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James Humphrys, "The Squire", of Glenstal

Marriage of James Humphrys and Margaret Ryan, 16 Feb 1841 [Newport RC par records].

James Humphrys,
"The Squire", Poor Law Guardian,
born 1805, Glenstal, Co.Limerick.
See wikipedia.
[Dick, 1939] said he went to a hedge school.
He became a prosperous tenant farmer in Glenstal, Co.Limerick, renting from Barrington.
Listed as "James Humphrys, Murroe" at marriage.
He married a girl from Newross, Co.Tipperary, near Doonane where his own family had recently come from.
He mar 1841 to Margaret Ryan [bapt 19th Sept 1819].

"James Humphrys (John)" (i.e. son of John) is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as occupying 127 acres (with a reasonable size house) in Glenstal townland, leasing from Sir Matthew Barrington, 2nd Baronet. He also rents out one small plot. Humphrys has the largest plot of any tenant in Glenstal townland. It is not the biggest house in the townland though. Barrington owned Glenstal townland. Humphrys leased their land but did not own it outright.
"James Humphrys" sp the bapt of his nephew Michael Ryan 1855.
He bought Bohergar, Boher, Co.Limerick, in 1856 for £900, from George Wilkinson.
Bohergar would later be farmed by his eldest son John.
The old Humphrys lease of Glenstal [Deed, 1782] apparently expired after 80 years in 1862. It is referred to in [Affidavit, 1862].

Poor Law Guardian:
He became a Poor Law Guardian (would be for the Poor Law Union of Limerick). He is described as P.L.G. in 1876 newspaper and in 1882 dispute.
He was NOT Clerk of the Petty Sessions. That would be confusion with the Rath branch here and here.
When in early 1882, Lord Cloncurry evicted tenants on nearby properties, James gave them sites to live on.
The evicted included his possible brother William Humphrys, who was given a site at Boher.

Landlord dispute:
James had a dispute in 1882 with his own landlord Sir Croker Barrington, 4th Baronet about payment of rent.
The old Humphrys lease of Glenstal, [Deed, 1782], which pre-dated Barrington, expired, and then Barrington doubled the rent.
See Irish Times, August 7, 1882. This describes how as a result of the dispute, Barrington put the lease on Humphrys farm at Glenstal up for sale, and Humphrys had to buy it back, which he did successfully.
The farm is described in 1882 as 157 acres. However earlier in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] it is 127 acres and later in [Deed, 1899] it is also 127 acres.
In 1883, he summoned Sir Croker Barrington, 4th Baronet for having "on 16th and 20th Dec last" allowed 20 sheep to trespass on his lands at Glenstal. (He had considerable rights, even though only renting.) He won his case, and Sir Croker was fined. See [Tierney, 1966, p.181].

James dies, 1899:
He died 4 July [GROI] or 24 July [grave] July 1899, Glenstal, age 94 yrs.
He was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
He is referred to as "the late James Humphreys, P.L.G." and "farmer" at his wife's death.

Margaret continued to live at Glenstal.
See entry at Glenstal in 1901 census. Spelt "Humphrys". Margaret is head of household, listed as farmer's widow. Tim and his family are living with her, and two servants.
Glenstal listed in 1901 census as having 7 rooms, 9 windows in front of house, with 6 out-buildings - 1 stable, 1 cow house, 1 calf house, 1 piggery, 1 barn and 1 shed.
Margaret was the only grandparent Dick and Sighle knew.
Sighle said her grandmother was an "extraordinary woman", very austere, religious, her mind fixed on the next world. She had a harsh way, didn't care about making the house nice, "she would have been quite happy if all her sons were priests". Sighle said the Humphrys family was very spiritual, no attachment to things of this world, boys brought up very spartan.

Margaret dies, 1909:
She died Sat 6 Feb 1909, Glenstal, age 89 yrs [GROI].
See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, Sat 6 Feb 1909.
She was bur Mon 8 Feb, Abington, Co.Limerick.
Spelt "Humphreys" in death notice, but "Humphrys" in [GROI].
There was a vote of sympathy at meeting of Limerick Guardians, "Mr. Hayes seconded the motion, and said he was sure the loss of Mrs. Humphries must have been felt very much in the neighbourhood, because she was an exceptionally good woman" [Limerick Leader, Wed 10th Feb 1909].
James and Margaret had issue:

  1. Margaret Humphreys,
    "Molly", after mother, born Jan-Feb 1842, Glenstal House,
    bapt "Margaret Humphrys" [Murroe par records], 5th Feb 1842, sp Michael Ryan, Deborah Humphrys,
    "Humphrys" at mar,
    mar 19 Feb 1867 to John Lloyd and had issue.

  2. John Humphrys,
    of Bohergar, Boher, Co.Limerick,
    born Glenstal House, bapt 10 Nov 1843 [Murroe par records].

  3. Mary Humphrys [Mary T.], born Glenstal House,
    bapt 14th Dec 1845 [Murroe], sp Catherine Bourke,
    she must be "Mary Humphrys" who wit her sister Margaret's mar, Feb 1867,
    mar 5th Mar 1867 to John Humphrys, of Rath [bapt 1830] and had issue.

  4. Catherine Humphrys,
    Kate, "Kate M. Ryan", born Glenstal House,
    bapt 3 Dec 1847 [Murroe RC par records], sp Tom Humphrys, Anne Ryan,
    must be "Kate Humphrys" who sp bapt of her niece Margaret Mary Humphreys in March 1870,
    mar 26 June 1870 [Murroe RC par records] to Dan Ryan [born 1830] and had issue,
    mar wit by William King and Anne Humphrys (must be her sister).

  5. Annie Humphrys,
    born Glenstal House,
    bapt Anne, [Murroe] 12 Nov 1849, sp Timothy Foley, Nancy Ryan.
    Living Glenstal at mar.
    She mar 5 March 1889 [her age 39, him age 40] to Patrick Quirke [born 1849, NOT Michael, NOT Jack].
    At marriage he is farmer at Toem, Cappawhite, Co.Tipperary (see map). His family had farm there.
    Fred Faulkner thought he was of Caherconlish, Co.Limerick, but that seems to be wrong.
    They mar at St.Francis Xavier's church, Upper Gardiner St, Dublin.
    See mar cert from here. Married by her brother Fr. James Humphrys.

    Living Toem at son's birth 1890. He is farmer.
    Annie and Patrick were at Dr.David's funeral 1903. The funeral list incorrectly says the brother-in-law is "Michael Quirk".
    Patrick died early of TB.
    They had issue:

    1. Pat Quirke,
      Patrick, only son,
      born 2 Sept 1890, Toem. See birth cert from here.
      He married. No issue.
      [Dick's family tree] has a note: "DRANK".

  6. Jo Humphrys,
    born Glenstal House,
    bapt Johanna, 12th Feb 1852, sp Simon Humphrys, Margaret Foley [Murroe],
    nun, in Ballingarry, Co.Limerick.

  7. Tim Humphrys,
    of Glenstal,
    born Glenstal House,
    would be after grandfather,
    bapt Timothy, 17 Mar 1854 [Murroe], sp John Burke, Catherine Hourigan

  8. Fr. James Humphrys,
    Fr. Jimmy, poss. Jim, born Glenstal House,
    bapt 19 May 1856 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Humphrys, Anne Foley.

  9. Mick Humphrys,
    born Glenstal House,
    bapt Michael, 9th June 1859 [Murroe], sp Ben Young, Mary Foley.

  10. Dr. David Humphrys (later Humphreys),
    called "David" by his wife,
    called "Dave" in letters from his Humphrys relations,
    Timmy Humphreys said he was "affectionately known to the family and neighbours as Dr. Dave",
    born Glenstal House, Glenstal, Co.Limerick,
    bapt "Humphrys", 30th Mar 1861, sp David Humphrys, Mary Humphrys [Murroe parish records].

  11. Nora Humphrys,
    born Glenstal House,
    bapt Honora, [Murroe] 14th May 1864, sp John Foley and Kate Foley.
    Could she be "Honora Humphrys" who sp bapt of Cathy Humphreys in 1878? (Only age 14.)
    She was a nun in Australia. "Sister Nora Francis".
    Nun in Brigidine Convent, Cowra, New South Wales, Australia, attached to a boarding school.
    See letter to her from Nell after 1916 Rising, telling the story.
    Living Australia, c.1930s.
    Her autograph book is [P106/311].

The grave of James Humphrys.
Abington, Co.Limerick.
Photo 2009, after cleaning. See larger and full size.
See wider shot.

Stained glass window erected after 1909 in memory of James and Margaret Humphrys by their son Fr. James Humphrys, Murroe church.
Photo 2009. See larger and full size.
See alternate shot and wider shot and wider shot.

Baptism of David Humphrys, 30 Mar 1861 [Murroe parish records].


Does a photo of James Humphrys or Margaret Ryan exist?


Elderly lady found in Humphreys photos at Quinsborough c.1902.
Could this be the children's grandmother Margaret Ryan?
Eibhlín thought this was Margaret Ryan.
[P106/507] includes this in a group of pictures of "former employees" of the Humphreys and Rahilly families. But she seems a bit well dressed for that.
Also, Margaret Ryan lived until 1909. Surely she visited Quinsborough. She must be in at least one photo there.
See larger and full size. Image 6017 in Humphrys glass negatives. Light-adjusted. See original.
See other scan and other scan and other scan.
See copy in [P106/507(1)].
See almost identical shot (slight difference in mouth). Image 6814 in Humphrys glass negatives. Light-adjusted. See original.

Unknown older lady. Could this be Margaret Ryan?
Probably at Quinsborough House.
Same room as Julia Curry photo.
See larger and full size. Image 4151 in Humphrys glass negatives. Colour modified. See original.

Similar shot to above.
See larger and full size. Image 6355 in Humphrys glass negatives. Light-adjusted. See original.

Unknown. Found in Sighle's photos.
Could these be her Humphrys grandparents?
See full size. This is [P106/3923(5)].

Unidentified couple. Sticker says 1899.
[P106/507] includes this in a group of pictures of "former employees" of the Humphreys and Rahilly families. And in this case that seems right. They seem too poor to be James "The Squire" and his wife.
See larger and full size. Image 5893 in Humphrys glass negatives. Light-adjusted. See original.
See copy in [P106/507(2)].
See other copy.
See other scan and other scan and other scan.


Nora Humphrys


Nora Humphrys the nun (apparently centre), Australia, c.1930s.
This is [P106/337].
See larger and full size.
The back is a letter from Nora to Nell. Seems to say she is the one in the centre.
Says "Show this to Mick", which would date it before 1934.

Unknown nun. Possibly in Quinsborough.
Image 3946 in Humphrys glass negatives.
Looks like Nora Humphrys. She might have come back to visit Ireland.
Colour modified. See larger.
See original and full size.

Unidentified Rahilly / Humphrys photos

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