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The ruin of Wicklow Castle, at the harbour mouth, Wicklow town.
Photo 2007. From Chris Tomlinson. Creative Commons.

Sir Edward Perrers,
mar Johanna ----,
Constable of Wicklow Castle, opposing the native Irish O'Byrnes,
succ to Baggotrath Castle 1403, he lived there,
he died,
had issue:

  1. Ismaia Perrers, or Ismay,
    mar William Fitzwilliam and had issue.

his widow Johanna mar 2ndly to John Eustace,
she mar 3rdly to Sir John Bacon,
her will dated from her deathbed in Baggotrath Castle, "New Year's Eve, 1441" (this would be 24 March 1441, regarded then as the end of 1440),
she died 1441.

Baggotrath Castle, 1792.
Printed in [Grose, 1794].
See original. Scan from here.

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