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William Fitzwilliam

I take the descent shown in [Ball, vol.2, 1903], which is more convincing than that shown in [Burkes Extinct].

Wicklow Castle ("The Black Castle").
Drawn by Gabriel Beranger. 18th century.
From Royal Irish Academy. Image from here. Creative Commons Non-Commercial use.
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William Fitzwilliam, born est c.1325,
of Moreton, near Swords, N Co.Dublin.
A prominent defender of The Pale against the native Irish.
In 1348 he was pardoned by the King of "all transgressions and murders he had or might have committed" in the exercise of Martial Law upon the Irish who bordered on The Pale [Mount Merrion 300].
He fought at Saggard against the O'Byrnes and O'Tooles, local Irish enemies of The Pale.
His family would still be fighting the O'Byrnes two hundred years later.
He was granted Dundrum Castle and lands, Co.Dublin in 1365 [Ball, vol.2, 1903].
Excavations at Dundrum have revealed a moat filled with 14th century rubbish including French pottery, "suggesting that the Fitzwilliam family of the period were quaffing good claret to relieve the boredom of being confined within their thick castle walls" [Harbison, 1998].
The Fitzwilliams of Dundrum came into possession of the lands of Mount Merrion (where they would later have their seat) about the same time as Dundrum Castle, "probably under the name of Owenstown" [Ball, vol.2, 1903].
He re-built Wicklow Castle (a frontier castle of The Pale).
Constable of Wicklow. Appointed Chief Commander and Governor of that part of the country in 1375.
From 1379 to 1400 he occupied Baggotrath Castle, Co.Dublin.
Appointed one of the Guardians of the Peace in the County of Dublin in 1389 [Mount Merrion 300].
He was made sole Guardian of the Peace in Co.Dublin in 1391 [Mount Merrion 300].
[Ball, vol.2, 1903] says he was Sheriff of Co.Dublin and Co.Meath.
He had issue:

John Fitzwilliam,
had issue:

William Fitzwilliam,
lived Dundrum Castle,
Sheriff of Co.Dublin [Ball, vol.2, 1903],
mar Ismaia Perrers,
Ismaia's mother had inherited Baggotrath Castle, and after her death in 1441 it was taken possession of by an executor to her will of 24 Mar 1441, James Cornwalsh, Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer,
on 28 Sept 1441 (NOT 1442) Fitzwilliam seized it back for himself and his wife's family, murdering Cornwalsh, see [Ball, vol.2, 1903],
he was pardoned,
died c.1452,
had issue:

Thomas Fitzwilliam,
mar Rosia Bellew,
died in his father's lifetime, before c.1452,
had issue:

Richard Fitzwilliam,
mar Margery Holywood [or "Genet Hollywood", perhaps of the family of Holywood of Artane, Co.Dublin],
died c.1465,
had issue:

  1. Thomas Fitzwilliam,
    born prob. 1465 ("came of age in 1486").

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