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Sir Christopher Plunkett, Kt.

Sir Christopher Plunkett, Kt.
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He mar 1403 to Joan Cusack [dau of Sir Lucas Cusack, Kt, Lord of Killeen].
Joan was heiress of Killeen Castle, Dunsany, Co.Meath.
And she was heiress of neighbouring Dunsany Castle, Dunsany, Co.Meath.
Sir Christopher by this marriage inherited Killeen Castle and Dunsany Castle.
He became Lord of Killeen.
He died 1445.
Sir Christopher and Joan had issue:

  1. John Plunkett,
    of Killeen Castle, Co.Meath.

  2. Christopher Plunkett, 1st Baron of Dunsany.
    He was cr Baron 1439.
    Ancestor of Barons of Dunsany, of Dunsany Castle, Co.Meath.

  3. Thomas Plunkett, of Rathmore, Co.Meath.
    Ancestor (probably father) of:

    1. Anne Plunkett,
      or Anna Plunket [see her tomb],
      of Rathmore, Co.Meath,
      or "Ratoath" [according to her tomb].
      She mar pre-1435 to Christopher St.Lawrence, 1st Baron Howth and had issue.

  4. Maud Plunkett.
    She mar 1stly, 1429, to Sir Walter Hussey ["Lord Galtrim"].
    On their wedding day, he was called out to some local skirmish and he was killed.
    The story is immortalised in the ballad The Bride of Malahide by Gerald Griffin.
    She mar 2ndly to Sir Richard Talbot, Lord of Malahide.
    She died in 1482.
    She was bur in huge tomb with effigy in ruins of Malahide Abbey, beside Malahide Castle, N Co.Dublin.

Sir Christopher Plunkett is also probably father (or grandfather) of:

  1. (dau) Plunkett
    (dau of Plunkett of Killeen, Co.Meath).
    She mar Jenico Dartas and had issue.

Tomb of Maud Plunkett, Malahide Abbey

Malahide Abbey, beside Malahide Castle, Co.Dublin.

Malahide Abbey.
From [Cromwell, 1820].

Tomb of Maud Plunkett, Malahide Abbey, beside Malahide Castle.
See larger and full size.
From South Dublin Libraries. Patrick Healy collection. See terms of use.
See other shot (and full size) from here.

Malahide Abbey.
Think this shows Tomb of Maud Plunkett.
Photo 2006. From Alan Bruce. See terms of use.

Malahide Abbey.
Photo 2010. See larger and full size.
From here. See terms of use.

Malahide Abbey.
Photo from by Marijn Kampf. See terms of use.
See other shot.

Drone flight over Malahide Abbey and Malahide Castle.




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