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Jeremiah O'Brien,
born mid-1859.
He mar 1stly, 1883, to Mary O'Connell [poss. Margaret Mary].
She was dau of Patsy O'Connell, of Knocksentry, Killeenagarriff par, Co.Limerick (E of Limerick city).
She died 1890.
Jeremiah inherited farm at Knocksentry through his wife.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Mary O'Brien, born 1884,
    died 1909, age 25 yrs.

  2. Alice O'Brien,
    "Ali", born 1886, twin with Hannah,
    mar --- Heffernan,
    died 1961, age 75 yrs.

  3. Hannah O'Brien,
    "Hannie", born 1886, twin with Alice,
    died 1954, age 68 yrs.

Jeremiah mar 2ndly, 1892, to Bridget Ryan [born 15 Aug 1857].
They lived Knocksentry.
He died 2 Dec 1915, age 56 yrs.
Bridget lived Knocksentry until death.
She died Easter Sunday, 4 Apr 1920, age 62 yrs.
Jeremiah had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Mick O'Brien,
    Michael, born 1894.
    He was in IRA in War of Independence.
    He was one of the IRA men who burnt Mountshannon House (also here), Co.Limerick, in 1920.
    He inherited Knocksentry farm.
    He did not marry.
    He died 18 Jan 1980, age 85 yrs. Old IRA funeral.

  2. Bill O'Brien, born 1896,
    did not marry,
    died 1974, age 78 yrs.

  3. Bridget O'Brien,
    "Babe", born 17 Apr 1897.
    She remembered going to her grand-aunt "Molly" Humphrys' wake in 1909. She went up from Knocksentry in a pony and trap with her mother.
    She worked as maternity nurse in Co.Limerick.
    She was appointed district nurse for Pallas around the early 1920s. She was voted in by her cousin Tim Humphrys of Glenstal, which caused a fight.
    She mar Fred Faulkner [English, Protestant].
    Fred died pre-1992.
    Bridget fl 1992, living Monkstown, Co.Dublin.
    They had issue:

    1. Fred Faulkner,
      researched Ryan family tree,
      mar Michelle Harte and had issue:

      1. Una Faulkner.
      2. Bríd Faulkner.
      3. Máire Faulkner.

  4. Kathleen O'Brien,
    mar --- Doyle and had issue:

    1. Paula Doyle, mar John Coughlin.
    2. Enda Doyle, mar --- Tobin.

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