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My wife's ancestors - Stanger - Contents

George Henry Stanger

Unknown, possibly George Henry Stanger.
Scan 1999. Original photo has been destroyed.

George Henry Stanger,
sometimes just George Stanger,
born 18 Oct 1850, Gretton, Northamptonshire.
See a valentine card from him to Annie. And cover. Their grand-dau Anne Stanger wrote on it: "A valentine to my grandmother Stanger from my grandfather about 1864". Though that seems very early.
He is listed as "pointsman" (railway points) at mar, living Norfolk St, Manchester (see map).

He mar 1875 to Annie Blundy [born 12 Jan 1850].
He is listed at children's births 1876 and 1878 as "railway pointsman", living 30 Reddish St, Gorton, Manchester (see map).

Gardener at Aldenham school:
He became gardener at Aldenham public school, E of Watford (see map and street view). The school is really at Letchmore Heath rather than at Aldenham.
They are listed in [UK census, 4 Apr 1881] as living Corner Cottage, Aldenham. He is listed as "School Servant". See image from here.
He is "Grammar school attendant", living Letchmore Heath, at son's birth Aug 1881.
He is "Grammar school servant", living Letchmore Heath, at son's birth 1886.
In [UK census, 1891] he is "General School Servant Dom", living Aldenham, possibly in "Back Lane" (Letchmore Heath, beside the school, see map).
He is listed as "School Porter" at Aldenham in [UK census, 1901].
He must have died 1901-05.

Annie lived, apparently as a widow, at 20 Malden Rd, Watford (see map). Her son John was living there at his mar 1908.
"Mrs. Stanger" (must be widow) is listed at 20 Malden Rd, Watford, in [Kelly's Directory of Watford] 1905 to 1910-11. Not listed there in 1904 or 1912-13.
"Mrs. A. Stanger" is listed at 20 Malden Rd, Watford, in [Peacock's Directory of Watford] 1906 to 1912. Not listed there in 1905 or 1913.
He is listed as "Steward" (could be deceased) at his son John's mar 1908.
He is listed as "School attendant" (could be deceased) at his son Harry's mar 1915.
He definitely died pre-1923.
Annie died at Mansfield Woodhouse (son's house) 1923, age 73 yrs.
She is NOT Anne M. Stanger, died Wolverhampton, 2nd qr 1924 [GRO.UK].
George and Annie had issue:

  1. Harry Stanger,
    born 3 June 1876, 30 Reddish St, Gorton, Manchester [GRO.UK],
    Church of England.

  2. Annie Stanger,
    Annie Edith Stanger,
    born 8 Oct 1878, 30 Reddish St, Gorton, Manchester [GRO.UK],
    staunch Methodist,
    matron at Clifton College, boys public school, Bristol,
    lived Rosslyn Rd, Watford (see map),
    died unmarried, Jan 1969, age 90 yrs,
    cremated Fri 17th Jan 1969, Woking, Surrey.

  3. John Dickson Stanger,
    born 30 Aug 1881, Letchmore Heath, nr Watford [GRO.UK],
    was Church of England.

  4. George Frederick Stanger,
    born 29 June 1886, Letchmore Heath, nr Watford [GRO.UK],
    alive in 1891 census.

Annie Blundy, 1874, Manchester.
See larger and full size.


Annie Stanger

Annie Edith Stanger (born 1878).

Annie Stanger.
Scan 1999. Original photo has been destroyed.

Annie Stanger, 1940.

Annie Stanger, 1964.

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