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John Stanger


Cransley Lodge, W of the village of Great Cransley, Northamptonshire.
From 1884 map.
Today this is a group of farm buildings beside a housing estate. See modern satellite view and street view (pick the 2009 street view before housing estate built).

John Stanger,
born in Gretton, Northamptonshire,
bapt 7 Aug 1825 in Gretton.
At marriage he is listed as a servant, living Cransley, near Kettering, Northamptonshire (see map).

He mar 13 June 1850 to Elizabeth Cox [born 1825 or 1826, dau of Samuel Cox, labourer].
1861 census says she was born at Cransley Lodge, Cransley.
They mar at Cransley. See mar cert from here.
She is listed as servant, living Cransley, at mar. Maybe they were servants in the same house.
She was already pregnant at mar.

They are living Gretton at son's birth 1850.
He is "labourer" at son's birth Oct 1850 and bapt Jan 1851.
They are listed at Gretton in 1851 census. See image from here. He is an "Ag Lab" (Agricultural Labourer). They are living beside his father William.
They moved to Harringworth, Northamptonshire.
Children born or bapt in Harringworth 1853 to 1866.
They are listed in 1861 census at Short Wood Lodge, Harringworth, Northamptonshire. See part 1 and part 2 from here. He is an "Ag Lab".
At son's mar 1875 he is listed as "farm labourer".
They are listed in 1881 census as living Cottage, Rockingham, Northamptonshire. He is an "Ag Lab".

John died 18 Aug 1893 in Gretton, age 68 yrs, bur Gretton with gravestone.
Elizabeth died 23 June 1901 [grave], age 75 or 76 yrs, bur Gretton with separate gravestone.
Howard Smith says died 20 June 1901.
They had issue:

  1. George Henry Stanger,
    sometimes just George Stanger,
    born 18 Oct 1850, Gretton, Northamptonshire [GRO.UK]. NOT born December. Birth was registered on 22 Nov 1850.
    He was bapt 12 Jan 1851 in Gretton (this was misread as 1 Dec).
    His later census, plus his mar cert, plus his son's mar cert, together say he is George Henry Stanger, born Gretton, Northamptonshire, 1850, son of John Stanger.
    There is only one George Stanger at all born in Northamptonshire around 1850 in the census, and he is a George Henry Stanger, son of John Stanger. So there is no doubt this is him.
    DNA proves it is him.

  2. Samuel Charles Stanger,
    born 1853, Harringworth,
    bapt 10 April 1853, Harringworth.
    At home in 1861 census.
    He died 1917.

  3. James Stanger,
    born 1854, Harringworth,
    bapt 4 June 1854, Harringworth.
    At home in 1861 census.

  4. Ellen Grace Stanger,
    or Helen, born 1856, Harringworth.
    bapt June 1856.
    At home in 1861 census.
    She was buried 29 Apr 1863, age 7.

  5. Mary Ann Stanger,
    or Mary Anne, born 1858, Harringworth,
    bapt 28 March 1858, Gretton.
    At home in 1861 census.

  6. Fanny Stanger,
    born 1860, Harringworth,
    bapt 1 July 1860, Gretton.
    At home in 1861 census.

  7. Frederick Stanger,
    bapt 4 July 1863, Harringworth.
    He died in London 1914.

  8. William Cox Stanger,
    bapt 4 Feb 1866, Harringworth.
    He was buried 30 June 1869, Oakham, Rutland, age 3.

  9. Elizabeth Ann Stanger,
    or Elizabeth Anne,
    born Flitteris Park, near Braunston, Rutland,
    bapt 10 Oct 1869, Oakham, Rutland.

Baptism of George Henry Stanger, 12 Jan 1851.
From here.

John Stanger and his father William listed beside each other at Gretton in 1851 census.
See full size. From here.

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