1832, which would fit with Julia Sheehan. Though this might be confusion with Fr. Dan Sullivan who died 1832.
[P102/208(78)] says Michael was angry when his son Michael Joseph gave up the priesthood (probably around 1832) and so Michael was alive at that point. It also implies that Michael stayed in Killarney and never went to Ballylongford.
[P102/208(81)] though says Michael was probably dead at this point and it was Michael Joseph's uncle who was angry. It says of Michael just that "he lived in Killarney".

Ann was said to have run the old shop in Ballylongford after Michael's death - though as noted above, they might never have left Killarney. There might have been a shop in Killarney.
Mary Jacobson (née Whelan) said Ann died early too, leaving the children orphaned: "when the mother died her brother Rev. Dan Sullivan took the children to Ballylongford where he was the parish priest" (he died 1832).

Multiple children went to Ballylongford in 1831 or earlier:
Whether brought there by their father, mother or uncle, many of the children went to Ballylongford.
  • Mary married 1831 to Hickie of near Ballylongford.
  • Michael Joseph was in Ballylongford in May 1832 (see his notebook). He married probably 1836 to Margaret McEllistrem of Ballylongford.
  • Margaret inherited property in Ballylongford after her uncle the priest died in June 1832.
  • Eliza married pre-1833 to Patt of near Ballylongford.
  • However, two other (maybe older) daughters married men of Killarney. Their siblings might have moved to Ballylongford as teenagers, with the older girls already married in Killarney.

Ann probably died pre-1832, since Fr. Dan left his property in Ballylongford not to her, but rather to her dau Margaret, when he died 1832.
The business in Ballylongford was said to have been set up (or at least considerably expanded) with this 1832 inheritance.
Invoice of Richard Rahilly says the Ballylongford business was established 1836 (i.e. not by this generation at all).

Ann was bur Muckross Abbey, Killarney, with her husband. They were the last line of the family to be buried there.
[P102/207(29)] says "they are buried in Muckross Abbey, Killarney".
[P102/211] is a rubbing of the grave. It says exactly this: "The property of Honora Rahily".
In c.1870 Thomas Francis Rahilly writes to his brother Richard after a trip to Muckross Abbey, where he "saw again the stone that marks our grand-mother's last resting place. Here is what it says: 'The property of Hanoria Rahilly'". The rubbing is obviously the accurate version.
Cannot see any stone now. Possibly it was not exactly where the poet's grave is but nearby.
Michael and Ann had issue:

  1. Anne Rahilly,
    listed on tree in [P102/208(118)],
    [King, 1910] says died unmarried,
    Mary Barrett in [P102/207] does not list Anne but lists "Hanora", and says she was married,
    [Hickie family tree] lists a "Nora" as well as an "Anne".

  2. Margaret Rahilly, born 1799.
    In 1832 she inherited house and lands in Ballylongford from her uncle Fr. Daniel O'Sullivan.
    It is possible this is where the Rahilly's old business was located, and she ran it with her younger brother Michael Joseph.
    She didn't marry.
    She had a companion, Anne O'Donnell.
    [P102/208(81)] says Margaret "lived in Ballylongford for 40 years with another old maid Miss O'Donnell". Also says that Anne was a sister of Alicia O'Donnell, wife of Thomas McEllistrem.
    Anne might be "Anna O'Donnell" who sp Margaret's niece Anna Patt's bapt in Ballylongford 1833.
    Margaret is listed as "housekeeper" at death.
    Was she housekeeper originally to her uncle Fr.Dan O'Sullivan (died 1832)?
    [P102/208(81)] says she lived in Ballylongford "in the house which is at present Carmody's".
    See will dated 5 Apr 1875, p.1 and p.2, in [Aodogán's papers, P102/41], lists her as living Ballylongford.
    She died 2 Mar 1877, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, age 78 yrs [GROI],
    bur Lislaughtin Abbey, near Ballylongford.
    Her will was granted 9 May 1877. It leaves to her niece Marianne Morris "my house in Ballylongford after the death of Miss O'Donnell".
    See notice to creditors about her estate in Freemans Journal, May 16, 1877.
    See notice of charitable bequests in Tralee Chronicle, May 18, 1877.
    Anne O'Donnell died shortly after, 2 June 1877.
    They are bur together at Lislaughtin Abbey.
    [P102/208(81)] says Marianne Morris got the house, sold it to the Carmodys.

  3. Ellen Rahilly.
    "Nellie" [P102/207(29)].
    "Nelly" [P102/207(30)].
    She mar James O'Dowd [of Killarney, poss. Dowd].
    No children.
    She died 15 Dec 1857 [P102/207(30)].
    [P102/207(30)] apparently says she was buried with her brother Michael Joseph in the "Mac Ellestrem" vault, Lislaughtin Abbey, Ballylongford.
    [P102/208(118)] has her marrying Mr. Dowd and having a son William Dowd, who himself had issue.

  4. Julia Rahilly,
    mar William Honan [of Killarney],
    or possibly Horan,
    had issue:

    1. (children) Honan.
      Mary Barrett in c.1906 [P102/207(29)] says Julia's children or grandchildren are in London,
      and she recalls one of Julia's grandchildren writing to Richard Rahilly (before 1896).

  5. Mary Rahilly,
    Mary Anna [Hickie family tree],
    listed as "Mary Ann" at son's marriage,
    [Hickie family tree] says born Ballylongford, but more likely grew up Ballylongford, or moved there when young,
    [O'Rahilly family tree] in [Sighle's papers, P106/320] says they married 8 Feb 1831, which makes sense,
    this was mis-read as 8 Feb 1851,
    mar 8 Feb 1831 to David Hickie [born 1788] and had issue.

  6. John Rahilly,
    bapt 9 July 1801 [Killarney RC par records], sp Eugene Sullivan and Ann Allen, see image,
    died young [P102/207(29)].

    Though note there is a "John Rahilly" listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as holding plot 102, Main St, Ballylongford, renting it from Joseph Barrett. This is a tiny building near the Quay. See town map.

  7. Patrick Rahilly, Pat,
    bapt 15 Mar 1803 [Killarney RC par records],
    the entry looks like 16 Mar corrected to 15 Mar, see image,
    sp Daniel Sullivan and Ellen Sullivan,
    died young [P102/207(29)].

  8. Michael Rahilly,
    bapt 5 May 1805 [Killarney RC par records], sp Daniel Riely and Ann Burley,
    (todo) see original paper, microfilm in [NLI] is illegible,
    died young [P102/207(29)],
    died as infant, since there is another Michael.

  9. Eliza Rahilly,
    "Alicia" in [King, 1910],
    Mary Jacobson (née Whelan) said her nickname was "Min",
    bapt Elizabeth, 12 May 1808 [Killarney RC par records], NOT 11th, see image,
    sp Joseph Sheehan [or poss. John] and Bridget Sullivan,
    can't find mar in Ballylongford RC par records,
    mar pre-1833, perhaps c.1830, to Thomas Patt [born 1786 or 1789] and had issue.

  10. (son) Rahilly, died young.
  11. (son) Rahilly, died young.
    Mary Barrett in [P102/207(29)] says there were 6 sons and 6 daus. She says Michael Joseph was the only son who lived.

  12. Michael Joseph Rahilly,
    born 1810.
    [King, 1910] says he was born after his father's death, but (see above) this is uncertain.
    He must be born Killarney (not Ballylongford) since he is bapt Killarney.
    He was bapt "Michael Rahilly", 6 Sept 1810 [Killarney RC par records], sponsors apparently Rev. Michael Buckly and Margaret McGrath.
    [P102/208(79)] says he was "Michael Joseph" after St.Joseph.
    Note feast day of St. Joseph (husband of Mary) is in March, but feast day of St. Joseph Calasanctius is late August (around when Michael Joseph born).
    He was briefly a policeman (County Constabulary). Later a shopkeeper.

Extract from Michael Warren's letter of 1906 [P102/207(6)].
Shows Michael Rahilly as son of Cornelius Rahilly.

The baptism of "Michael Rahilly", son of Michael Rahilly and "Anna Sullivan", in Killarney on 6 Sept 1810.
See full size.

Grave of Margaret Rahilly (died 2nd Mar 1877), Lislaughtin Abbey.
She is bur with her lifelong companion Anne O'Donnell, who died 2nd June 1877.
Inscription: "In life they were united. In death they are not separated."
Photo courtesy of Richard Humphreys. See full size.
See close-up.
See alternative close-up (this photo also courtesy of Richard Humphreys).
Photos 2006.

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