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Denis O'Rahilly, of Knocknaskeha

Knocknaskeha on 1829 to 1842 map.

Denis O'Rahilly,
of Knocknaskeha, Killarney par, Co.Kerry (see map).
Listed as "Denis Rahilly" at mar.
He mar 14 Feb 1804 to Johanna O'Sullivan.
They mar in [Killarney RC parish]. Mar wit by Timothy Moynihan and Patrick Sullivan.
They had issue:

  1. John O'Rahilly.

  2. Michael O'Rahilly.

    Thought to be the same as:

    Michael Rahilly.
    Listed as tobacconist in Listowel in [Pigot's Directory 1824].
    Tenant of Knockburrane, Kilfeighny parish, SW of Listowel (see map) from 1833 to at least 1853.
    The landlord Sir John Benn-Walsh, in his journal on 13 Aug 1834, says: "I rode out to see Knockburrane" [part let] "to Michael Rahilly £75" [and part let to others] "They seemed good, improving tenants, particularly Rahilly & widow Connor. The former is a tobacconist in the town of Listowell. He has planted an orchard & made some good improvements. He has also drawn stone to build himself a house." [Journal of Sir John Benn-Walsh]
    There is a Michael Rahilly, tobacconist, The Mall, Tralee (not Listowel), a Catholic, who is listed among Tralee Voters in 1835. Could this be the same person?
    Michael possibly married, 27 Feb 1839, to Sarah Lyons [of Broadford, Drumcollogher, Co.Limerick].
    [Griffiths Valuation, c.1852] lists Michael Rahilly as occupying 86 acres (with a house) at Knockburrane (he had the highest-valued house in Knockburrane), leased from Sir John Benn-Walsh.
    [Journal of Sir John Benn-Walsh] shows he visited Knockburrane again on 4 Oct 1853, just after the Famine. In contrast to his earlier positive writing, he says: "I have allowed Rahilly another trial."
    Michael died without issue.


Michael Rahilly, tobacconist in Listowel, is listed in [Pigot's Directory 1824].

Entry for 13 Aug 1834 in [Journal of Sir John Benn-Walsh].
From p.96 in [JCHAS] publication.

Entry for 4 Oct 1853 in [Journal of Sir John Benn-Walsh].
From p.123 in [JCHAS] publication.

Knockburrane on 1829 to 1842 map.

Rahilly of Knockburrane

Rahilly of Knockburrane, Kilfeighny parish, SW of Listowel (see above) were thought to be relations.
[P102/172(1)] shows that the death of Michael Rahilly of Knockburrane in 1885 was noted by our branch in a scrap-book.
However [P102/208(81)] says "Michael Rahilly of Knockburrane was no relation of ours", but also says he said he was related to the poet.


--- Rahilly,
had issue:

  1. Michael Rahilly,
    born 1813 or 1815,
    of Knockburrane, SW of Listowel, Co.Kerry.
    His brother changed to "Reilly" in America, but he stayed as "Rahilly".
    [P102/208(83)] says he was a Poor Law Guardian.
    He must be Mr. Rahilly, Poor Law Guardian, listed in Tralee Chronicle, May 12, 1854, as attending a meeting of Listowel Poor Law Union on 4 May 1854.

    He married, no issue.
    T.F. O'Rahilly mentions him and his niece in a letter of 1905 [P102/172(1)] and says: "this Michael Rahilly, who it seems was a well-read man, spoke of himself as being descended from Aodhagán the poet".
    T.F. says there is a newspaper cutting at his death describing him as "a man of varied acquirements and a thorough classical knowledge .. gifted with rare powers of conversation and anecdote".
    [P102/208(81)] says he was very well read, spoke of the poet as his relation.
    His wife died before him.
    He died at Knockburrane, 10 Dec 1885 [death cert] or 16 Dec 1885, age 70 yrs [death cert] or 72 yrs.
    See death cert from here. He is farmer.
    [P102/208(81)] says he left his house to Pat Lyons, a nephew of his wife. Pat Lyons registered his death.

  2. Patrick Reilly,
    Patrick Halpin Reilly,
    would be born Patrick Rahilly,
    emig to America 1853,
    adopted name "Reilly",
    married in 1864,
    lived Texas,
    eventually lived in Austin, Texas,
    died 6 Nov 1889,
    had issue:

    1. Margaret Reilly,
      Margaret Teresa Reilly,
      lived Austin, Texas,
      she gave a talk on "The True Dignity of Woman" at the 11th Annual Commencement of St.Mary's Academy (secondary school), Austin, Texas, 3 June 1885, see [P102],
      wrote letter to The O'Rahilly in 1905 from 502 E 8th St, Austin, Texas, then unmarried.

  3. Josephine Reilly,
    would be born Josephine Rahilly,
    mar --- Lidwell,
    lived Texas,
    had issue:

    1. Walter Lidwell.

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