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St.Lawrence, Baron Howth

The origin of the title Baron Howth is obscure. It was recognised by the Crown in 1489, but exactly when it was granted and to who is uncertain. There is also confusion between the "lordship of Howth" and the title in the peerage.
As a result, different numbering schemes for the Barons Howth are used.
I follow the numbering in [Complete Peerage].
Wikipedia is currently following a different numbering.


Start at p.23 in [Ball, vol.5, 1917].
The father of Sir Nicholas Fitz Amorey below was said to be:

Note on p.604 of [Complete Peerage] says "Sir Amorey Tristram" is mythical.
It says an ancestor "Amory of Howth" does appear to exist.


The historical line

Sir Nicholas Fitz Amorey,
of Howth,
possibly son of Amory of Howth,
had issue:

Almericus de St.Lawrence, Lord of Howth.
He was granted a charter of confirmation of the lands of Howth by John (reigned 1199-1216).
He had issue:

Sir Nicholas St.Lawrence, Lord of Howth,
had issue:

Adam St.Lawrence, Lord of Howth,
mar Isabella ----,
had issue:

Adam St.Lawrence, Lord of Howth,
mar Scholastica ----,
died 1334,
had issue:

Nicholas St.Lawrence, Lord of Howth,
his father died 1334,
he was a minor in 1337, when he was made a ward of John Plunkett, of Bewley, Co.Louth,
mar his guardian's dau Alice Plunkett,
died 29 Sept 1404,
had issue:

  1. Stephen St.Lawrence, Lord of Howth,
    mar Elinor Holywood,
    died 1435,
    had issue:

    1. Christopher St.Lawrence, 1st Baron Howth.

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